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Southampton Expresses Doubt Over Merger With Tuckahoe

Tuckahoe Board of Trustees...this is a blessing in disguise. The option to send our kids to Westhampton brought value when purchasing a home in Tuckahoe. It will increase property values when we can once again say that buying a home in Tuckahoe means high school "choice". The choice should never have been taken away! WHB is a far superior school system and they always welcomed the Tuckahoe kids. I am sure they would negotiate a great deal to get them back...just ask! Our kids mingled with those from Quogue, Remsenburg, East Quogue and East Moriches...Not to mention WHB has a far superior college-going success rate, admissions success rate as seen by many who get into the top universities around the country (their guidance dept. is OUTSTANDING and counselors actually network with university admissions counselors), they are technologically advanced, and the sports program rivals those up west. It's the best high school on the east end as far as I am concerned and surpasses many in Suffolk County. Scoreboards don't lie. Give back the choice for parents...make it a choice among districts that bring us value...Westhampton Beach, Sag Harbor are two good ones to start exploring. Tell your superintendent to make it happen." Sep 3, 14 11:43 PM

I agree...send all kids to Westhampton...They'll be eager to make a deal in a time when all districts are experiencing financial stress. I also forgot to mention their Advanced Placement programs (so many AP choices) as well as the fact that they actually recognize the rigor that goes with taking AP and honors classes...Southampton did away with the weight system and now has none! They also did away with Valedictorian , etc. Terrible! That alone deters kids from reaching higher and taking more difficult classes! What is Southampton thinking? Here's the test...the top kid in Southampton and the top kid in Westhampton...get into two very different types of schools. The kid in Westhampton is going real ivy. " Sep 4, 14 12:07 AM

Southampton Rejects Proposal, And State Grant,To Extend School Day After Parents Express Concerns

The 30 year board member has been a committed person to the district and children who wants to see only the best for his neighborhood school. He has no hidden agendas. Stop blaming the Board for the actions of the administartion who hide behind the curtains and are running the show. " Oct 6, 14 11:26 PM

School Districts Working To Close Achievement Gap For Non-Native English Speakers

My child attends Tuckahoe and hardly has picked up a book for two years. He spends his time working in a group helping those who don't speak english. The school's serverly poor NYS results are alarming.

" Jan 9, 15 12:55 AM