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Westhampton Community Center Building Auction Comes Up Blank

and you made my point about empty meaningless promises of the Town Administration (however you need to append your comment for the rest of it)" Nov 19, 18 7:59 PM

Community Partners Work Together To Combat Sexual Violence In Hampton Bays

This sounds like a solution in search of a problem then. At least the Press should change the title of the article. I don't know what training the Library Director has to comment on this issue. A lot of people overstepping their mission and training as I see it in HB." Nov 19, 18 11:13 PM

Lars, I appreciate you insight however as a taxpayer and resident of Hampton Bays, I do not appreciate the headline of the Press. I also don't appreciate that the Library has turned into an unrecognizable institution." Nov 20, 18 7:49 AM

Westhampton Community Center Building Auction Comes Up Blank

and now "Bel-Aire gate" - oral representation from Supervisor Schneiderman weeks before the election to purchase the property and get it ready to auction it off as a condo development. IMHO, this is just a distraction to avoid the the real issues of the unsafe conditions, overcrowding and misuse of properties at this and other sites. Our safety, quality of life and taxes are all just a political game to some politicians until someone gets hurt or they end up indicted. " Nov 20, 18 11:17 AM

Southampton Town Board Adopts $102.7 Million Budget For 2019 On Tuesday

Supervisor Schneiderman increased the tax collection by over $7 million in the 3 years he has been in office. I don't know how anyone can look at all the unfinished Town projects and lack of services i.e. garbage pick up and not wonder where the $100 million goes. It doesn't matter if taxes are higher elsewhere. Thank you Councilperson Scalera for trying 3 years in a row to stop the runaway spending. " Nov 20, 18 5:05 PM

Depending what you mean about "out east". Hampton Bays has the lowest property values in "the hamptons" and the highest tax rate when you add in the special districts and the school. So the people that can least afford the taxes pay the most. COLA went up 1/2 of what the taxes went up so some seniors needed to choose between food and their taxes to pay the unsustainable municipal budgets." Nov 21, 18 7:39 AM

The municipal and school budgets are unsustainable. They are destroying the middle class of Long Island. There are many 6 figure administrators with close to six figure projected pensions. Private sector did away with defined benefit plans decades ago since they were unsustainable and the only "defined benefits plans" that small business owners know is what they save from their 16 hour 7 day a week jobs. Now everyone is working two jobs to pay for the administrators pensions. " Nov 21, 18 9:48 AM

There are several independent research studies on this issue. It is disguised in the Town of Southampton due to the wealthy second home owners. If full-time residents were paying the taxes, we would be on the verge of bankruptcy and wonder how we were going to keep the streetlights on like Detroit. The leadership wants to do nothing about it - they have their piece of the pie and let the rest of us eat the crumbs." Nov 21, 18 1:31 PM

One school/one tax district is the only way to solve the inequity of the school district taxes in the Town of Southampton. The second is decrease the number of administrators. The "loaded" salaries would decrease the budget by millions across the districts. Sorry Joe, I am pro-development for the most part, but a few mansions on Dune Road won't solve the problem. Maybe if they didn't close the nightclubs on Dune Road, the vitality of the hamlet." Nov 23, 18 9:36 AM

Community Partners Work Together To Combat Sexual Violence In Hampton Bays

The Library has turned into an unrecognizable institution with untrained people "knowing enough to be dangerous" getting involved in things that they should not be involved in. I am old enough to respect Libraries as places of higher learning and now this library has continued to turn into a social service agency. They need to take the Library sign off and stop collecting taxpayer monies for a Library. " Nov 25, 18 9:18 AM

Southampton Town Board Adopts $102.7 Million Budget For 2019 On Tuesday

I think the biggest issue as fbhbg indicated is the "employment package" which extends decades after someone retires. I am old enough to now say "back in the day" and back in the day,municipal and school employees made less than private sector knowing they had a carrot at the end. Now the higher level municipal and school employees are making the same or more than private sector and private sector needs to save for retirement and pay for medical and fund unsustainable municipal and school "employment packages" " Nov 25, 18 9:24 AM

Community Partners Work Together To Combat Sexual Violence In Hampton Bays

Many of the NYC Libraries closed. " Nov 25, 18 11:03 AM

I have a Bachelors, Masters and Licence to practice as a Certified Public Accountant - that doesn't make me a social worker." Nov 25, 18 11:29 AM

The library administration has ignored needed repairs and maintenance potentially putting the patrons health at risk, but yet they continue to expand their programs into areas that are akin to a social service agencies which needs a different skill set and risk assessment. They continue to squeeze the taxpayers and I am suspect will come back with a new proposal for a new building. I don't understand the reference to "sanctuary city"". This is about the appropriate due care and use of a taxpayer funded building." Nov 25, 18 2:18 PM

Again, from my very first post...what sexual abuse????" Nov 25, 18 3:09 PM

The NYPL is in pristine condition with over $300 million in annual revenue. of which only 55% comes from NYC taxpayers - the rest from NYS, grants investments etc. There is no comparison between a small town local library and a NYC iconic institution." Nov 25, 18 3:32 PM

As a CPA, I understand data collection and the analysis of data collection. If the CDC has data, then the HB data should be part of those statistics and available to the residents. I also understand that a homogenized statistic is not indicative of any one location just as income, ethnicity, crime, etc. is not. Apparently, this is a NYS mandated program. I don't understand how this is a news story if it SOP for the Schools and I certainly don't agree with Library staff involvement." Nov 25, 18 3:55 PM

I agree too...but I suspect you are not a HB taxpayer and resident and I don't see the same headlines for "sexual violence" in Southampton involving the Southampton School and Library." Nov 25, 18 4:26 PM

Fred S., HB has the lowest property values and the highest tax rate in the Hamptons. We need our leadership to be prudent and responsible with our tax monies and have real solutions to real problems handled by professionals. I am all for programs where there is a need or obviously mandated by a NYS. I don't need to choke on my cup of joe reading that there is "sexual violence" in HB and the Library resources are used to address the issue." Nov 26, 18 6:09 AM

Sorry Fred S. you are still missing my point. I am a CA - hire me to audit your books and records, but don't hire me to build your deck. The Library is NOT the appropriate resource." Nov 26, 18 6:21 AM

and Fred, since you believe taxes are irrelevant, why don't you provide your full name and address and taxpayers of HB can sent their tax bills to you. Seniors citizens that have seen taxes go up 150% while their COLA has gone up only 50% over the past 19 years need to chose between buying groceries and paying their taxes - their lives matter too." Nov 26, 18 6:33 AM

You are correct - the cost of the police is spread across all of Southampton township while the taxpayers of HB bear the burden for the Library and the School. If this is a NYS mandate and /or a pervasive problem, then why is this not a program across all the districts? The HB Library leadership continues to complain that they can't stay under the cap, can't afford to fix the building, the parking lot is overcrowded, tries to eliminate some of the senior programs, but continues to take on more than they are trained to do. Why? This doesn't make sense or cents. " Nov 26, 18 7:05 AM

Fred, I am certainly not a social worker, but I am a daughter and was a young woman in corporate american when sexual harassment was "rated A - F", not reported. We knew not to go to HR since they protected the company not the employee. I think today is different, the training can be done in two steps "JUST SAY NO" and GO TO THE POLICE, even if it your father who is abusing you. The Catholic Church is finally coming to task for what they did. It is no longer a secret." Nov 26, 18 7:52 AM

Again, those TRAINED in this area and have no vested interested in seeing it buried should be doing the TRAINING. Go back to the original posts." Nov 26, 18 8:10 AM

and I am old enough to know that "just say no" was Nancy's Regan's slogan for drugs. My point was that if this is a NYS mandate, the State should have a well vetted curriculum for all the school districts and provide the schools with the resources to execute the mandate. Whatever is going on here in HB doesn't make sense or cents as I said. Clearly, we should stop the dialogue since we are not going to convince the other of our position and just agree to disagree. However, as a HB taxpayer, I will continue my journey to make sure my dollars and the dollars of my fellow taxpayers are being used in a prudent and effective manner." Nov 26, 18 8:26 AM

I give up too. If the Retreat wants to run the program with charitable donations and grants, I am all for it, but that is not the fact pattern here. We clearly see things differently. I also see the big picture for the overall health and well being of all of Hampton Bays. " Nov 26, 18 8:50 AM

Fred, I am not sure about you, but it seems to be that people who don't live and pay taxes specific to Hampton Bays seem to have a lot to say about what should go on in Hampton Bays. The YIMPBY (yes in my backyard) people are really YIYBY people - yes in YOUR backyard and on your tax dollar." Nov 26, 18 9:24 AM

Why don't yo take the lead in Southampton then if you believe this is such a pressing national issue and not worry about what is going on in HB. Education is very important - I am the first to graduate college in my family - I would like effective education in HB not fat and waste." Nov 26, 18 10:06 AM

and there is at least one person that goes off topic and circles back to Trump." Nov 26, 18 11:08 AM

Based on Lars' comment it is a State mandate for a program which means all the schools should be doing it. My main concern was why the Library? It makes no sense or cents and I took offense to the headline as if sexual assault was rampant in Hampton Bays." Nov 26, 18 11:27 AM

Sorry, but I am not going to debate the use of the Library facility turning into a social service agency...been there done that...not doing it again. " Nov 26, 18 12:54 PM

It is irrelevant and off topic." Nov 26, 18 12:54 PM

The East Hampton nonprofit, whose mission is to provide safety, shelter and support for victims of domestic abuse, has partnered with the Hampton Bays Public Library and the Hampton Bays School District to construct a curriculum at the district’s middle and high schools, teaching students how to recognize and prevent violence and bullying.
" Nov 26, 18 2:02 PM

Restoration Of Old Ponquogue Bridge Fishing Piers Complete

I agree this is a great project for HB, but this is a section of an article from 2015 "Construction on the roughly 85-year-old piers is expected to be completed by next summer, Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst said on Tuesday. The piers were once a part of the drawbridge that served as a precursor to the current Ponquogue Bridge. The project is slated to cost an estimated $117,300 "" Nov 26, 18 8:08 PM

Good luck with that. Supervisor Schneiderman is really good at running for office, maybe not so good at running the Town of Southampton government. $100 million dollar budget????" Nov 27, 18 8:10 AM

Southampton Town Board Looks To Define Roles Of Citizen Advisory Committees, An Issue In Both Towns

I suspect most people are reading this and have no idea what this is about or what a CAC is versus a Civic. No worries, Apparently neither do some of the Town Board members. This has been an issue for almost 20 years, maybe it will take another 20 to actually get it right. NYC has well organized Community Boards for decades. It seems to me that some Town Board members like the confusion so they can "opinion shop" and find the community group that will support what they want to do and/or help in their political campaigns. " Nov 27, 18 5:56 PM

cmac, it has been my experience in HB, that members of the Town Board go to the groups that support what they already want to do or their campaigns. The fact, law, truth, real community support is irrelevant. Councilperson Scalera tries her best to get to the law, facts, truth and then balance that against community input, but I have seen other Board members and their alleged trusted advisers look like deer in headlight. One such adviser told the HB CAC not to "conflate" the truth, facts and the law with Jay's proposal for the Bel-Aire purchase...like medicine peddlers at a carnival show." Nov 27, 18 7:24 PM

I am a political unaffiliated and Julie Lofstad, Tommy John Schiavoni and John Bouvier can attest that my home was used to support Julies campaign for the special election - so NO it is not partisan. It is my NON-partisan observations. Someone said to me "give Jay the vote to disappoint" and he did and he has." Nov 28, 18 9:57 AM

George Lynch a/k/a Turkey Bridge - a member of the democratic committee probably only see things as political. People who ARE political probably don't believe that some of us are not." Nov 28, 18 10:08 AM

TB - actually, I found your comment very partisan and disrespectful. I have followed the Board meeting carefully over the past three years. Good ideas and problems that need to be solved go into an abyss of incompetence and out pops unrecognizable solutions, incomplete and overpriced projects and solutions in search of problems. This is on the Supervisor. The fact pattern leading up to the premature resolution for the changes to the CAC roles is no different that "Bel-Aire gate", the trolley that roamed HB aimlessly all summer, the ridiculous discussions around accessory apartments, GGP with no comfort stations, the Pavilion coming in $1 million higher than what was projected, etc. From what I see, no one seems to question what goes on except Councilperson Scalera. " Nov 28, 18 11:47 AM

Southampton Town Board Tables Bel-Aire Cove Vote Once Again

This just gets better and better. Jay and Julie introduce a walk on resolution in August for a public hearing about purchasing the motel and now they still don't have their ducks in order? Who is running this show? The resolution only states that they are buying it for community purpose - the rest is some oral representation from Jau which is not worth the paper it is written on. Regarding the use of CPF, they just purchased the Lobster Inn which was slated for condo development and a property in Sag Harbor that was also slated for a condo development. The tax issue is really immaterial since condos pay much lower taxes; the current average price in HB is $500K so I have no idea where Jay is getting $750K. They are going to do what they want whether the facts, truth, law or community input supports it." Nov 29, 18 8:06 AM

Tensions Run High At First Public Meeting To Discuss SCWA Management Of Hampton Bays Water

Read all the stories about the drinking water not just HB is affected, the contamination is widespread - the infrastructure is deteriorating. The leadership needs to come together and obtain what ever resources it can to correct the problems and plan for the future. There may be some federal, state county or maybe CPF monies, but the taxpayers need to be prepared to pay for part of this over the next 20 years." Nov 29, 18 3:17 PM

Southampton Town Board Looks To Define Roles Of Citizen Advisory Committees, An Issue In Both Towns

Sorry TB, but I disagree - HB should NOT have to form a village and tax the working class and seniors in HB to compensate for the incompetence, fat and waste at the Town level. The Board has approved a budget than now eclipses $100 million. The entire Township should see effective use of that money. " Nov 30, 18 10:34 AM

Southampton Town Board Tables Bel-Aire Cove Vote Once Again

All B.S. ZGerry, I think you were at the HB CAC meeting when Jay passed around the picture he took off the internet like kindergarten show and tell and represented that the deal was contingent on the Bel-Aire being vacated and the Town forming a Community development Agency. I FOILED that part of the agreement and my FOIL request was denied." Nov 30, 18 10:49 AM

I first asked for the full agreement and they said since it was not executed I could not obtain it, then I just asked for the terms and conditions that supported Jay's statements and I was given NO reason. I worked in mergers and acquisition in private section, the agreement is often made public - in fact in SEC listed companies it is mandatory under certain conditions." Nov 30, 18 11:51 AM

the Board resolution has no detail about what will be done with the property after the purchase and no terms and conditions of the purchase." Nov 30, 18 12:14 PM

Southampton Town Board Looks To Define Roles Of Citizen Advisory Committees, An Issue In Both Towns

The CAC's often turn into buffers for the TB instead of having the same individual bring their concerns directly to the TB and have on SEA-TV in open session. The CAC's have no power to do anything about anything. They should be able to speak to land use and zoning issues no matter what board that issue is before.The CAC receives the payer copies of the plans historically...what were they supposed to do with them??? " Dec 2, 18 5:12 PM

Tensions Run High At First Public Meeting To Discuss SCWA Management Of Hampton Bays Water

These projects were started way before Jay was the Supervisor, GGP is an example of how a project that was supposed to be the catalyst for Main Street redevelopment was bastardized beyond the point of recognition under Jay's leadership. All projects are materially over budget and delayed under Jay's administration." Dec 3, 18 9:42 AM

I was at the meeting last week. I suggest that residents attend the next meeting which I believe is December 18th. I also suggest everyone that hasn't yet completed the survey on the TOS website, complete the survey. They only had 300 completed out of approximately 6,000 customers. " Dec 3, 18 9:57 AM

Southampton Town Board Tables Bel-Aire Cove Vote Once Again

stree - there is nothing in writing from what I have seen that states the property will be delivered vacant. The resolution that was tabled at the November 27th Town Board meeting was first on the agenda and can be viewed on the Town Clerk Portal. It states that it will be purchased under Town Law 64 for community development - very vague and non-committal. " Dec 3, 18 12:47 PM

and for those that followed the 5 years of adjournments of appeals of the Tiana Pines motel being converted into apartments, the Town Board settled earlier this year to allow the apartment conversion." Dec 3, 18 1:19 PM

Work Begins On Canoe Place Inn Project In Hampton Bays

I am truly thankful to the Rechlers for their investment in Hampton Bays. I wish them success." Dec 5, 18 11:21 AM

The Bel-Aire should be vacated and demolished. Instead the supervisor has changed the conversation to whether it should be a motel, ice cream parlor or condos or affordable housing. The only way the community will be certain it will be vacated and demolished is if it is purchased with CPF - otherwise it could be worse than what is there. After 5 years and 70 adjournments, the Town board settled with the owners of Tiana Pines for 16 apartments." Dec 5, 18 2:31 PM

and the supervisor has also changed the conversation to be about one motel - what about all the others? See the latest press release about the code enforcement action." Dec 5, 18 2:37 PM

Southampton Town Board Looks To Define Roles Of Citizen Advisory Committees, An Issue In Both Towns

How many organizations do you have in Speonk? HB has the HBCA, HBBA, Chamber, "Moms", 3 PTA/PTO, throw in the Library and School Board, Lions and Rotary and the TB have a cornucopia of groups to go to for opinion shopping. Some of the group leadership/Boards are self-serving since they want grants or favors (or maybe even their picture in the paper),, so they go along with what some of the TB members what whether or not it is in the best interest of HB at large. " Dec 6, 18 8:39 AM

Work Begins On Canoe Place Inn Project In Hampton Bays

I think the key phrase here is "40 years" - no plan should last 40 years. Every long term plan should be re-evaluated every year. The fact that the TOS doesn't do that is incomprehensible to me. From my prospective, this project is long in coming and Hampton Bays needs this. This project's success will define the success of Hampton Bays." Dec 6, 18 8:50 AM

Is it just me, but the "more" doesn't show up "anymore"." Dec 6, 18 9:11 AM

Thanks for updating Erin." Dec 6, 18 10:08 AM

LOL - so I guess it is just me....I will update - thanks for the heads up." Dec 6, 18 10:11 AM

VOS, I follow your comments since you seem very knowledgeable about the master plans. You seem to be a supporter of the Hills development in EQ, but not this project. The success of this project will be a benchmark for the revitalization of HB. Times have changed since the master plans. I don't remember the details of the road, but I think the objective is to make that intersection safer and the Rechlers were going to fund the reconstruction." Dec 6, 18 8:41 PM

VOS - I have gone through ALL of the master plans and studies for HB - they are many disconnects and implementation for whatever pieces they implemented has been bastardized beyond the point of recolonization. I don't believe that this project "tears out the heart of soul" of HB. We can agree to disagree. " Dec 9, 18 10:50 AM

After Heated Debate, Southampton Town Board Again Tables Bel-Aire Cove Decision

The taxes on this property is approximately $18,000 and similar "boutique" motels and small condo complexes pay about the same. I say $3.50 per taxpayer per year (18,000 divided by 5,000 taxpayers) of potential lost taxes is money well spent to see this motel sold and demolished. There is no guarantee that the proposed project won't end up as emergency housing and/or affordable housing once it is owned by the Town and will end up costing the taxpayers much more than $3.50 per year. " Dec 17, 18 2:48 PM

The Town has represented for years that, since this is "pre-existing non-conforming" R-20 property that the courts don't uphold the "motel" use. I personally don't believe them. The Town Board just "settled" with Tiana Pines after 5 years and I believe 70 adjournments to allow the owners to convert to apartments. If they purchase this particular one with CPF, at least the costs for code enforcement, school enrollment , etc. will be eliminated. Not the ideal outcome, but better than what is there now. " Dec 17, 18 5:26 PM

I don't make some generalization - this is a single one-acre piece of property zoned mostly R-20. So there are three options (1) leave the substandard housing as is since the Town has demonstrated that they can't or won't do anything about it for at least 5 years; (2) Town buy it with Community Preservation monies and the community will know the outcome or (3) Jay's original proposal for the Town to buy it and "roll the dice" that the Town will actually pull off some condo development or "boutique" motel. I don't trust the Town to do (1) or (3) and frankly they wore me down with their incompetence. I just want this done." Dec 17, 18 6:25 PM

and to be clear as to the Board members' positions, Councilperson Scalera also stated that the Board's first course of action should have been/should be to enforce the laws. The proposal for CPF is in response to Supervisor Schneiderman's nebulous and unsubstantiated proposal to buy the property for "community development" that came out of left field in August." Dec 17, 18 6:53 PM

Exactly RR, Supervisor Schneiderman pulled the proposal for redevelopment out of the air in August and can't back it up. Councilperson Schiavonni and Bouvier seem to go along for the ride and could not back up why they believe it will be "successful" and a benefit to HB. I felt Councilperson Scalera's frustration with her other Board members. Personally, I find the proposal for redevelopment unfounded and borderline unethical. " Dec 18, 18 9:11 AM

and what about the rest of the Board members and alleged trusted advisers? What is the price for selling out? This Town Administration runs fast and loose - all fun and games until someone ends up hurt, sued or indicted. " Dec 18, 18 10:35 AM

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