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New Affordable Homes In Southampton Village Near Completion

I am not independently wealthy nor have I inherited a family home. What I did do is work hard, learn a trade, work 60 hrs a week and saved enough to put down the down payment and get a mortgage to own a home. So please explain to me why I now have to subsidize 3 people who were too lazy or chose not to do those things." Aug 18, 15 1:05 AM

They are in every way shape and form subsidized housing. First of all the property belonged to the taxpayers of Suffolk County and it was given away instead of being sold at market value. Other money was taken from developers driving the cost of the other lots in the subdivision up. The material suppliers used excess profit they made off others to supply materials for free or at a reduced rate. The lawyers working pro bono didn't take a pay cut. They overcharged others to generate the excess profit to cover the work. Any work done by the town was done at taxpayer expense. All subsidies. While this is great thing for the 3 families who are getting a house, what about every other working family in Southampton? Are they getting a subsidized house also? Or are they just getting the bills?" Aug 20, 15 12:00 PM

Zeldin On Trip To Israel With House Majoity Leader, Members Of Congress

You left out "pardons to administration members"." Aug 20, 15 7:20 PM

Community Members Revisit Contentious Long Beach Road Guardrails

Mostly these guardrails are just about bureaucracy and excessive government justifying there own existence." Aug 20, 15 8:25 PM

NSCitizen - You point out a valid but separate issue. Our legal system, instead of requiring personal responsibility for one's actions,is designed to employ and enrich lawyers. This is especially true in NYS which has some of the worst examples of attorney entitlement provisions in the country. But what do you expect? The foxes are running the hen house." Aug 21, 15 1:52 PM

Hampton Bays Mothers Will Open New Preschool In September

Good luck on your new venture. Sounds like a great idea and it will be a benefit to the church as well." Aug 24, 15 9:16 AM

Westhampton Free Library Employees Vote To Unionize

Actually Islander, the article states that they voted to enter the Teachers Union which has extremely generous employer paid benefits with many teachers in the area making over 100K per year for 180 days work. Will the librarians, whom I assume work normal work years, want their pay prorated to match the daily take of the teachers pushing their pay closer to 140K? In the event of a layoff will deadwood be protected while more talented and/or dedicated people be laid off due to seniority? While unions have some good points, they have largely become entitlement programs for unqualified and unproductive workers. Based on past experience, those of us who foot the bills have every right to be suspicious of yet another public employee union operation. " Aug 25, 15 10:46 AM

Builders Appeal For Basement Bedrooms In East Hampton

It's called zoning." Aug 26, 15 6:09 PM

Landlord Without Permit Could Face Loss Of Rent Paid

Why did this story disappear from the home page so fast? Did the local real estate interests want it removed? Seems like there's a great opportunity here to enforce occupancy laws that the town can't/won/t enforce." Aug 26, 15 6:33 PM

Builders Appeal For Basement Bedrooms In East Hampton

See the story "Landlord Without Permit Could Face Loss Of Rent Paid". There is an opportunity here to have the occupancy rules enforce themselves." Aug 26, 15 7:18 PM

Updated Septic Systems Are Key To Stopping Shinnecock Bay Pollution, Experts Say

The only thing I hear Mr Horowitz offering is yet another plan to money from my pocket to someone else's." Aug 26, 15 7:35 PM

Sagg Pond Closed To Swimming After Dangerous Algae Is Detected

Nature - Please list the other factors you feel are involved." Aug 26, 15 7:37 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

Another case of government run amuck.
By the way Jerry, Luv the VW camper." Aug 27, 15 9:12 AM

Westhampton Free Library Employees Vote To Unionize

Actually Peter, from the taxpayers side of things it's completely about money..." Aug 27, 15 12:16 PM

UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

No one is denying Aiden an education. There are apparently 3 schools that he is being given a choice of but his parents instead continue to insist he goes to a school that does not have facilities or a program to meet his needs. Sounds like his parents are so entrenched in their sense of entitlement they don't care what might be best for there child." Aug 29, 15 2:03 PM

The school is not seeking a restraining order against a child seeking an education. They are seeking a restraining order against adults who are on the record stating they will disrupt the first day of school." Aug 29, 15 2:40 PM

The school is not seeking a restraining order against a child seeking an education. They are seeking a restraining order against adults who are on the record stating they will disrupt the first day of school." Aug 30, 15 10:01 AM

Well CCat, littleones and SGiant, since you all seem to be so adamant about your positions, why don't you get together with a school board member who may have some sympathy for your demands and put together an actual, factual budget which shows the real start-up and continuing costs of WHBSD putting in place the special needs programs you demand they institute. Having some actual facts to cite will bolster your argument far more than the bombastic, unsubstantiated rhetoric you have posted above. No mater what happens, WHBSD will not have a program in place in 9 days so you may as well accept that and do the work to create the change you are asking for. Taxpayers are becoming increasingly more motivated by fiscal issues so if you can demonstrate to them that there would be a cost savings to WHBSD, as has been claimed above, by having their own special needs program you would get the taxpayers on your side and that equals votes at the school board." Aug 31, 15 2:02 PM

You are the one interested in changing the status quo, not Mr Radday. Therefore it falls upon you to convince others to join your cause. I suggested one course of action you might take as the one you are on will likely win you no new allies and instead just cause people to dig their heels in deeper. You and the others asking for the change have made many unsubstantiated charges and claims. Backing them up with some verified and verifiable facts would help your cause.

Mr Radday's salary and benefits package is a separate issue. If you would like to have a discussion on that matter, please start the thread. " Aug 31, 15 5:31 PM

"I don't believe that anyone was saying that the other programs offered were not good programs. Or not good enough for Aiden"

And yet you insist on putting Aiden into a school with NO program. " Aug 31, 15 5:34 PM

"Why should he be required to change schools?" - Have you read anything above? Aiden is changing schools. That is what this whole discussion is about.

"By law, they are required to do so." - Don't regurgitate other people's nonsense. If you want to offer such information please cite a verifiable and legitimate source.

"WHB should be fighting to keep him, not let him go" - WHB never had him. He is a student in Remsenburg. Once again, don't regurgitate other people's nonsense." Aug 31, 15 5:45 PM

I do not so perhaps you could post the relevant information along with the source. Of specific interest would be:
1. The current cost per year per "outsourced" student. This appears to be $93K per year if the numbers given above are correct.
2. The overall cost to start up a special needs program that covers all the various categories of special needs students in question or the cost per student should it be itemized that way. We would assume this would be a one time cost.
3. The actual cost per year to operate, maintain, staff and provide physical resources for said programs per student.

With this information you could begin to make a rational argument for your position that WHBSD is being fiscally iresponsable." Aug 31, 15 10:02 PM

While I am not sure about Center Moriches, Eastport Manor, Sayville, Mt Sinai, or Miller Place, I can tell you about Hampton Bays. The school district is taxing people right out of their homes." Aug 31, 15 10:15 PM

The comment comes from the post by "localgirl" above mine." Aug 31, 15 10:26 PM

Family Protests Outside Westhampton Beach School Over Controversial Special Needs Decision

localgirl - "WHB is big enough and by 2015 should have a program in place to educate students like Aiden." - This may be your opinion but it is not the opinion of the people elected to run the WBSD.

"And yes, by law they are required to educate all children in their district" - Aiden is not being denied an education. His parents have been offered 3 options and have decided they want an option that isn't offered. The school appears to have held up it's end of bargain. It is Aiden's parents who have chosen to hold him back in his education.

As in your earlier post you just offer opinion and claim it to be fact without providing a verifiable source.

Many of us look at the amount of money taken and spent by the school districts and find it appalling. If you believe you are not already paying the school district enough money in taxes, please feel free to write them a big fat check as a donation to cover everything on your wish list. I'm sure they will be happy to take your money.

" Sep 2, 15 8:40 PM

CCat - While I have not walked in your shoes I do have friends who have and are. I get it that for you this is an issue with great emotions attached and I have no envy of the struggles you must go thru. As I can think of no softer way to put this I will just be blunt. The emotional desires of a few do not present a requirement for the majority to change. For change you need to build consensus and vilifying the school will not accomplish your goal. The school district is not doing anything evil or vindictive. They are doing what school districts have done for decades and that is out sourcing certain types of educational programs when better, more fiscally responsible choices are available outside the immediate confines of the district's buildings. Special needs is not being targeted. Outsource programs also exist for advanced courses and for trade/profession programs and for gifted programs.

I find it difficult to believe that there is no one on the board who is sympathetic to your cause but if that is the case, you and the other special needs parents have had years to put forward a candidate who will work with you. That is how school boards work.

I am also curious as to why there are so few involved supporters of your position. Once you remove all the drive by comments there are only a couple of avid supporters of the move to start a program in WHB. Where are the parents/relatives of the other 43 students that are in outsourced programs? If the programs were so horrible and damaging to their kids I would expect another 86 supporters of the "start a program" movement to be posting above. I can't believe they don't care about and love their kids. The obvious but perhaps not totally accurate conclusion would be that their kids are doing well and they are happy with the dedicated programs their children are in.

I am sure all of this seems as if I am totally against you but I am actually quite neutral on the matter. To create change you need people like me to turn actively to your side of the discussion. If you present a set of facts to get me to change then you will also get others to your side and that is the start of real change. It is not an easy path but it is, unfortunately, one you are burdened with." Sep 3, 15 8:08 AM

localgirl - Maybe the board is wrong. They are however the duly elected board and as such must be assumed to be fulfilling the desires of the people who elected them. If you don't like what they are doing, get a new board elected.

I think the only opinion I have offered is on how to change people's minds on the subject at hand. I have offered no facts on the subject.

Yes I do have kids and yes they went to public school in the SHSD. One struggled, one thrived and both have grown to become adults I am quite proud of.

Just because Aiden's parents have chosen this heartfelt course does not mean they are right. Forty-three other sets of parents have allowed there children to be placed in the outsourced programs you demonize. Is it your position that they don't love their children?

"...WHB cannot afford for these "feeding" districts to not send their children there." - This is only due to a financial model that was put in place decades ago. There is no inherent absolute here. The model could be undone should that be the choice of the voters." Sep 3, 15 8:56 AM

UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

CCat - I too appreciate the dialogue. It is good that it happens here so that some of the more thoughtful people following might choose to better educate themselves to the issue at hand, whichever way it sways them. Perhaps your thoughtful responses have provided some small spark to ignite the change you seek. Good luck to you and your family." Sep 3, 15 12:32 PM

Short-Term Rentals Rankle Neighbors, Competitors

See the story "Landlord Without Permit Could Face Loss Of Rent Paid". There is an opportunity here to have the occupancy rules enforce themselves. The story disappeared from 27 East's home page quickly but you can do a search and find it. Basically a judge ruled that a tenant living in a house without a rental permit could sue to have their rent returned in full. If the rental permit laws were amended to state that any rental out of compliance voids the rental permit retroactively to the date of violation these houses would effectively have no permit. Neighbors should then be helpful and hand out fliers to the offending tenants advising them of their right to sue the landlord and have their rent returned perhaps even offering the phone numbers of a few layers willing to take the cases." Sep 4, 15 5:32 PM

Lee Zeldin Announces Raffle For Constituents To See Pope

Actually it's a former staffer and they are pleading the fifth for the Republican Benghazi witch hunt." Sep 4, 15 7:29 PM

...before the Republican Benghazi Witch Hunt Commitee." Sep 4, 15 8:51 PM

East Hampton Wants Rentals Registered By Next Summer

Our family has 2 older rental homes in Southampton and the permit process has not been a burden at all. When they were first permitted, each was inspected and had a few things that had to be corrected/updated. It was worth it as it helped with their rental value. Also by having them checked by a building inspector and bringing them up to code it helps with liability should something happen. The renewal process has been a breeze." Sep 5, 15 11:23 AM

Short-Term Rentals Rankle Neighbors, Competitors

How did this story disappear off the home page so fast?" Sep 5, 15 11:25 AM

Lee Zeldin Announces Raffle For Constituents To See Pope

The truth is bigfresh, that between federal, state, local and add ons, I'm paying close to that now and getting a hell of a lot less back in return." Sep 8, 15 7:17 PM

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