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Work Begins On Canoe Place Inn Project In Hampton Bays

VOS - I have gone through ALL of the master plans and studies for HB - they are many disconnects and implementation for whatever pieces they implemented has been bastardized beyond the point of recolonization. I don't believe that this project "tears out the heart of soul" of HB. We can agree to disagree. " Dec 9, 18 10:50 AM

After Heated Debate, Southampton Town Board Again Tables Bel-Aire Cove Decision

The taxes on this property is approximately $18,000 and similar "boutique" motels and small condo complexes pay about the same. I say $3.50 per taxpayer per year (18,000 divided by 5,000 taxpayers) of potential lost taxes is money well spent to see this motel sold and demolished. There is no guarantee that the proposed project won't end up as emergency housing and/or affordable housing once it is owned by the Town and will end up costing the taxpayers much more than $3.50 per year. " Dec 17, 18 2:48 PM

The Town has represented for years that, since this is "pre-existing non-conforming" R-20 property that the courts don't uphold the "motel" use. I personally don't believe them. The Town Board just "settled" with Tiana Pines after 5 years and I believe 70 adjournments to allow the owners to convert to apartments. If they purchase this particular one with CPF, at least the costs for code enforcement, school enrollment , etc. will be eliminated. Not the ideal outcome, but better than what is there now. " Dec 17, 18 5:26 PM

I don't make some generalization - this is a single one-acre piece of property zoned mostly R-20. So there are three options (1) leave the substandard housing as is since the Town has demonstrated that they can't or won't do anything about it for at least 5 years; (2) Town buy it with Community Preservation monies and the community will know the outcome or (3) Jay's original proposal for the Town to buy it and "roll the dice" that the Town will actually pull off some condo development or "boutique" motel. I don't trust the Town to do (1) or (3) and frankly they wore me down with their incompetence. I just want this done." Dec 17, 18 6:25 PM

and to be clear as to the Board members' positions, Councilperson Scalera also stated that the Board's first course of action should have been/should be to enforce the laws. The proposal for CPF is in response to Supervisor Schneiderman's nebulous and unsubstantiated proposal to buy the property for "community development" that came out of left field in August." Dec 17, 18 6:53 PM

Exactly RR, Supervisor Schneiderman pulled the proposal for redevelopment out of the air in August and can't back it up. Councilperson Schiavonni and Bouvier seem to go along for the ride and could not back up why they believe it will be "successful" and a benefit to HB. I felt Councilperson Scalera's frustration with her other Board members. Personally, I find the proposal for redevelopment unfounded and borderline unethical. " Dec 18, 18 9:11 AM

and what about the rest of the Board members and alleged trusted advisers? What is the price for selling out? This Town Administration runs fast and loose - all fun and games until someone ends up hurt, sued or indicted. " Dec 18, 18 10:35 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Speak Out Against SCWA Proposal To Manage Local Water

sgt202 - I suspect that you are correct about some town employees since there are school aides with college degrees making $20,000 with no pension, but then there are administrators making 10X - 15X as much with full benefits and pension. I suspect dfree is referring to those. "Back in the day and still in NYC, those with defined benefit plans" made less then private sector with no pension. Now on LI, that has shifted and causing the middle class (unless you work for the municipalities or schools) to leave LI. Those budgets/pensions are unsustainable. " Dec 24, 18 11:09 AM

Southampton Town Planning Board Searches For A Consultant On East Quogue Golf Proposal

It seems to me that the Hills project has highlighted a dysfunction government structure. We have 5 Town Board members voted "at large" - not representing any district appointing members to zoning and planning boards based on political alliance - not necessary knowledge of issues or hamlets. It seems to be that it is only a matter of time that this actual structure of the Town Government needs to be challenged in court. " Jan 2, 19 8:30 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Sets Priorities For 2019

The Town Government systemically fails Hampton Bays. Supervisor Schneiderman keeps pushing "his" proposal for the Bel-aire cove like it is the panacea for Hampton Bays economy. They spent $4 million of CPF on the Sag Harbor Cinema and $10 million of CPF on an acre of land in Sag Harbor. The community is asking for the Bel-Aire property to be purchased with $ 1 million of funds, and he is digging in his heels against that. It seems to me, there is something more to this than he is saying. The Town has a budget of over $100 million dollars and all they need to do is take care of non-Village property and he makes it sound like fixing the Ponquogue Pavilion is some sort of "gift" There is such a disconnect between the administration and the needs of Hampton Bays." Jan 3, 19 8:07 AM

Geroge, and as I said before, the taxpayers of Hampton Bays should not have to incorporate just to get service from the Town. Maybe the Town Administration needs to "man up" (or "woman up") and actually provide services with their $102 million dollar budget. Maybe the Supervisor is too preoccupied with other things to run the administration in an effective way." Jan 3, 19 4:28 PM

It is ironic to me that the hotel that is owned by the Supervisor and others in Montauk are not used as full time residences (since I FOILED the school district records last year), but yet in the Town in which he is the Supervisor this illegal use is tolerated. Double standard?" Jan 3, 19 10:48 PM

Residents Press Southampton Town Board Members To Purchase Bel-Aire Cove Motel With CPF Revenue

I think there is a misunderstanding here. There are two separate proposals - one to purchase with CPF and leave the land vacant and one to purchase with Town funds to redevelop into some fathom plan that Jay has in head. There is really no support from the community or the law and the facts to support the the purchase for redevelopment, but Jay keeps digging in his heels and 3 or the 4 Board members are going along for the ride. . The Governor vetoed the Bill for the Town to form a Community Development Agency two years in a row and that is still not stopping them. Something is amiss here." Jan 10, 19 5:04 PM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Proposal To Purchase Bel-Aire Cove Motel With CPF Money

I was at this meeting and many of the others. The only elected official that listened and tried to get to the relevant facts and law was Councilperson Scalera. This process has been the poster child for institutional corrupt from from the original walk on resolution to purchase the Bel-Aire property for redevelopment back in August - a systemic failure for the government to provide governance..yet again failing the residents of the Bel-Aire, the environment and the community...and we get all this all this for the bargain price of a $1.02 million budget. Disgusting... Gayle Lombardi, CPA" Jan 23, 19 1:19 PM

knitter, I think you are mixing two separate funding sources. If it is purchased with the Community Preservation Funds (CPF), it will be preserved as open space - it cannot be resold or re-developed. The alleged "plan" from Jay in August was to buy the property under a Community Development Agency formed under NYS Law and get the permits in place for a redevelopment and resell it. The Governor vetoed the bill to form the Community Development Agency in December. Now Jay is circumventing that with an Urban Renewal Plan. Something is horribly amiss here. They are running fast and lose with a process and it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt, sued or indicted. " Jan 23, 19 3:22 PM

this place is in a environmentally sensitive and dense area. The CPF committee and and administrator recommended it be purchased with CPF notwithstanding it is a "garbage motel". " Jan 23, 19 4:48 PM

HamptonDad, most people that have followed this and other overcrowded and illegally used property for 5 years would probably agree with you 100%. However, the Town has failed the community and continues to make excuses. The proposal for CPF made sense since it would force the relocation of the residents and it is actually an environmentally sensitive area and leaving it as open space can alleviate some of the density in the area. I have no idea why the Supervisor and 3 of the 4 Town Councilpersons are digging in their heels on some far reaching process of purchase and redevelopment. of which they have no experience or knowledge." Jan 23, 19 5:29 PM

cmac, I was there and can attest that Donna T and her husband supported the plan and opposed the purchase with CPF. I have now requested all the public input under FOIL since Supervisor Schneiderman represented he has worked with the community, Councilperson Lofstad said people have told her not to purchase it with CPF and Councilperson Bouvier indicated that 1/2 of the people opposed the purchase with CPF. If their statements are not supported by public documents, our elected officials have once again provided unsubstantiated and false and misleading information. " Jan 23, 19 5:37 PM

This is the property on Shinnecok Road, the one where CCHB commissioned a water study of Penny Pond that the Town Administration ignored. The Town Administration also settled with the owners of Tiana Pines to allow for conversion to apartments after about 5 years and 50+ adjournments. " Jan 23, 19 6:18 PM

I have been following this and at all the meetings for years. This issue stems from a failure of Supervisor Schneiderman's administration to enforce the code. He was aware and involved in the Hidden Cove 5 years ago when he was at the County. He misrepresented and mishandled the original alleged and fathom plan under the NYS CDA in August. Councilperson Scalera had NO support for the public hearing and resolution. An approved resolution would have put an end to the circus. Supervisor Schneiderman, with the help of 3 of the 4 councilpersons are acting very Machiavellian. From someone who has spent 32 years as an auditor, someone is benefiting from the "private deal" with taxpayer monies and it is not the residents of the Bel-Aire or the community or the taxpayers. " Jan 24, 19 7:23 AM

Another interesting point to note is that Councilperson Lofstad stated that people have stopped her on the street and told her "no more CPF", but had no problem approving a CPF purchase for a potential waste treatment plant in Hampton Bays. Is she actually suggesting that the most dense hamlet should not be awarded monies for preservation and open space, but it is ok for a waste treatment plant? " Jan 24, 19 9:03 AM

TB, again you are on the SH Democratic Committee - people reading your posts should know that. Many of the people that have gone to the public hearing about this have NO political or personal interest. Mr. Bouvier said "he doesn't want to start a precedent" buying this property. what a ridiculous statement - the whole purpose of the CPF is to buy environmentally sensitive property. Tommy-John Schiavoni went on and on bout the PILOTS at Eastport-Manorville (where I believe he worked and is now a retiree) - he only mentioned the actual taxes of the Bel-Aire when Councilperson Scalera pressed him. I was actually the one that brought up the taxes which equates to 3 dollars a person. Supervisor Schneiderman sounds more like the president of a real estate development firm than an elected official. " Jan 28, 19 7:02 AM

I am a CPA, not an environmental lawyer, but the head of the CPF and the head of the CPF committee recommended that this be purchased so I defer to their expertise. If purchased with CPF, this will be demolished just as Hidden Cove, the Lobster Inn and probably others. The Town has a failed code enforcement process.
The residents are being victimized twice - first by the landlord and then by the Town Administration for about a decade that was supposed to protect them. " Jan 28, 19 5:31 PM

Town's Purchase Of Former Hampton Bays Chamber Building Poses Challenges For Potential Tenant

From what I have observed, most of the leaders in the Town Administration either don't know or don't care about anything going on in Hampton Bays. I have an email from Frank months ago discussing the history - why is it now news to the the Town Board? They sweep the problems under the rug or kick the can down the road long enough to retire and get their pensions. This is just one of many examples. This building is on prime real estate on Main Street - so much for the "revitalization of Main Street". BTW - "the chamber moved to the senior center" - really? I is a bulletin board with outdated information. " Feb 9, 19 6:25 PM

The Town failed Hampton Bays by allowing this building to fall into disrepair on Main Street notwithstanding whether or not they allow a not-for-profit to use the building. The condition of this building is the result of years/decades of neglect. The Town has a budget of more than $100 million dollars and should not burden this not-for-profit with the repairs. I also find it troubling that it appears that the Town Administration pulled the rug out from under the organization at this point. They never do their homework - press release first - ask questions later. BTW - the pedestrian entrance to the park was supposed to be the HBFD property - what ever happened to THAT deal 10 years in the making. " Feb 10, 19 7:31 AM

Hampton Bays Motel Finally Getting Approved For Apartment Conversion After Court Settlement Allowed Progress

bb - if you followed the Concerned Citizens of Hampton Bays, this was one of the first motels that was noted as being illegally used as year round apartments where children were living and attending the school, but was being assessed as a seasonal motel. The CCHB represented the people at the ZBA and the request for change was DENIED by the ZBA about 5 years ago. In May, the Town Board without public discussion allowed for a settlement after somewhere around 50 adjournments and 5 years in court. I obtained the court documents via FOIL which lays out the requirements. I would also hope that the building would have to come up to safety and health code for full time residential use. Lastly, I would hope that the tax assessment will now be changed and reflect the actual use of the property since now LEGALLY children can be living there and going to the school. " Feb 10, 19 7:42 AM

Bel-Aire Cove Property Taxes, With Condo Plan, Could Be Less Than Originally Suggested

bb, taxes kill equity - so this is a double edged sword. I am not sure if you saw the Town Board meeting where some builders were commenting to this about some new homes in the Tuckahoe school district that they were having trouble selling due to the high taxes. Many are owned by second home buyers and do not receive any benefit from the school taxes. The Rechlers agreed to the townhouse model years ago when the school taxes were much lower. Since 1999, the taxes have gone up about 150%. Only time will tell if these townhouses sell." Feb 14, 19 7:12 AM

Town Board Delays Bel-Aire Cove Motel Purchase In Hampton Bays

This process has been institutionally corrupt since the first walk on resolution in August. The Governor vetoed the Town's request for a Community Development Agency two years in a row, so they now circumvented the process with a different plan. They seem to be on a slippery slope to violating legal, ethical or moral standards. I suspect Supervisor Schneiderman believes he is untouchable since he came very close to winning the race for Suffolk County Comptroller. We shall see." Mar 15, 19 3:48 PM

VOS - I don't disagree with your comments and I know others won't either, but this process for this property has been very Machiavellian. It has been my experience, that that never turns out well for those that it is alleged to help. I have followed your comments on some of the developments - Pro Hills, anti CPI Boathouse. My comments have always been about the process since, while at the end, I may not agree with the outcome, at least I know that the Town Administration acted in good faith. This is not the case here. The Town also has demonstrated at this property and others that it has no will or way to enforce any occupancy laws. Those of us in Hampton Bays live with the consequences of their lack of action every day. I am not sure if you really live in WHB, but if you do, you don't understand." Mar 16, 19 8:12 AM

It wasn't meant to be condescending. I am sorry if you took it that way. I am from the borough of Brooklyn and moved to Hampton Bays in 1999. Each neighborhood in Brooklyn is very different just as each hamlet is in Southampton. I had a field job in economic development in Brooklyn and grew to understand that unless you lived it, you didn't understand it. If the urban plan had been a transparent process and what I believe to be a viable project, I would be behind it too. Knowing what I know, neither is true." Mar 16, 19 4:43 PM

dtree, I would not be against the Plan except that I don't believe that the Plan is not going to turn out well for HB. First it was condos in August, then they needed a Community Development Agency, then the Governor vetoed that, then they make up this Plan. Before long, the Town will say there is no market and it will be some sort of emergency housing or low-income housing. we will go from private blight to public blight. What G.A. Lombardi wants is CODE ENFORCEMENT, not B.S. lawsuits and the Town unilaterally making real estate deals behind closed doors. I am tired of going through Town looking at decayed housing with 10 cars, boats, and trucks parked on the property and the owners thumbing their nose at the Town and their neighbors. " Mar 19, 19 8:48 PM

South Fork Commuter Connection Off To Slow Start

I would love to see how they projected that this would be successful. As someone who uses the LIRR and NYC transit system regularly, unless there is consistent and frequent service, it is difficult to use the system. I spent many a night sleeping in my office and showering in the gym in the morning because I missed a train or bus to return home. I wonder if any of the elected officials that supported this every really used and depended on mass transit? I seriously doubt it. " Mar 20, 19 1:35 PM

Who do you think is going to take the train? How many people have steady work hours and can wait hours if they miss a train?" Mar 20, 19 6:40 PM

I wonder how many of you all posting EVER relied on mass transit to get anywhere. I post from over 30 years of experience. I happen to be legally blind and CAN'T drive and I can tell you that traveling on the LIRR east of Babylon is ridiculous. If the elected officials wanted to do something meaningful instead of wasting money, they should have spoken to those that actually understand what it like to use mass transit and not people RELY on mass transit and some of those posting who have no idea." Mar 21, 19 2:05 PM

I challenge all of you who posted in favor of this to put your car away for one month (preferably in the middle of winter) and use mass transit EVERYWHERE. When you do, then you can speak from experience. " Mar 21, 19 2:07 PM

You apparently have never been stranded with no way to get home due a failure of mass transit in comparing being stuck in a car and stranded miles from home. As they say "walk a mile in someone's shoes first." Mar 21, 19 2:17 PM

You often post just to be contrary. Again, unless you RELY on mass transit and just use it to go to the Montauk St. Patrick's Day Parade, you cannot fully understand what it is like when there is not frequent and regular transportation. Take for instance, when you have a family emergency (as I recently have had) and NO WAY to get there via mass transit. If you understood, I doubt you would be so smug about sitting in traffic." Mar 21, 19 2:55 PM

No actually it is the same fact pattern that you seem not to grasp unless you RELY on mass transit - when there is not a regular schedule of trains, it will NOT work. A person cannot be miles from his home and only have 1 or 2 trains to return. It may be a novelty for a day or two or a safe way to get to the Montauk Parade so you don't get a DWI, but otherwise, it DOESN'T work." Mar 22, 19 10:28 AM

No the fact pattern is that for a mass transit system to work for a substantial population, there needs to be a regular and consistent train schedule. The family emergency, waiting hours for a train or maybe missing the last train are just examples of failure, not the fact pattern." Mar 22, 19 3:13 PM

Southampton Town Board Votes Tuesday To Put Out Bid To Demolish Old Westhampton Community Center

I don't think that is ST's point, but I don't want to speak for her. HB has both a "community/senor center" funded by the Town and a Library funded by just the HB taxpayers. Our library has expanded its programs to areas getting very close if not crossing the line of a library charter at the expense of the local taxpayers. It is also a non-elected board. The taxpayers of the Westhampton Library District should make sure that the Town is adequately reimbursing the Library for Town services. " Mar 29, 19 8:59 AM

East Quogue Committee Files Village Incorporation Petition With Town On Wednesday

I applaud EQ efforts and making it this far. The devil is in the detail, but conceptually, I understand why they are doing this. Some people may believe that this is all about the Hills, but as someone who has been active in the HB community for a number of years, it is so much more than that. It is the fact that we have an "at large" government and EQ and HB as no official advocate or representative. Look at the recent CPF spending in the Villages - Sag Harbor, Southampton, Westhampton - clearly the Town board's power base. EQ and HB residents practically beg for services and we get ignored. Maybe HB needs to follow. At minimum, we need to vote those running for re-election out of office." Apr 5, 19 1:45 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Bel-Aire Motel Purchase, 4-1

First of all it is Gayle not Gail...but I was there. I agree with Councilperson Scalera that I can only hope now that this actually becomes something beneficial to HB. However, it is clear to me that our government is institutionally corrupt that opens the door for financial corruption. Supervisor Schneiderman wanted this from the beginning with a walk on resolution in August. Even though there was no corroborating independent verification that this will more likely than not be a successful project, had opposition from the community, Suffolk County Planning Commission staff, and the Southampton Town Planning Board, 4 of the 5 voted to move forward and "roll the dice" with a $1 million plus of taxpayer monies. We need new leadership at the Town Board." Apr 10, 19 8:20 AM

Don't hold your breathe. The way that is works (at least for us common folks and not when you are the King of Southampton), is that it can't be torn down until you have the plans approved since the structure is pre-existing non-conforming. Otherwise, it reverts back to the zoning with is mostly R-20 (one-family residential on 1/2 acre lots)." Apr 10, 19 8:57 AM

Thanks Greg for the correction! " Apr 10, 19 9:26 AM

Bayman, The risk to the taxpayer is is unknown and infinite. The starting point is $ 1 million dollars. How much has already been spent in man-hours? How many more will be spent? I don't consider this "minimal". We have a dozen or two businesses, but we have more than 5,000 residential property owners that pay the taxes and have to deal with the substandard code enforcement and dysfunctional building codes that caused the problem to begin with. What about them? Does 12 additional "tourist" rooms really offset the cost (financial and other) to the residential taxpayer? I don't believe so. " Apr 10, 19 10:16 AM

A couple of points of clarity - the funds will be borrowed to purchase the property - it is not coming from the CPF. Again, I want to reiterate, even though I was a vocal opponent, I hope that this project is successful for the benefit of HB. However, you raise a point about an assault on capitalism. The Town is responsible for the code enforcement process and the zoning process which are the underlying causes of this property being in the state it is in and not selling on the open market for a FMV. So instead of fixing those processes for ALL property owners equally, they discriminated in favor of one property owner. Haven't really thought of it that way, but I think you make a valid point. Supervisor Schneiderman and Councilperson Bouvier are up for re-election in November - we should keep this in mind. " Apr 10, 19 12:09 PM

There is no proof of that. If the current motel turned into illegal full time substandard housing, what makes you think it won't happen again? What makes you think that if they don't get a buyer, the Board changes the use to emergency housing or Section 8?. The use will end up being at the whim of the Board. Yesterday demonstrated that they don't give a monkey's butt what community members say as long as they keep their power base in Sag Harbor and Southampton Village happy. " Apr 10, 19 1:20 PM

This property does not have "clear value" - otherwise it would have been purchased on the open market. You have no proof that there will be multiple bidders." Apr 10, 19 8:40 PM

Southampton Town Board Denies Alex Gregor's Request For Reimbursement Of Services From NYPD Detective's Funeral

II am not taking sides on this, but as an accountant, it raises a good question.. I need to go back and look at prior agendas to see if there were adjustments to the other Town Departments that participated in the funeral including the Police. Those would have been approved under regular budget adjustments. Gregor is in an awkward situation that he is elected but needs to have his budget approved by the Town separately. It is also suspect that Supervisor Schneiderman introduced the resolution when there is a primary coming up. Sadly, I have learned that EVERYTHING in the Town of Southampton is POLITICAL. It is no wonder there is over development, blighted areas, polluted waters, etc. Hopefully, we can elect new Town officials that care about the Town and not looking for the next best political position to come along." Apr 11, 19 8:51 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Additional $225,000 For Ponquogue Beach Facility Revitalization

There is no accountability or consequences at this Town Administration for spending. Almost every capital project has been grossly underestimated. This is what happens when the leadership has one foot out the door looking for the next best political position." Apr 11, 19 9:28 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Bel-Aire Motel Purchase, 4-1

Bayman, you are singing Jay's song. You have that right, but it is not fact based. The Suffolk County Planning Commission staff report indicated that this is NOT a good development site. Community members have been told by an :assortment" of elected and appointed officials that there were buyers interested. The Town Administration could have easily worked with those buyers to have the zoning changed. The Town should NOT be in the real estate speculation business. They can't even manage the tasks that they are assigned to do now." Apr 11, 19 9:33 AM

I agree 100%. The ONLY reason I was a proponent of the CPF purchase was because the town administration is so dysfunctional that it was the ONLY way I saw a clear ending to this blighted property. As an auditor, I am more concerned about the corrupt process that was used to purchase this property than I am about actual purchase. This type of institutional corruption has ruined the Town of Southampton. To be clear, I am not accusing anyone of corruption, just a systemic failure of the Administration to make sound decisions and govern our Town. " Apr 11, 19 9:44 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Additional $225,000 For Ponquogue Beach Facility Revitalization

Most people I know recognize all the great things about Hampton Bays and recognize that some long overdue projects are getting done That does not change the fact that we do not have a Town Administration that is transparent and accountable. Good times follow bad and bad times follow good - we are in the 11th year of the recovery and HB has not recovered to the extent that the surrounding areas have. The Town ignores core issues such as zoning, code enforcement and maintenance of public property which has a material adverse effect in good and bad times. " Apr 11, 19 2:37 PM

and yes let me add density and overcrowding...." Apr 11, 19 2:55 PM

No one's comments are "putting down" HB. ...just the Town Administration....as far as the Bel-Aire being :gone"....I'l believe it when I see it. Yes...happy spring and summer!" Apr 11, 19 3:35 PM

Taht may be true, but the issues were apparent to the contractor, they should have been apparent to the professionals that work at the Town that put together the RFP.....but you are right...it is classic." Apr 11, 19 4:45 PM

IMHO, the only reason that this project was even started was because Supervisor Schneiderman wanted a full-service restaurant at the site the first day he took office 4 years ago. They conducted a survey and had public meetings and most of the residents (Town and HB) just wanted the pavilion renovated. I suspect, given the opportunity, SHTB would have walked away from the project all together, but the structure was in really bad shape. Tone is from the top - when the leadership doesn't care - then the people that work for them don't care. And yes, this is a very large revenue generator for the ENTIRE Town." Apr 12, 19 9:41 AM

Agreed, this property has been neglected for years - probably decades. I really don't know what they do with the $100 million budget. Government at all levels has become the black hole of tax monies, but it is very obvious at a local level. There is also limited checks and balances, accountability and transparency on spending. Again, tone is from the top..Look at GGP - millions of dollars, used 10 days a year, maybe bathrooms this year?, no main pedestrian entrance...it was ATH "pet project" just before she ran for Congress and now......a money pit for maintenance and an attractive nuisance. " Apr 12, 19 11:01 AM

Southampton Town Board Pursues Local Law Requiring Groundwater Monitoring At Mines

What about the transfer stations that the Town owns? Are those monitored for ground water contamination? The Town represented that the one in HB is over capacity.." Apr 15, 19 6:26 AM

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