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Suffolk County Ballot Propositions

How did this story disappear off the front page so fast?" Oct 29, 14 4:30 PM

Bridgehampton Culture Club To Send Students To Europe Next Spring

Is Boy George going with them?" Oct 30, 14 9:12 AM

Bigger Union And More Police Requested For Southampton Budget

Only in politics can spending a million extra dollars mean you saved the taxpayers money." Oct 30, 14 9:31 AM

Southampton Town And Village Police Forces Receive Former Military Equipment

The real question that should be asked is who is going to pay to maintain these extremely expensive specialized vehicles? Being limited production military vehicles the repair/ replacement parts are in limited supply from proprietary manufactures and we should all be aware of excessive amount of money the military pays for anything it buys. Truth is the town/village could probably have bought a couple of properly optioned production trucks from International and ended up with vehicles that are actually useful for less money overall." Oct 31, 14 10:41 AM

Vote On Friday To Decide On New Ambulance Building In Southampton

While it is agreed they need a larger facility, $550.00 per sq ft seems excessive for what is basically a garage. Also 10,000 sq ft is a very large building. Eight 15 by 30 foot garage bays is only 3,600 ft. " Oct 31, 14 7:23 PM

Southampton Town And Village Police Forces Receive Former Military Equipment

First of all most businesses are interested in having reliable equipment that does the job needed and is easy to keep in service with minimal down time at minimal cost. They are not interested in vehicles specialized for a different industry. Need parts for a normal truck aand you can go down to the local dealer and get them off the shelf. Try that with a mil spec Humvee. Additionally since there are hundreds of thousands of them in civilian use there are after market companies making them brining the costs down. And what exactly would you do with a Humvee? Not much capacity for hauling leaves to the dump or distributing snow fence for winter prep. Can't take a load of tree stumps away. Wait. I know. They can use it to patrol the beach and harass kids drinking beer at 5 times the operational cost of an F-150. Perhaps they can also bring some assault rifles. Sorry blank but you really are on this one." Nov 2, 14 7:09 PM

Voters Approve New Southampton Ambulance Building On Friday

While it is agreed they need a larger facility, $550.00 per sq ft seems excessive for what is basically a garage. Also 10,000 sq ft is a very large building. Eight 15 by 30 foot garage bays is only 3,600 ft." Nov 2, 14 7:25 PM

Southampton Town Intends To Hire Six New Police Officers Over Next Two Years

There's a difference between well paid and ridiculously overpaid. And let's not forget the blatant racketeering that goes on to pad their pensions." Nov 10, 14 8:59 PM

Gregor Says Millions More Are Needed To Repair Southampton Town's Aging Roads

Highway Dept and Trustees budgets cut. SHTPD who helped ATH get elected hiring 6 new officers. Hmm......" Nov 10, 14 9:21 PM

Southampton Town Intends To Hire Six New Police Officers Over Next Two Years

Sorry but it's the worst kept secret in town. Officers work unlimited overtime in their last 3 years to artificially inflate their pensions. They're practically asleep at the wheels of their cars. The end result is tens of millions of dollars in undeserved pension payouts that the taxpayers get the bills for. " Nov 11, 14 10:05 AM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

Perhaps the real problem is not MB or DW. Perhaps it is the left leaning press who for the last 2 months has been asaulting everyone 10 times an hour with the headline "Unarmed college bound black teenager shot by white cop". After months of this it is understandable that there are people protesting. I would suggesst that had the press used a different headline and repeated it with the same frequency there would not be the riots and protests. Perhaps the headline could have read "Black thug killed by police moments after robbing convienence store". The follow up headline could have been "Black community responds by going on crime spree", or "Sharpton sees opertunity to make a few more tax free dollars and chimes in.", or "Obama administration sends Attorney General and 2 others to mourn death of criminal shoot by police."" Nov 26, 14 1:48 PM

Amid Wealth And Comfort, Homelessness Persists On The East End

Capt - I agree. Let's get rid of the entitlements. Problem is that when Republicans say this what they mean is "Let's get rid of entitlements for the poor." I say let's start at the top and get rid of the entitlements for the super wealthy and corporations followed by the rich and then the affluent. Once all that is done we can work on getting rid of the entitlements for the poor which mostly just trap people in poverty and fill the coffers of people like Rev Al." Dec 2, 14 9:24 AM

"but, both party's bear the responsibility for entitlements of the wealthy."

Agreed." Dec 2, 14 8:27 PM

Obama's Action On Immigration Draws Mixed Reaction

Last sentence of the article you referenced:

"Scalia has not commented directly on the Ferguson ruling."" Dec 3, 14 8:24 AM

Last sentence of the article you referenced:

"Scalia has not commented directly on the Ferguson ruling."" Dec 3, 14 8:24 AM

"A disproportionate percentage of Takers are Democrat, with millions just added to the rolls."

In terms of numbers of individuals, yes, but terms of dollars I would guess far more goes to the Republican and corporate side." Dec 5, 14 12:15 PM

"30-1"??? Are you kidding. Get your facts straight. Far more white thugs and criminals are shot and killed by police every year then black ones. The difference is white people don't burn their own neighborhoods down when one of those white criminals is shot. Also white presidents don't send their attorney generals to the funerals of those dead white criminals." Dec 8, 14 8:09 PM

2012 - 123 blacks shot and killed by police / 326 whites shot and killed by police. Source: Center on Juvenile & Criminal Justice and the CDC. Interesting to note that when one of these white thugs is killed by the police it barely rates a mention in the liberally biased press but if a black thug is killed it's front page news with Rev Al marching in the streets and the electronic press proclaiming it 5 times an hour, 24 hrs a day, 7 days aweek for months. Then our black president sends his AG to the thugs funeral and the mayor of NYC incites riots in his own city. The problem here does not seem to be the police." Dec 9, 14 9:02 AM

Zeldin Recommended For Three Committees, Including Transportation

Actually it would be good to know where our new rep stands on this issue. As a conservative he should be up in arms about once agin setting up Main Street to bail out Wall Street. Repubs are always railing on about cutting subsidies and entitlements but what they mean is subsidies and entitlements for the poor. When it comes to entitlements for the rich and the affluent no amount of taxpayer money is too much." Dec 13, 14 12:18 PM

OK. Here's some perspective. Wall Street gambling with taxpayer backed dollars on derivatives brought down the entire US economy and a significant portion of the worlds. So when you count the lost GDP, lost homes, lost retirement accounts, etc, etc, etc..., the number is probably in the trillions. And this has happened before as recently as the Regan administration when he deregulated the banks and with the help of the Keating 5 and others in Congress brought the banking industry down which had to be bailed out by taxpayers and in the process incredible subsidies and entitlements to investors.

As for the illegals I'm with you. Turn off the tap. No taxpayer funded help of any kind and make it a criminal act to hire them. Hire illegals and it should be a $500.00/day/person fine. Second offense $1,000.00/day/person. Third offense go straight to jail with no corporate shield to hide behind. Unfortunately republicans have actively blocked any effort of this type. Republicans cater to the illegals as much as democrats do. They just do it from the other side of the paycheck." Dec 13, 14 1:27 PM

Resident Circulates Petition Challenging Proposed Canoe Place Inn Project

Yes, I remember what they purchased. Two restaurants. Commercial waterfront properties which pay high taxes and don't add kids to the school system at 30K each a year. So remind me again how many residential units they want to build and if every other unit puts 2 kids in school will the tax bill be $30,000.00 per unit to cover the cost? Of course not. They bought waterfront resort property, they can develop it as waterfront resort property. Unless of course they also bought some votes in SH Town Hall. My guess is the fix is in. The money has passes under the table and 2 pieces of waterfront business property will be lost and they can never be replaced." Dec 16, 14 10:43 AM

I think the word "guess" sums it up dosen't it. Call it an educated guess. We will find out soon enough. " Dec 18, 14 8:43 PM

There is nothing stopping them from building. They can submit a site plan tomorrow that conforms to current zoning and get started," Dec 18, 14 8:52 PM

Shinnecock Canal Redevelopment Plan Has Strong Support Among Southampton Town Board

So "bb", now we know. The fix was in." Dec 21, 14 8:42 PM

Quick, somebody call Google. We're gonna want this on history view so we can show our children how ATH and friends imprroved the town's waterfront." Dec 23, 14 12:51 PM

UPDATE: SUNY Board Approves Southampton, Stony Brook University Hospital Affiliation

Yes this does seem like good news. Perhaps a step toward abandoning their aging facility and moving into a new one on the SUNY Southampton campus. I also understand that the Stony Brook system has stiffer academic requirements for some staff and administration. It will be interesting to see how this will be handled. Will staff and administration that don't meet SUNY SB's requirements be grandfathered in, given a grace period to upgrade their skills or asked to move on. I would hope that anyone who wants to upgrade their skills would be given the time and some assistance to do so." Jan 12, 15 4:13 PM

'Safe Room' Packages Developing For South Fork Clients

Perhaps the 1%'rs are just getting a little nervous that they've taken a bit to much and their worried about the bottom 90% coming for them? Google "Nick Hanauer". After all, just because your paranoid it doesn't mean there isn't someone out to get you. Just saying..... " Jan 12, 15 4:32 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves CPI And Canal Development Project

And so "bb" I guess the fix was in right from the very begining." Jan 13, 15 4:21 PM

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