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Vacant Coast Guard Homes Expected To Be Auctioned Off This Summer; Neighbors Concerned About Future Of Neighborhood

The single unit rental house is not the issue here. It is the abundance of potential rental units and the potential for illegally overcrowded rentals that the Town seems to do nothing about. I love the YIMBY movement - alleged to be YES in MY backyard, but actually it seems to by a YIYBY movement - YES in YOUR backyard (stay out of mine!)" May 29, 18 9:27 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Announces Run For Suffolk County Comptroller This Fall

This position requires a person who understands and acts with the highest standard of governance, transparency and accountability - not a personable guy who is a musician and former chemistry teacher. Supervisor Schneiderman insists that he "lowered taxes" when the reality is just that property values went up more than the tax increase. He "gets" what needs to be done in Hampton Bays and it is about time he does something about it and not just kick the can down the road like his predecessor did.

Gayle Lombardi, CPA" May 30, 18 8:53 AM

Southampton Town Officials Debate New Affordable Accessory Apartments Proposal

This work session last Tuesday is worth the watch. It is on the Town website. This issue was raised almost 3 years ago and the presenters were woefully under- prepared. Councilperson Scalera repeatedly trued to obtain the relevant facts, applicable law, necessary analyses and address any unintended consequences to make a sound decision while the rest of the Town Board and "trusted advisers" acted as if she was speaking a foreign language. Based on my observations over the past number of years, except for Councilperson Scalera, the Town administration has gotten so far off course that the truth, relevant facts, and applicable law are optional in any discussion and decision.

Gayle Lombardi, CPA
" Jun 13, 18 2:18 PM

It sounds like you are assuming that the other Board members want an effective solution. Based on outcomes over the years, I am not sure that is the case. I am not sure if it is because they really don't know or they don't care or they surround themselves with "trusted" advisers who really don't know or really don't care. From my observations, there is an egregious waste of taxpayer funds paid to internal "trusted" advisers supplemented with consultants and other outsourced labor. Councilperson Scalera has been the champion of fiscal responsibility and effective problem-solving in a sea of ineffectiveness and fiscal waste for years. I would have given up years ago.

Gayle Lombardi, CPA

" Jun 14, 18 6:29 AM

A Hampton Bays Native Bids Farewell To Position On School Board

Best of Luck to you and your family - you will be missed." Jul 2, 18 10:37 AM

The taxpayers of HB pay 100% of the school taxes and less that 10% of the Town of Southampton taxes. We would be ahead 90 cents on every dollar. " Jul 2, 18 1:51 PM

Strain On Hampton Bays Water District Caused By Out Of Service Wells

Good luck to your friend trying to get to the bottom of anything. It has been my experience that the truth, facts, applicable law, transparency and accountability are optional when it comes to the actions of those in leadership roles in the Town. The Town has thrown taxpayer monies at long overdue capital projects, but have done little to address core issues facing Hampton Bays. Maybe it is time that the taxpayers unite. " Jul 4, 18 10:06 AM

"Mostly everyone in Hampton Bays is Family and Friends"? First of all, I doubt that the 13,000 people in Hampton Bays are related (at least I hope not) and what does that have to do with clean drinking water? Bottom line = those accountable to fix this problem should fix it. Residents have the right to be upset - July comes after June every year - it shouldn't have been a surprise. I can't speak to this particular issue as to whether the leadership is/has performed the necessary analyses, but I can speak to others that were less than complete including the recent work session on the accessory apartment initiative. I found Supervisor Schneiderman's reference to an iron skillet as irrelevant as his reference in that work session to his car shopping trip to Patchogue with his daughter. " Jul 4, 18 2:17 PM

Changing The Perception Of Hampton Bays One Project At A Time

This article appeared to be more a public relations advertisement than a news report. It was consistent with the political playbook of Supervisor Schneiderman, Councilperson Lofstad and Councilperson Bouvier took office in 2016 – to distort the narrative of the issues, deflect their responsibility for effective actions and then to label and demonize the residents of Hampton Bays as impatient, angry, frustrated and negative when the residents call for action. The residents of Hampton Bays have always had to speak up to the Town of Southampton government about the issues facing Hampton Bays. Hampton Bays is reliant on the Town of Southampton government since it does not have a separate village government. Since the Town government does not have districts and the Town Board is elected at large, Hampton Bays does not have an official representative on the Town Board. It is irrelevant that Councilperson Julie Lofstad is a resident of Hampton Bays. The Town of Southampton is responsible to maintain the beach properties located in Hampton Bays open to the public. It was only after years of complaints by the Hampton Bays residents about neglected property, did the Town of Southampton commence long overdue capital projects. The residents have heard the excuses for almost a decade from the Town of Southampton as to why they cannot take effective action to address the overcrowded housing and the illegal use of seasonal motels as year round residences. The latest distorted narrative is how Good Ground Park is the panacea to address the lost vitality along Main Street and the vacant stores along Montauk Highway as a substitute for effective economic development planning and programs.
" Jul 9, 18 6:11 PM

The town's planning department is completely out of touch - they continue to refer to the "1999 Master Plan" as if it is still has any relevance. I agree with xtigeo - Hampton Bays is the most beautiful hamlet in the Town of Southampton. The problem is not Hampton Bays, the problem is the out of touch and ineffective administration. " Jul 9, 18 9:35 PM

This is nothing to do about being a "hater" of Hampton Bays. Most people I know that live in Hampton Bays love Hampton Bays. For those that have followed the issues closely in Hampton Bays and the ineffective Town administration, this a political propaganda to make some of the Town officials look like beacons of light in a sea of despair. They are neither beacons of light nor is there a sea of despair. " Jul 10, 18 10:11 AM

Those that have been involved in the issues know exactly what is being worked on and what is not. The Town of Southampton has a $99 million budget and what else are they supposed to do with it but keep up the public property, have effective planning and code enforcement. I am of the generation where you don't get a pat on the back, trophy, bonus or news report for showing up and doing your job. This article is very "transparent" as a public relations article. Let's see how fast and hard they work address the issues and stop being the town of "no" and academic planning. " Jul 10, 18 5:00 PM

There really shouldn't be a need - you would think since there are so many villages and the town has a $99 million budget that they could maintain the town property located in Hampton Bays and address the other issues. Fixing the pavilion shouldn't be news worthy - it should be standard operating procedure. It seems to me its the leaderships perception of their duties and responsibilities that needs to change, not the residents. " Jul 10, 18 5:38 PM

UPDATE: Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Union Employees Reach Agreement On Contracts

Most private sector companies eliminated defined benefit pensions plans decades ago and switched over to defined contribution plans. Defined benefits plans are unsustainable just like social security since people are in retirement for decades after they retire. The municipal and school pensions especially for the six figure salaries many employees have are crippling middle class who are not employed by the school and municipality on Long Island. There are many published independent studies that support that hypothesis. Look at the budgets and see where most of your tax monies go. " Jul 17, 18 4:53 PM

My comments were general about property taxes and the funding of municipalities and schools, not hospital staff. The pension and benefit line item on many of the school and municipal budgets are substantial and I doubt that they are trending downward." Jul 17, 18 7:08 PM

Not necessarily on a dollar for dollar ratio. Take a look at some of the local school budgets." Jul 17, 18 8:12 PM

Southampton Town Plans To Purchase The Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays For Redevelopment

so let me understand this - for years members of the Town Administration - Jay Schneiderman, Kyle Collins, Julie Lofstad, Stan Glinka told members of the community that they were working with private developers to make sure that they could get their permits and "any day" there would be a deal to sell the the Bel Aire to a developer. They guaranteed us that it would be "upscale". What changed? Which is the lie? At this point, I believe nothing the Town Administration says. My former boss used to say you can tell some people are lying just their lips are moving." Aug 17, 18 7:47 AM

I don't believe that the conditions reported are lies. The conditions have been memorialized in legal documents, certified professional analysis and the residents themselves. What is potential "fake news" is what the Town Administration has been doing for at least the last 3 years regarding this and similar properties and what their actual intent is for this property. " Aug 17, 18 3:28 PM

Community Members Speak Against Town Purchasing Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays

Something does need to be done, but I don't believe that the Town should be in the real estate speculation business. They don't have the capability to see this to the end. If anything, this property should be purchased with CPF monies for preservation. The School District would be made whole for the taxes through PILOTS (Payments in lieu of taxes). Hampton Bays would be in a net gain position. The Supervisor showed attendees a picture of "luxury condos" he took off the internet at the CAC meeting on Monday - however there is no guarantee that that is what it will be - it could easily be low income housing. Who wants to pay for a "luxury condo" next to the Station Bar" with live music all summer. Too much can go wrong here with this property in control of the Town Board." Sep 26, 18 3:17 PM

Sorry Donna T. - I disagree - putting this property in the hands of the same ineffective leadership is a recipe for disaster. I wouldn't put it past the leadership if they purposely derailed potential deals just so they can try to buy it. It was reported that the planning department and town attorney was meeting with prospective buyers. What was that about? Why did government get involved? They are like a bunch of rogue firefighters that set the fire and are now trying to put it out with a garden hose and we are supposed to pat them on the back. Let them buy it with the CPF monies and be done with it. No tremendous potential upside, but no downside either. " Sep 26, 18 7:25 PM

Southampton Town Seeks Permits To Process More Yard Waste In Hampton Bays

The Town is suing Sand Land for the exact same operations, but is dumping on Hampton Bays...literally. Sag Harbor gets a waterfront park and purchased development rights for the Cinema ad we get expanded dumping operations, purchase of property for a waste treatment facility, half finished projects and back office deals rewarding the owners of illegally used motels into apartments to allow conversion. Fabulous - so much for having a "local" representative. It is time for "Hampton Bays United" before the Town Board completely destroys this hamlet." Oct 3, 18 9:53 AM

There are no Town Board seats open this November." Oct 3, 18 4:09 PM

Community Members Speak Against Town Purchasing Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays

What makes anyone think that the Town will really turn these into condos? The optic that the Town Board would tear down housing for the under served and put up luxury condos is political suicide for the 4 democrats on the Board. IMHO, this is a case of bait and switch to develop affordable/low income housing in Hampton Bays just as the "settlement" for the Tiana Pines conversion. Hampton Bays cannot handle the density. If the Town Administration is so ineffective that the can't enforce their own laws, let them buy the property with CPF monies and be done with it. " Oct 4, 18 10:18 PM

Permanent Bathrooms Finally Coming To Good Ground Park In Hampton Bays

How sad for our community that comfort stations are headlines in a Press article. I can't wait for the grand opening photo op. The park was part of the master plan that was supposed to provide for the infrastructure (as any responsible municipality is supposed to do) for development on Main Street. Instead, they rushed through the "Park" suspiciously in time for a one day event just weeks before Anna-Throne Hoist was running for Congress. Now they appear to be back peddling and trying to continue to cover up their folly and their egregious waste of tax payer monies. This park is used 10 days a year and the rest of the time it is a money pit and an attractive nuisance. Additionally, they now have pushed the responsibility for infrastructure onto the private developers as part of their "form based code" initiative making it even more difficult for the development on Main Street. " Oct 9, 18 9:15 AM

It seems pretty clear to me that this Administration since 2016 has an "unwritten" master plan for Hampton Bays to serve as the "dumping ground" for the rest of the Township. They lack the policies and procedures to ensure transparency for what they are doing. They say one thing to one group of people and then something to another , have no supporting documentation for much of anything, and then do what they want. It is said "truth exists" - it must somewhere, but it certainly doesn't seem to in the Town of Southampton Administration. " Oct 9, 18 10:44 AM

Zgerry - not only don't they follow the rules that they do have, it seems to me they make sure that they don't have policies and procedures so they don't have any rules to follow. They then can make it up as they go and do what they want and not be accountable to anyone. They spend our money like it is monopoly money and hide behind the inflated real estate values east of the canal." Oct 10, 18 9:30 AM

Have you not realized yet that the complete facts, law and analyses are optional in the Town Administration? "One lies and the other ones swears to it" as my mother used to say. " Oct 10, 18 2:11 PM

Southampton Town Board Tables Walk-On Resolution To Approve Bel-Aire Cove Motel Deal

I was also at this meeting. There is no other word to describe Supervisor Schneiderman's action for a walk-on other than "Machiavellian". There was no resolution on the agenda and no mention of a walk on after the public hearing. The silence was deafening. Everyone that has followed this will probably agree "something needs to be done", but there is no basis for this particular proposal. The fact that they have not put forth a proposal to purchase with CPF monies combined with the Machiavellian actions leads me to believe that there is something that are not telling us. " Oct 24, 18 12:40 PM

The proposal is not CPF as it stands - it is NEW taxpayer money starting at $1 Million and then who knows how much more to complete. Really, who knows?. Certainly not the Town Board members that support this. They are literally gambling with our money. The safety, health and environmental issues at this site have gone on for too long and no one seems to have the will or the way to do anything. The Town Board used CPF for Hidden Cove - they should just do it here. " Oct 24, 18 2:38 PM

The CPF is does pay the PILOTS until the end of the program which I think is now scheduled for 2050. If the Town buys it, and for as long it is in development (which could be decades considering the CPI Townhouses), there will be no taxes. There is also nothing in writing that it will be "luxury condos" and there won't be a substantial number of children in the school district. My first choice is CPF, but the Town Board is going to do what they want." Oct 24, 18 4:43 PM

I haven't watched the video either and left the meeting with just about everyone else after open session since there was no resolution on the agenda. Based on this article and the one in Newsday, it does seem like Councilperson Scalera is trying to gather all the facts, law, financing etc. and make an educated decision as she always tries to do. As far as the others, unless they are withholding information from the community, it seems like they are making their decision "blindly" since there is really no basis for a proposal for redevelopment and no reason not to propose the purchase with CPF." Oct 24, 18 5:30 PM

well actually Supervisor Schneiderman said condos...or is it...maybe it will be a motel...maybe it will be townhouses...maybe it will be a trailer park or a field of tiny houses...who knows? Not the community. At this point, the only town purchase that makes sense is to purchase this property with CPF monies - environmentally sensitive area - finite amount of money - known end game. PILOTS until the end of the program. The rest seems like smoke and mirrors." Oct 25, 18 10:09 AM

Ye,s we can all agree that this property needs to be addressed. The Government has failed the community of Hampton Bays by allowing the illegal use of motels. Clearly now, with the purchase of the Hidden Cove with CPF , the settlement at the Tiana Pines and now this proposal, they have demonstrated they have no intend of restoring the seasonal tourism revenue back to Hampton Bays. Putting more full-time density will not help Hampton Bays. CPF will guarantee no more drain on the school." Oct 25, 18 10:24 AM

It seems you mean it makes sense for his campaign, not necessarily for the community. The funniest thing is that he started a political line named "protect the taxpayer" - we need protection from politicians like him that run fast and lose with taxpayer funds." Oct 26, 18 4:23 PM

Ponquogue Beach Facility Parking Lot To Be Closed For Several Months

This flyer was distributed by both the HBBA and the HBCA, and by the accounts of one person that showed up, he was turned away in the parking lot since he didn't have an "invitation". It seems to me that this was just a tax funded political ad. " Nov 6, 18 11:19 AM

Bel-Aire Cove Resolution Sparks Questions Of When Walk-On Resolutions Are Appropriate

I think the best way to describe what goes on in the Town Government is "institutional corruption" - nothing necessary illegal, just wrong. This is the place where facts, law and the truth go to die. The discussion about the Community Development Agency and who is actually buying this property and what they are going to do with it was like the Abott and Costello "who's on first routine. I give Councilperson Scalera and Lofstad for at least trying to get some information. Good luck with that. " Nov 7, 18 8:38 AM

Southampton Supervisor Not Convinced That Damascus Road Landfill Is Source Of Water Contamination

This is an absolute disgrace. This would never happen anywhere but HB or EQ. We may not have the money but we have the votes. " Nov 7, 18 10:25 PM

The Morning After Election Day, Schneiderman Not Ready To Concede Suffolk County Comptroller Race

Turkey Bridge, I am a cPA and you are on the democratic committee. The Newsday endorsement for Kennedy hit the nail about Kennedy's qualifications. He is head and shoulders above Supervisor Schneiderman for this position. This was a name recognition/popularity contest/blue wave tight raise. How much was spent on this campaign? Jay;s robocall about not raising property taxes was a complete misrepresentation. Jay has raised taxes by millions since he has been supervisor and hiding behind the double digit increase in property values." Nov 8, 18 3:37 PM

should be tight race not raise." Nov 9, 18 9:08 AM

Schneiderman Still Not Ready To Concede Comptroller Race Until All Absentee Ballots Are Counted

I agree with Supervisor Schneiderman on this. I also voted via an absentee ballot and I want my vote to count. With 30K absentee ballots, and a 9K spread, I would be doing the same thing." Nov 9, 18 10:00 AM

The Newsday endorsement for Kennedy hit the nail on the head about Kennedy's qualifications. It is really a disgrace how close this race is. " Nov 9, 18 2:00 PM

Southampton Supervisor Considers Leaving Bel-Aire Cove Motel Property As 22-Room Motel

Supervisor Schneiderman put forth a proposal in August without vetting all the details. Now in November, the Town Administration wakes up and says there should be an environmental review. Whose fault is that? Don't put this on the community, this is the administration's incompetence. The "redevelopment would gain traction" if the community knew what the plan was and they trusted the Town Administration to do something right. With a purchase with CPF, at least we know what the outcome will be. Enough B.S. " Nov 14, 18 1:51 PM

I am also happy to see that Supervisor Schneiderman acknowledges that its use should be a 22 unit MOTEL and not full time apartments. Some residents would like to see this site back to its original use." Nov 14, 18 2:14 PM

How of the CPF was used for an acre of open space in Sag Harbor? $10 million??? It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. " Nov 14, 18 2:27 PM

dtree, first of all the first priority was for the Town to enforce the safety and health laws they have on the books where they have failed miserably - no win there the second priority was to enforce the "use"rules for a motel which they failed miserably and let the septic pollute the neighboring water - no win there. Jay shows us a picture off the internet like kindergarten show and tell and he calls that a "redevelopment plan" - no win here either. If you are all for this rally your friends and family and come out in support of it." Nov 14, 18 3:51 PM

dtree - also read the article - it is the Town's own incompetence that is causing the delay. Why wasn't this vetted in August before Jay introduced the proposal? " Nov 14, 18 4:02 PM

Hampton Dad, I have watched and/or attended 4 Town Board meetings and 2 CAC meetings trying to get some facts before I make an educated decision to support. You want to support as a knew jerk reaction for what is going on there, go ahead, but don't call the people who have spent the time "pigheaded". This is THEIR administrative screw up. Go to the next Town Board meeting with your family and friends and come out in support." Nov 14, 18 4:35 PM

and I will be first to throw it back to you when this is another "Sandy Hollow"." Nov 14, 18 4:46 PM

That is my point to HamptonDad - all the resolution said was "purchase for community development". The rest of the Press/press about condos and setting up all the permits, etc. is just oral representation from Supervisor Schneiderman which is worth the paper it is written on." Nov 14, 18 5:55 PM

You are making a leap of faith that condos and the alleged auction will be the outcome. There is noting in writing that says that. The press is based on oral representations made by Supervisor Schneiderman. As they say "an oral representation is as good as the paper it is written on " The Board resolution only stated the purchase was for community development. Once it is purchased, it could be anything the Town Board wants including affordable apartments." Nov 15, 18 12:07 PM

Chief, the Town needed to bring this site and many others into compliance years ago. It has been reported as unsafe and should have been vacated. That still has to happen whether it is turned into condos, townhouses, or an ice cream stand. THAT would make many people in HB VERY happy! What happens to afterwards is gravy." Nov 15, 18 7:30 PM

Southampton Town Board Set To Vote On 2019 Budget

Supervisor Schneiderman has been in office for 3 budget cycles. 2017-2019. If this budget is passed, the property tax levy to fund the budget will now be $7.7 million or 13% higher than when he first took office. Compared against the 5.5% cost of living increase for the same period, the property tax levy will literally take grocery and mortgage money from senior citizens on fixed incomes to fund top heavy management salaries, pensions and wasteful outside fees. Councilperson Schalera has been the lone voice of fiscal management trying to reign in the spending during this period." Nov 15, 18 8:13 PM

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