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East Hampton Town Board To Hold Special Meeting On Airport Noise

PBR - we're still waiting.
" Aug 21, 14 7:42 AM

East Hampton Residents Give PSEG An Earful During Public Hearing

Perhaps someone could help me with some answers?
Was Fred Thiele speaking as a State Assemblyman; a Partner in the Twomey/Latham law firm; the Independence Party chair of Southampton; or as the Village Attorney for Sag Harbor?
As he was speaking of the need for transparency, did EH Village Mayor Richenbach mention if there was ever discussion ensuring the poles didn't come down his street in the village,
Did Town Supervisor Cantwell acknowledge that he sat in on multiple meetings with LIPA as Village Administrator and sat silent, as Town Supervisor, prior to the physical installation only responding when McGirk street residents expressed outrage. Even now, the men's club continues to throw the new administrator, Laura Molinaro, under the bus,
And finally, did anyone in the audience ask Jeremy Samuelson what makes him qualified to challenge anyone on anything?" Aug 27, 14 3:35 PM

Groups Petition And Protest Against New Exclusive Membership Club At Ditch Plains Beach In Montauk

The use of a "paddle out" to demonstrate dissatisfaction with a zoning application is amazingly insensitive to all surfers who have been previously honored by this very special ceremony. The organizer must be more "hipster" than surfer. Protest any way you want- just don't harm a tradition some of us respect. " Aug 28, 14 8:01 AM

Indian Wells Beach Alcohol Ban Effectiveness Unclear

VOZ is correct. This was a response to an entitled hamlet that wanted their private beach. Say what you want about the lack of civility of the former board. They were probably the most educated, experienced town board ever elected. They had the resumes to understand issues for what they were and were quick to render that opinion publicly. Now you have just the opposite. The Supv " attended CW Post"; is "Good morning and welcome" civil, and gets all his marching orders behind closed doors. The former board saw that it was a behavior issue and thought it should be policed as such.
" Sep 5, 14 2:40 PM

Bishop And Zeldin Say They Are Both Pro-Business, But Have Different Approaches

Tim says "the environment is the economy and the economy is the environment". No revetments - let downtown Montauk flood. Businesses get destroyed. Jobs destroyed. Plovers pervail. " Sep 6, 14 7:42 PM

Napeague's Dolphin Drive Signs Questioned

Dolphin drive is in Amaganset. " Sep 10, 14 9:00 AM

East Hampton Town May Consider Purchasing The Former East Deck Motel Property

Is this property not zoned "resort". With a new appraisal, after construction, wouldn't property taxes total 80 to $100 thousand dollars. What about the local trades that would be involved in the project. What is the total loss of jobs and dollars. What about the economic ripple from the lack of visitors to the resort and their discretionary spend with businesses in Montauk. What about the jobs that the resort would need. And all because of some phony access issue. ED 40 will have no more or less access than East Deck had. Stop abusing the CPF. Stop the abuse by CCOM. And you wonder why we are losing our middle class. The Environment is not the economy. They are not mutually exclusive. Both can get along. Wake up Montauk. East Hampton is being shaped by a petition signed by people that have never seen Ditch or Montauk. " Sep 12, 14 5:01 PM

Public Gets First Glance At East Hampton's Wastewater Management Plan

Interesting presentation by Larry(aka Pio yesterday. Seemed like its not Surf lodge that's dumping all the nitrogen into Ft Pond but Montauk Public School. Go get em Jeremy. Also, with 276 home sites at Ditch required to put in new septics (276@$40,000=$11 million), it will certainly challenge their pocketbooks. But if anyone will step up to embrace it, Ditch Plain residents will. Larry is mistaken if he thinks CPF will bail residents out. For Private Property. If that happens, all other homeowners in East Hampton will get in line. Even Fred Thiele could figure that out. But then again, Larry says he is going to buy East Deck. A whole lot of local businesses are forming their own line on that one. " Sep 24, 14 12:54 PM

East Hampton Town Board Promises To Quiet Airport

The Board is not making decisions. The shots are being called above them. How do I know? Watch them in action. There is not one comeback to a question from the podium. Oh but they are civil. Good morning-thank you for your comments - and then those same comments are ignored. Every work session goes into Exec session. So much for transparency. But,boy, are they civil. Wake up East Hampton. " Sep 25, 14 9:02 AM

East Hampton Town Law Creates Additional Hurdles For Chain Stores

Margaret Turner's comments say it all.
" Sep 25, 14 3:58 PM

East Hampton Town Supervisor Proposes $71.5 Million Budget For 2015

I hope there is provision for return of the leaf program. Councilwoman Overby and Councilman Van Scoyac promised its return in their campaign literature when they ran for office. " Sep 26, 14 11:57 AM

East Hampton Town Hopes To Have Plastic Bag Ban In Effect Next Year

According to studies, reuseable grocery bags could be growing dangerous bacteria. They have tested positive for E. Coli, salmonella and coliform bacteria. A hot car trunk becomes a breeding ground when these bags are left inside. If the contents were raw meat or unwashed fruits and vegetables, cross contamination is very possible. " Oct 9, 14 1:30 PM

Aviation Community Unhappy With East Hampton Airport Noise Report, Says Money Was Not Well Spent

Keep accepting "skewed data" we could run this town, from the ocean trailer park. Very Saul Alinsky of you. Its doing wonders, right now, for Obamacare." Nov 11, 14 10:51 PM

East Hampont Town Hires Second Noise Analysis Consultant, Noise Abatement Solutions Ahead

So let us understand this: Bernard and Cantwell put together a final budget that sets a target of 24000 takeoffs and landings - up 9% from 2014 and transients up 12%. They then put together a budget based on that to show the airport can pay for itself. Then the Noise Committee they appointed recommends outright prohibition of helicopters and seaplanes; outright prohibition of commercial operations; a slot system; 9-5 weekdays only and closed weekends. So how does this square with the budget. Tom Knobel challenged these contradictions at the Town meeting. It appears he is on to something. " Nov 16, 14 12:33 PM

Resident Doctor In Montauk Says Goodbye After 11 Years

Montauk was very fortunate to have Dr Knott. He is a very skilled physician and a wonderful human being. " Nov 22, 14 7:16 PM

East Hampton Town Officially Closes Scavenger Waste Plant

"At the end of the day the Town will have a half million dollars to spend on other things". And your in charge of the Budget Finance Committee? Have you read the consultants reports? A half million is a drop in the bucket according to Pio Lombardo's needs analysis. " Dec 7, 14 7:26 AM

Army Corps Montauk Stabilization Project Completion May Be Delayed

This is a huge victory for CCOM and a bigger loss for the Montauk business community. Cantwell speaketh with forked tongue. As with every other transaction, his energy is focused on whatever is politically expedient. Wise up Montauk. Your only hope is Zeldin. " Dec 16, 14 9:07 PM

East Hampton Groundwater Not Contaminated By Utility Poles, But Soil Readings Are High

It was made abundantly clear that Cantwell sat in on at least 4 meetings when LIPA presented their plans to the Village. He had months to surface his concerns if he felt uncomfortable objecting at the time. But no, it was election time and he said nothing. Then when PSEG takes over and McGirk and Cedar Streets object, Cantwell suddenly believes its horrific. Why would you believe he believes in anything." Dec 24, 14 3:42 PM

East Hampton Town To Be Free Of FAA Control; Seeks Increased Revenue

Why is Cantwell so scared of doing an economic impact study. That should be done for the airport and for the Army Corp in support of stabilization efforts for downtown Montauk. But no, hang your hat on the BFAC. Wadsworth said the infrastructure cost for patking was $13k. That's the cost of one meter. You have a lot of revenue coming from one meter Peter. But keep relying on these people Larry. And, btw, your now on noise Study Part III. In part II, we learned that over 10% of the complaints came from one person. And, btw, Bill Crain came up with 1,000 signatures to stop deer hunting. You did nothing. Mr. Village comes up with 500 signatures to essentially shut the airport down and you have already put the arrow in your bow. OU812 speakers volumes." Dec 28, 14 6:00 PM

East Hampton Town Reorganizes, Plans For 2015

Larry is pretty liberal when it comes to embellishing his resume. I think the tax bill issue came up in 2012 or 2013. Didn't the EH Post Office Manager come to the Town Board meeting when the bills didnt arrive on time? In 2013, didn't Kagel do a special audit which identified the key structural issues? Someone pointed out that Monica Rotach, the former Tax Dept head, was meeting with Bernard daily. They said he never went over to her office to see what was going on. Didn't stop he or Cantwell from throwing Monica under the bus after 20+ years of service. But heck, after all, "government is on the mend"." Jan 8, 15 8:42 AM