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UPDATE: Former IGHL Employee Takes Plea Deal

Agreed." May 20, 14 1:13 PM

Owner Of Illegal Apartments In Hampton Bays Cited With 50 Violations, Faces $100,000 In Fines

My prediction: Mr Marukos will hire a politically connected lawyer, pay a token fine, make a couple of improvements and it will be back to business as usual." Jun 23, 14 7:24 PM

Police: Scott Disick Had $4,000 Cash Stolen From Briefcase In Kardashian Home

Can you spell P-U-B-L-I-C-I-T-Y S-T-U-N-T......" Jul 15, 14 12:44 PM

Underground Basketball Court, Movie Theater Highlight Plans For New Sagaponack Home

So the guy pays $38 million for the property and is probably going to pay north of $100K a year in property taxes and all of a sudden everybody in the village who hasn't contributed a dime feels entitled to tell him how to use his property. As for the salt water intrusion, that can be circumvented by pumping the water back into the ground between the hole and the ocean." Jul 17, 14 8:41 AM

He's not destroying YOUR house or defiling YOUR farmland. He's building HIS house on HIS land which at some point the farmer decided to sell so HE could have a **** load of money. And by the way the house meets zoning and OMG, he wants to plant trees!!!" Jul 22, 14 2:31 PM

As noted earlier the water instead of being ponded could be pumped back into the ground between the hole and the ocean alleviating the issue with the drinking water. The construction if done within normal guidelines for such projects would have no effect on public beaches." Jul 26, 14 2:10 PM

Tribute To Slain Nun Is Flash Point For Southampton Town Officials

Alex, on many things I don't agree with you but on this matter I think you are spot on. If a time comes when you have to put the sign back up please announce it on WLNG. I'll be there to hold the ladder and hand you the screws." Jul 31, 14 12:05 PM

Residents Want Guard Rails Removed From Long Beach Road

The installation of those guardrails was long overdue. I'm sick and tired of reading story after story of people driving their cars into the water and drowning........" Sep 26, 14 10:09 AM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

The only way to get a handle on the school tax issue is to make those using the resource at least partially responsible. Now the pain is shared by all based on house value and I would not like to see that completely abandoned. However if there was a levy for each child sent to public school from a given address in addition to their general share off the levy it would make the system and landlords accountable for their rental practices. An amount of $1000.00 or $1500.00 per child per year would not be an undue burden based on the annual cost of $23,000.00 HB is currently running at. That way a house putting 10 kids on the bus in the morning would pay their normal share of taxes plus $10,000.00. This might also inspire parents of children to hold their school boards a bit more accountable before they blindly vote yes on a budget." Sep 26, 14 12:09 PM

VOS - I went to public school till 3rd grade when my parents moved me to a small local faith based school. My parents were not wealthy. My father was a blue collar worker and my mother a homemaker and they paid both school taxes and our tuition.
Nature - The budget would be whatever the voters approved and I don't expect the parents to pay the full cost of their kids education, only a user fee for the services of around 5%. What is collected on the user fees would be deducted from the bottom line the balance paid by the general tax base. The people moving issue really isn't as it would average out in the long run. I am not looking to eliminate the publicly financed school system as I believe it is a large part of what has made this nation great. On the other hand it has become abused and is abusive. By handing the users a bill it might cause them to hold their school boards more accountable. Also many property owners do not get to vote on school budgets. Second homeowners do not get to vote and keep in mind they are also paying school taxes somewhere else. School budget votes are poorly reported and often held at times that are as inconvenient as possible for the majority. My proposal does not penalize people with children but adds a small amount of fiscal responsibility to their actions. It is unfortunate that the left seems to equate personal responsibility with evil and relishes in punishing those who act in a fiscally and socially responsible manner. In closing I would like to thank those who replied to my post above with thoughtful comment. Too often I see the responses here filled with vitirol and blind dogma. I miss the possibility of civil discussion." Sep 27, 14 12:01 PM

UPDATE: Driver Airlifted After Head-On Crash On County Road 39

And the death trap known as CR39 claims another victim...." Sep 29, 14 1:07 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

Nature - It may not be a perfect solution but every child registered has an address. If the fee is folded into the property tax bill there is no opportunity for landlords, etc to opt out. " Sep 30, 14 8:37 AM

So basically your solution is to do nothing and allow the school districts to continue taxing people out of their homes." Sep 30, 14 4:57 PM

Nature - The reality is we can't afford to leave the system the way it is. The only way to solve any problem is to force the people creating it to bear at least some of the burden for what they have done or are doing. It's easy to say, "Oh that won't work" but then you also need to contribute to the solution and the status quo is not the solution." Oct 1, 14 3:08 PM

Southampton Supervisor's $88.5 MIllion Budget Would Add Seven Employees

Let's put the police budget out to bid. Sheriff's Dept seems interested and at a better cost." Oct 1, 14 4:22 PM

Air National Guard Receives $500,000 Federal Grant For Solar Panels

More facts please. System will cover 48% of base's use. What is that use in KW and $$$? What is the payback period for the system? Is there an option to expand the system to 100% of bases use? Will the panels be bought from China or one of the US based companies the Feds have given grants to there by leveraging the use of taxpayer dollars? How large a system is this in KW not acreage? Has a contract already been signed for this work or is it going out to bid? Etc, etc, etc....." Oct 2, 14 2:30 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

Nature - Many people are not affording the current system and for those people it is unsustainable. When school taxes alone are double digit percentages of a households GROSS income it is a quality of life issue. Fix the roof or put food on the table. This is especially galling to a single person with no kids getting taxed out of his home while the rental house next door is putting 10 kids on the bus at a cost to taxpayers of a quarter million dollars a year. Sorry for bringing reality into the conversation." Oct 3, 14 2:57 PM

Board Fires Westhampton Beach Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach

Twenty-three years of service and fired for swearing. Another case of political correctness run totally amuck. Heaven forbid a high school kid hears someone curse." Oct 8, 14 2:16 PM

UPDATE: PSEG Completed Tree Trimming On County Road 39

Now that they are done trimming trees maybe they can install the net meter we've been waiting four months for." Oct 12, 14 1:19 PM

Locals Launch 'Give Where You Live' Campaign To Garner Support For East End Non-Profits

Two thumbs up for Ms. Quarty and Ms. Roden." Oct 13, 14 3:48 PM

Planning Board Fears Setting Precedent In East Hampton Village

Another ridiculous example of government theft of private property. What gives the Village the right to prevent someone from selling their property. If the sellers property remains conforming after the sale there is no harm done to anyone and the government should have ZERO jurisdiction of the transaction. Years ago a neighbor with a large piece of property sold my wife and I ten feet of their property so our small lot could have a larger side yard. Would this now be considered illegal? Too many people with too much time on their hands and too many bureaucrats. Politicians, bureaucrats and diapers should be changed often and for the same reasons." Oct 14, 14 4:03 PM

Southampton Village Business Owners Claim Starbucks Will Cause Parking Problems

So Starbucks will cause a parking problem but Citarella wont???" Oct 15, 14 11:09 AM

CPF Futures Could Be Directed, In Part, To Water Quality Help If Tax Is Extended

This is a continuation of the slippery slope where politicians start looting dedicated funds to buy votes or engage in other pet projects. The CPF was specifically approved to preserve open space. It's already being looted by our local pols for maintenance of properties and I believe they even tried stealing the money as payments in lieu of taxes they weren't getting on preserved land. Make no mistake, this is a back door money grab. Money that isn't theirs is like crack to politicians. They just can't stop themselves from spending it or finding slimy new ways of acquiring it. I'd rather see the CPF end than allow this perversion of it." Oct 16, 14 1:46 PM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Revised Canoe Place Inn Proposal On Thursday

If i did the math right that's ninety-six thousand square feet of building on 4.5 acres part of which is under water. That's almost thirty thousand square feet larger than the Rennert house which is on 69 acres of land. Additionally people accross the street on North Rd will get to live next to a sewage treatment plant. Does this seem absurd to anyone other than me? Let them knock down the CPI. It's been an eyesore for years. Then they can develop to whatever density fits within the existing zoning laws including the setbacks for waterfront construction." Oct 16, 14 2:01 PM

County Officials Won't Remove Guardrails On Long Beach Road, But Suggest Road Redesign Instead

Why bother with the meeting if no comments will be taken? More wasted time and money." Oct 21, 14 11:12 AM

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