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UPDATE: Tuckahoe-Southampton Merger Fails At Polls

20 years ago a good friend of ours, a single mom, bought a house in Tuckahoe specifically to send her son to school there. Back then it was THE place to go for a great elem. experience. Small class size, great teachers, reasonable taxes. 10 years ago they added a whole 2nd. floor on. You would think that a project of that magnitude wouldn't have been approved if the financial future looked bleak. What the heck happened since then? Tuckahoe's problems didn't happen over night, and the golf courses have nothing to do with it. According to their web sight, the districts make up is now 53% Latino. How many of these families are home owners who pay property taxes? Probably not many. They're living multiple families in a single dwelling, and sending their kids off to school. Who gets stuck with the bill? Local politicians won't do anything. The school board can't do anything. Taxpayers can't do anything. You've got at least 10 years of unfettered illegal immigration and this is what you get." Nov 19, 14 9:29 AM