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Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

I have been following this story and reading all the posts for a few weeks. I never thought I would join in the fracas, but here I go. Picture yourself driving after midnight on a deserted street, in a small town; you signal to turn left ( Linda must have put on her turn signal, or she would have also been charged with failing to signal). You start your turn a little early which would put your car over the yellow line. Police are following you because it is a holiday weekend and no one else is on the street. You are pulled over by the police. You know you are not drunk and you tell the police this; unfortunately for you, you are the Town Supervisor and the police are not your greatest fans due to budget issues,(whoever caused the budget problems is not an issue in this case). You get a little nervous when the police take an awfully long time sitting in their patrol car, talking on the phone. They ask you to take a breathalyzer exam and perhaps righteous indignation takes over and you refuse. Now what? You are given a field sobriety test which you feel that you passed and the police say you did not. Well if I were you I would realize that I was in a no win situation and I would shut up and get a really good lawyer. Oh yeah, did I mention that you are running for reelection in a few weeks?" Sep 25, 09 6:58 AM

Just wondering, is it really possible that some of you believe that only guilty people are stopped and asked to take sobriety tests? Also is it really so unbelievable that the police officers mad a phone call or two when they realized who they had stopped and were advised on how to deal with Ms. Kabot? I don't know if she was drinking or not but I do know that police stop innocent people all the time. If she says she wasn't drunk or impaired and all she did was start her left turn a little early, which would put her car a bit over the yellow line, why is her side of the story so unbelievable?
I think these postings are just politically motivated. I don't see any history of Ms. Kabot driving or doing anything else while intoxicated.
I will admit that I drive a little less cautiously late at night and I have been guilty of crossing a line or two. Now you can all attack me.
I'm just saying." Sep 25, 09 5:02 PM

Gee, Etians rd, I may be wrong but I think any lawyer a person pays will plead not guilty if their client says that they are not guilty. I have never heard of an attorney refusing to plead not guilty, so I am pretty sure that is not why Ms. Kabot has changed her lawyer. I could be wrong, but isn't that her right? Oh, and also, isn't that her business? But more importantly I am just dismayed to hear that Ms. Kabot has lost your vote. You were voting for her before Labor Day, right?" Sep 25, 09 7:26 PM

Actually littleplains, in this country you don't have to prove that you're innocent. And i thought you would agree with me, considering your post last spring when you were lamenting over where your tax dollars go "Bloated police department with all kinds of shady characters". All I'm saying is perhaps some of those "shady characters" were on duty the night Ms. Kabot was detained. " Sep 25, 09 10:51 PM

nicole, is that really the classic profile of a drunk driver? Where, may I ask, did you obtain that information? Here is a quote from a study done on the accuracy of Field Sobriety Testing: in 1991, Dr. Spurgeon Cole of Clemson University led a study on the accuracy of FSTs. His staff videotaped individuals performing six common field sobriety tests, then showed the tapes to 14 police officers and asked them to decide whether the suspects had "had too much to drink and drive". The blood-alcohol concentration of each of the 21 DUI suspects was .00, unknown to the officers. The result: the officers gave their opinion that 46% of these innocent people were too drunk to be able to drive. This study showed the possible inaccuracy of FSTs.
Wouldn't you have to agree that everything that happened that night is subjective? Since Ms. Kabot has no drunken history, driving or otherwise, wouldn't a reasonable person give her the benefit of the doubt? She will have a trial.
I'm just saying." Sep 26, 09 6:45 AM

little plains, Are you then assuming she is guilty because she did act the same way that you did in a similar situation? Part of what makes this country a great place to live is that we are all different. She had a perfect right not to take a breath test and she exercised her right. Who knows why. As far as the police having ATH's phone number on speed dial, I don't believe that was my suggestion. I do think that the patrol officers called their superior officer to see how to handle the situation. Is it really outlandish to suggest that someone called ATH to let her know what was happening? You obviously live here and since you post comments and read others comments, you can see how politically motivated some people can be. I don't think anything is out of the realm of possibility.

May i ask why you were stopped and asked to take a breathalyzer test if you had not been drinking. I am intrigued." Sep 26, 09 7:26 AM

Well Etians rd, I guess it's too bad you weren't there to give Ms. Kabot advice. I'm sure the outcome would have been different. Irregardless, she said she wasn't drunk. I have seen nothing in her history to suggest that she would be drinking too much and the driving her car. Why is it so difficult for you to allow someone their right to be innocent until proven guilty. She is certainly, thankfully, not on trial here. If she wanted to drive the streets of Westhampton, for whatever reason, that is also her right. " Sep 26, 09 8:19 AM

Good Morning Golfbuddy I think you are right. When all the votes are counted, reasonable people will vote for Ms. Kabot because she is trying to do the right thing for the town. Some people always think that new blood is the answer to all problems, but I think an incumbent has a better chance of fixing what's wrong if they have more experience. All this drunk driving nonsense will not sway an informed voter. So everyone support your candidate of choice and the voters will decide." Sep 26, 09 10:23 AM

Nicole I cannot think of a good time to drive drunk and didn't Ms. Kabot say that she was not drunk? I hope we are not back to assuming someone is guilty just because the police pulled them over. I'm glad that politically you are pro-Ms. Kabot. " Sep 26, 09 1:32 PM

Hey Golfbuddy, I agree about the size of the ATH ego. If she wants the green vote i hope she recycled Dan Russo's poster boards.

Hey Sam, flip one of those over and check to see if Dan is smiling on the other side." Sep 26, 09 1:35 PM

Thanks for answering little plains, I'm glad everything worked out for you on that traffic stop." Sep 26, 09 1:38 PM

Noah Way, It is difficult to determine if you are a supporter of Ms. Kabot or not, due to your attempt at facetiousness.
I don't recall anyone suggesting that the the charges should bre dropped, just that Ms. Kabot is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, not on this blog. We have discussed, ad nauseum, the fact that Ms. Kabot chose not to take a breathalyzer test. You know, America, rights and all that. I didn't see any post that said ATH was behind Ms. Kabot's arrest. Just found it interesting that Ms. Kabot's opponent received a phone call in the wee hours of the morning. As for 4-1/2 minutes of missing tape recording, that is disturbing. If you don't believe that the tape was edited, take a ride to Riverhead and watch the trial. All the evidence will be presented in court. " Sep 26, 09 4:46 PM

kpjc When did Ms. Kabot lose her integrity? You liked her in July, I hope you didn't change your mind because she was pulled over for crossing the yellow line while turning left? I won't even attempt to top what you said on July 22, 2009 "Please do not let Throne-Holst get in"." Sep 26, 09 7:51 PM

Actually 143 signatures were challenged. Here is a quote from Integrity Party Guy who helped collect some of those signatures " Linda can talk about very prominent and honest people who signed her Integrity Party petitions but I can speak about a few I know, too. Ed Mackiewicz of Hampton Bays was a parachute rigger for the Air National Guard for eons. He started at Floyd Bennett Fiield in Brooklyn and moved to the WHB with the 106th where he packed literally 10's of 1000's of parachutes for PJ's like me for many, many years. He was the most conscientitious "perfectionist" and fastidious craftsman I have ever seen in the military. The Democrats called him a fraud because he is so elderly he can barely write his name and had to print. This is democracy?

Kathy Bradley of Remsenburg is the mother of my son's best friend since they were both 4. They went through Catholic school together until they graduated last year and both are starting college. Kathy's husband Bruce is a senior vice president of Suffolk County National Bank. The Democrats also called Katy a "fraud" for reasons I will never understand.

Carol Palmer of WHB is the former postmaster of the WHB post office. Her son Charley Palmer and her son-in-law Charley Killian both served with me as officers at the 106th Air Rescue Group in WHB. Her daughter is a former postmaster in Westhampton. Carol's brother is a Catholic priest. However, according to the Democrats, the entire Palmer-Killian family are frauds."
Ms. kabot's supporters certainly could have garnered a lot more signatures, and probably should have in light of the outcome.
Bottom line is Ms. Kabot has the Integrity Party support. Don't forget, the former Reform Party fights for the right of the voters to decide the outcome of elections, not party leaders." Sep 27, 09 9:28 AM

yearrounder: Being right-wing or left-wing has nothing to do with why I come to Ms. Kabot's defense. As far as the traffic stop is concerned I believe that all Americans are innocent until proven guilty and I do not blindly accept what I read in the newspapers. If Ms. Kabot says she is innocent, I will believe her, as I would ATH, until she has her day in court. I believe that small town police departments can be politically motivated, and I will give her the benefit of the doubt. People support who they want and that is their right. Why shouldn't Ms. Kabot's supporters defend her. This is America and i will defend and vote for Ms. Kabot because I believe in her integrity and her commitment to our town. " Sep 27, 09 10:53 AM

Sam I was quoting the blogger Integrity Party Guy from his blog dated 08/31." Sep 27, 09 2:59 PM

Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

AlwaysLocal, Why are you so sure that the police do not have a copy of the letter. Didn't ATH admit that she received the phone call? Are you assuming only Ms. Kabot's attorney is investigating the letter because you read this in the newspaper or do you work for the police department.
sjd, Ms. kabot has already given the reason that she was on Main St., not that it's your business. I think we all have a right to drive wherever we want. Crossing a yellow line while making a left turn is not an offense that is really that serious. Ms. Kabot must have signaled her left turn or she would have been charges with that offense as well.
Ms. Kabot may never know who sent the letter, hence the anonymous description, but ATH's phone records will reveal who called her in the middle of the night. Won't that be interesting." Sep 29, 09 6:55 AM

oelhassoul. Geez, where to begin... First of all Ms. Kabot is not on trial here, thankfully. Yes, she crossed a yellow line and was arrested because the police say she failed the sobriety test, which she says she did not fail. That's all I know, do you know something more about that night? Maybe the police didn't pull her over because they knew who she was but it would be naive to think that they didn't call their supervisor to see how to handle the situation.So maybe that supervisor called a few people, including ATH . Are you seriously going to say that if you were Ms. Kabot and you received that letter, that you woud not tell your attorney about it? Would you agree that if ATH did receive that phone call in the middle of the night and it did come from the police, that at the very least it was suspicious? ATH does not have to prove her innocence, nor does Ms. Kabot. If attorneys want to subpoena phone records, they will present that to a judge. Also I think that some people want to tell what they know and do so anonymously for a lot of different reasons. It doesn't make the letter unbelievable, just hard to substantiate. Have you not heard of crime stoppers hot lines, where people can call in tips to the police and remain anonymous? It happens that some of those tips are credible. So who knows? I say throw it all out there and it still won't amount to a hill of beans because you and i won't decide this issue.
By the way, no one on this blog has suggested that ATH engaged in a criminal set up or conspiracy. Just think the whole thing stinks a little, dirty politics? Maybe, would you be so shocked?" Sep 29, 09 8:51 PM

sjd- I am curious, where do you get your facts? It must be strictly from newspaper articles, or a blog or two. First of all, regarding three attorneys, so what? I don't know how educated you are or what your life experiences are, but I can enlighten you about attorneys. You don't need to change lawyers to find one who will say you are innocent; they will all do that for their client. Clearly Ms. Kabot had another reason for changing attorneys. That's her right and her business, Really why does that make any difference?
What makes you think that Ms. Kabot went to her sister's birthday party without her husband and children? That is not true and I expect that you read that in the newspaper or deduced it on your own.
I'm sure Ms. Kabot had a reason for driving home via the route that she chose, key word, chose. She and you are allowed to make those choices. Who cares why? Are you trying to say that she forgot her way home? It's just silly. You are correct on one point though, if you were pulled over by the police, the press wouldn't care." Sep 30, 09 7:18 AM

EQme- Are you serious??? Now you're saying that the WHB were preventing a life from being taken that night? Your supervisor, Ms. Kabot, is not a drunk. You may not like Ms. Kabot's politics, but don't forget she is your neighbor. She grew up here and has raised a beautiful family, has made a career of public service. What evidence is there in four decades that she is a drunk? Please deal with your anger and lay off the slanderous remarks. I have a right not to take a breathalyzer test, so do you, so does Ms. Kabot. Refusing a test does not make you a drunk, neither does going over a yellow line when making a turn. " Sep 30, 09 7:26 AM

What is Ms. Kabot guilty of beyond crossing a yellow line? Remember we are all innocent until PROVEN guilty. Until the Constitution is re-written please refrain from referring to Ms. Kabot as guilty of dwi. She has stated that she is innocent and so she is. " Sep 30, 09 9:09 AM

foxnfowl: I agree. By the way you can see the letter on this site, the editor has published a link. ATH admits to getting the phone call, so why not reveal the rest of the details about the call?" Sep 30, 09 10:40 AM

The use of pseudonyms and anonymous letters is a well-established and honored tradition in American history - indeed the Federalist Papers were largely published with pseudonyms without identifying Madison, Hamilton and Jay as the authors." Sep 30, 09 7:06 PM

Linda Kabot's DWI case expected to be moved to Riverhead Town Court

SHNative: Can we then infer that you are a campaign worker or family member of ATH's? If there was something fishy about the phone call to your candidate then that is a legitimate concern for all voters. We know that ATH has the police endorsement, so why is it so unbelievable that they would try to help her win the election. I, for one, am not naive enough not to question the whole deal. ATH was dragged into this by whoever called her. We just want to know what time she received the call. Why can't we just get that question answered?" Oct 1, 09 11:44 AM

The use of pseudonyms and anonymous letters is a well-established and honored tradition in American history - indeed the Federalist Papers were largely published with pseudonyms without identifying Madison, Hamilton and Jay as the authors." Oct 1, 09 2:27 PM

Draggerman_ Refusing a breathalyzer test is not a crime in this country." Oct 1, 09 2:28 PM

JimmyKBond: I think Ms. Kabot has behaved quite appropriately in this circumstance. She tried to conduct herself without making comments, willing to wait for her day in court. The "public" demanded that she speak out about the incident, so she has. What has she done wrong? If the police officers are shown to have behaved correctly, this will come out in trial. Ms. Kabot wasn't drunk, so she doesn't owe it to anybody's family to resign. I for one, (amongst us), do not believe she would have failed the breathalyzer test." Oct 1, 09 2:38 PM

Joelhassoul- No, Joel, I wasn't there and I assume yiu were not either. Only Ms. Kabot knows why she did not take a breathalyzer test, but it is her right and mine not to submit to that test, so I defend her right to refuse. i believe her because there is nothing in her history to suggest otherwise. This town is not big enough that Ms. Kabot could be a "drunk" as people on this blog like to say, and not have everyone know it. Where is the other letter? I have not heard about that. Do you have friends at the newspaper? Why do you keep harping on the fact that she did not take a test? Hasn't that been covered here ad nauseam?" Oct 1, 09 3:24 PM

Jimmykbond- No, my last name is not Kabot. I just hate when the rope comes out, so I defend Ms. Kabot because she is a neighbor to all of us and I think it stinks that all of a sudden she is labeled a "drunk". If she says she was not drunk, who are we to decide that isn't true?" Oct 1, 09 3:29 PM

You're right, you don't have to be a drunk to drive drunk. As far as my saying that I believe she would have passed the test, I was answering a blogger who said "who amongst us doesn't think if she had taken the breathealizer test ... it would have convicted her of drunk driving right then and there."
No one is accusing ATH of anything except receiving a phone call. Ms. Kabot gave the letter to her attorney, as anyone would in a similar situation. It was not signed but that doesn't mean it isn't true. I'm not sure whose pockets have to be emptied for ATH just to say what time she received the call.
Most editors will not publish letters to the editor that are anonymous, but I don't think this letter falls under the same rules. Do you work for a newspaper? Perhaps you can enlighten me." Oct 1, 09 3:59 PM

Joelhassoul: Perhaps you missed this study: Dr. Spurgeon Cole of Clemson University conducted a study on the accuracy of roadside field sobriety tests. His staff videotaped individuals performing six common field sobriety tests, then showed the tapes to 14 experienced police officers and asked them to decide whether the suspects had "had too much to drink and drive".
Unknown to the officers, the blood-alcohol concentration of each of the 21 DUI subjects was .00% -- stone sober. Just saying.
The results: the officers gave their opinions that 46% of these innocent
people were "too drunk to drive" (Cole and Nowaczyk, "Field Sobriety Tests:
Are they Designed for Failure?", 79 Perceptual and Motor Skills Journal 99).
" Oct 1, 09 4:08 PM

Joelhassoul- I will research the rules of journalism, thanks. As far as the letter is concerned, I guess I am misinformed. The ley=tter that I read says that ATH received a phone call and the caller said "we got her". I don't recall any other issue with regards to ATH. I and other bloggers were just asking what time she received the call. ATH has already corroborated the fact that she did receive a call. She just refuses to say what time she got the call. So what am I accusing her of? " Oct 1, 09 4:48 PM

Joelhassoul: I thought we were having a lively debate but you choose to get a nasty. Please don't tell me to grow up. I never said that the police did nothing wrong, they may be guilty of something, the trial will tell. The videotape was edited and that too will come out in court. What I did say was that ATH admits to getting a phone call but will not say when she received it. if in fact it was during Ms. Kabot's roadside test then that would be unethical on the part of the police. So yes, it might make a difference. The anonymous letter is part of the story so you can be idealistic about newspapers' ethics, but it is news worthy. " Oct 1, 09 5:44 PM

Actually Joelhassoul what you are saying is true, but the newspaper did not receive this letter addressed to them, so it is not their property. It is a news item." Oct 1, 09 8:06 PM

Joelhassoul: If the press received an anonymous letter saying that Ms. Kabot was at Magic's downing shots, that would be very easy to investigate. So would this letter if ATH would reveal when she received her phone call. Besides, this letter was not sent to the press so they can report it as a news item. You told me I should grow up and I will tell you to relax a little. It's not as if anything you or I say really amounts to a hill of beans." Oct 1, 09 8:26 PM

This is news because Ms. Kabot has an upcoming trial. Not because of any election. Don't you think if the police did call ATH, and I don't mean the patrol officers, while Ms. Kabot was being field tested, then that is a bit fishy? If no one called her during that time from the police, then the letter was a lie. No one is accusing ATH of anything except receiving a call. I would be curious to know when she received the call. I really think it would be the police conduct that is in question and that subject was addressed before this letter was received.
Besides if ATH was accused of anything it is not subjective. She has the proof of who called her and when. Ms. Kabot is left with an edited videotape and the opinion of the police." Oct 1, 09 9:01 PM

Bye joelhassoul" Oct 2, 09 11:07 AM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

To all those citizens who are up in arms about the 4.5 million dollar deficit in the police department's budget, here is a link to the official findings from the audit. You should read it all the way through and you will see that the misappropriation of funds did not happen on Ms. Kabot's watch, as some of you like to say. I found it interesting. Perhaps you will too.
http://www.town.southampton.ny.us/listing.ihtml?myid=2322&id=70&cat=Police%20Department" Oct 3, 09 6:28 AM

Kabot DWI case moved to Riverhead Town Justice Court

it is interesting that only the people on this blog are concerned with a conspiracy theory. Ms. Kabot has never alleged that the police followed her, nor that they knew who she even was until she produced her driver's license. This was all made up on this blog. What she has said is that she knew she wasn't drunk and felt that she passed the field sobriety test. if you asked her today she might feel that she should have taken the breathalyzer test, but at the time she decided to exercise her right to not take the test. It has been reported that the tape of that evening has been edited to exclude about 4.5 minutes. If this is not true then it is a ridiculous lie because the tape will be presented in court. Also, so far as I know, Ms. Kabot had the right to drive wherever she chose that night, so her route home is hardly anyone's business. If you don't believe that police can be guilty of dirty politics, or at the very least, over zealousness, then you don't live in the same world that I do. If you're all so interested in Ms. Kabot's case you can all go to Riverhead and watch the trial. Then at least you will have the real evidence to jabber about. I'm just saying." Oct 7, 09 6:04 AM

I wanted to add that as an American who believes in fair reporting by newspapers, that is to say, news should be reported and not interpreted; I find it disturbing that the reporter of this story used quotation marks around the words innocent and overzealous. Where has impartial reporting gone? We all just accept this bias." Oct 7, 09 6:08 AM

dagdavid i do know what a quote is, but these are not really quotes, they are just words taken out of a complete sentence. I think if the reporter wanted to quote either Ms. Kabot or her attorney, it should have been quotes of a complete sentence." Oct 7, 09 10:38 AM

Coweedewey the tape being edited comes from a story in this newspaper, dates 9/28/09 here is a QUOTE "Mr. Keahon did note that almost four and a half minutes of tape and accompanying audio are missing from the video of Ms. Kabot’s arrest, which was taken prior to the arrest. He added that portions of the two field sobriety tests are “memorialized” on the video that he reviewed."" Oct 7, 09 10:44 AM

Littleplains Regarding your last attempt at humor, on second thought, never mind. it was just too silly." Oct 7, 09 10:46 AM

reallocal I guess all opinions are welcome on this blog as long as they are in agreement with your views. Now that's pretty stupid!" Oct 7, 09 1:10 PM

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