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Scalera Votes Against Schneiderman's $99 Million Southampton Town Budget; Spending Plan Approved Anyway

It doesn't matter who is Supervisor, they need to STOP campaigning and start running the government in a transparent and accountable manner. " Nov 25, 17 10:15 AM

Southampton Town Board Member Won't Attend Work Sessions Until School Ends

Taz, I am one of those people that do not want an elected position, but you know what you are getting into when you sign up for it. i have worked in corporate jobs for more than 30 years and had to attend functions at night and weekend and was required to respond to clients and leadership no matter what day it was or what time it was, I did not get paid extra for that. People that own there own business often work 24/7. People with minimum wage jobs are working 3 jobs to pay the bills. You do what you have to do to get your job done or you get fired or can't feed your family. In the case of elected officials, we have to wait until their term is up to fire them by our vote. I really don't think it is the same thing." Jan 4, 18 11:36 AM

Not everyone in corporate america makes "the big bucks". I made less that $100,000 and was required to have 2,000 "billable" hours so lunch, paid time off, training, attending events etc. was not included. While there were medical benefits, there are very few pensions in corporate america anymore. " Jan 4, 18 12:06 PM

Seepdracer/Summertimegal, I believe we should challenge ourselves and those around us to do better each day - that is one of the reasons our Country is falling behind in so many areas and have allowed mediocrity to take over. We need to challenge our elected officials to do better each day. We are allowed to also voice our displeasure with their performance and actions since we are their bosses in a way. When someone challenges the actions of an elected officials, we should evaluate how they act and react. Calling those that speak out "sad sacks" or telling them to "man up" does no on any good. You are attacking the person and not the issue. " Jan 5, 18 7:42 AM

Are you really suggesting that because one Town official is potentially not doing their job it is ok that another does do his/hers? Wow - no wonder the government is in the shape it is in. I hope this is not what we are teaching our children. Just for the record, I am a politically unaffiliated and I believe Ms. Kiernan ran on both the democratic and republican line last time. I can't speak to whether Ms. Kiernan or Mr. Schiavonni are doing/going to do their jobs, but we should all be challenging them to do the best. That is OUR job as residents, voters and taxpayers." Jan 5, 18 3:57 PM

What? What is wrong with our society that when we compare one potential bad behavior with another. Oh, he only robbed the store - he did't kill anyone! Seriously, everyone needs to hold everyone accountable for their own actions. We need to help each other and challenge each other to do what we are supposed. I seriously hope this is not what we are teaching our children." Jan 9, 18 7:18 AM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

I would normally not weigh in on National politics, but I happened to catch a PBS special last night on the downfall of Acapulco over the past decade. This used to be the resort of the starts back in the day. It has now been taken over by the mercenary gangs that have gone past making money from drugs and have moved to extortion. The only business doing well is private security. Some businesses end up paying the extortion since it is cheaper than the private security. The local government and police deny what is happening. I certainly don't agree with what President Trump said, but we need to admit there is a worldwide epidemic of drugs, gangs, terrorists, extortion and corruption and for the most part starts with living in extreme poverty and a sense of desperation no matter how nice the beaches are. To the extent that the U.S. can help the economy of other countries, we should, but we can't be naive enough to believe we can do it without first putting on our own oxygen mask before we try to save others." Jan 13, 18 10:53 AM

Thiele Pushing For Additional South Fork Trains By This Fall

I am a big proponent of public transportation as a transplant from NYC and commuting from Hampton Bays 80 miles 2/12 hours each way to work in NYC to afford my little piece of paradise. Some of the larger employers on Long Island provided van service for employees to attract the "best and brightest". One of the logistics discussed was where the starting point was west of the canal suggesting Speonk or Hampton Bays. That would require individuals west of those locations driving and parking in those hamlets taking up parking for the hamlet residents/shoppers. I hope as the Town Board moves forward that the benefit exceed the costs and once again the hamlet residents and stores west of the Canal don't bear the burden of the workforce working east of the canal." Jan 17, 18 12:48 PM

It is easy enough for the Town to conduct an on-line survey to see the interest in this service. Based on this article, this proposed train service is to commence after the U.S. Open event this summer. The traffic for the U.S. Open last time started in Nassau County since I personally was on the LIE trying to get home to Hampton Bays from work. The additional service may serve the workers well, but the Town Board needs to address whether or not it will adversely impact Hampton Bays or Speonk if that is the starting point for the train. From what I observe, the "trade parade" starts west of those hamlets and people may be driving and parking in those hamlets at the expense of the hamlet's residents and businesses. " Jan 19, 18 2:04 PM

Southampton Town Seeks Feedback About Good Ground Park In Online Survey

Now the U-Haul/Service Station is closed and John's Bargain looks like it is closing too. This amphitheater is great, but it is a drop in the bucket in what needs to get done to revitalize Hampton Bays. I can't help but visualize "Nero Fiddling while Rome is Burning" every time of of the officials gets on the amphitheater stage. I wrote several letters to the editor about this....maybe it is time for another. " Jan 22, 18 2:42 PM

IMO, the the park was a good idea, but poorly designed and executed. I live near the entrance to the park and I have not been shy about my concerns. It is active 10 days and the rest of the time it is an attractive nuisance (or as some people call it "zombie park'). I am fully aware of the vandalism, loitering, homeless camps and I believe a fire recently. However, it is there now and we need to move forward. The Town and other sponsors had some nice concerts at the amphitheater there last year. That park will truly be zombie park and attractive nuisance if the Town doesn't stop being the Town of "no" for responsible development in the commercial district and start addressing the core issues in the community such as the illegal use of motels. " Jan 23, 18 7:21 AM

and let me add, the actions of the Town over the past decade or more has robbed Hampton Bays of its vitality and the spending power of its residents to support the local businesses. By their own submission for a grant - over the past 10 years there is an increase in the economically disadvantaged families moving into the community with over 50% of the children eligible for free lunch. Many others are working or retired middle class that have seen their taxes go up faster than their cost of living increases robbing them of their disposable income. Who can afford a $12 egg platter at a diner? It is no wonder our businesses are closing. No amphitheater is going to fix that no matter who much they try to convince us of that. It is time they come up with real solutions. " Jan 23, 18 8:12 AM

Yes tourism is great but I live in Hampton Bays and don't want it to be added to to list of "nice places to visit but I wouldn't want to live there" " Jan 23, 18 9:45 AM

As a resident of Hampton Bays, I respectfully disagree that the first two comments were off topic. They referred to the blight in the community. The development of the Park was supposed to be part and parcel to a greater redevelopment plan that included correcting the illegal use of buildings and building a vibrant downtown. Very little information has been provided as to the Town's overall plan for redevelopment and their actions being taken on the illegal use of motels." Jan 23, 18 10:41 AM

Developer Behind Proposed Hampton Bays Senior Community Seeks PDD Revival

I don't see how this is reviving the PDD law. At the hearing to extend the PDD application for the CPI MPDD, Supervisor Schneiderman mentioned that there was one more development that was approved under the pre-existing PDD that would be looking for an extension. I did not relate that statement to this development that I saw for sale at that time. I would personally be inclined to support it as someone who is in the 55+ age group and looking to downsize to a condo and would like to stay in Hampton Bays. However, I don't have enough information at this time and not sure I will to form an educated conclusion." Jan 26, 18 12:58 PM

We can respectfully disagree on this since I am not sure I would just want to see a potential beneficial project that may need some updating go back to highway business without a better understanding of the proposal. The highway business properties do not seem to be doing very well. If something new even started nowstarts now, the way the Town works, it will be 10 more years before we see anything done at that site. Some in our community seem to want to preserve" commercial business property", taking it off the tax rolls and continue to rob the community of its vitality. I am not saying it should be extended, I just don't know if it shouldn't. I hope to gather more meaningful information. I also take note of the 2007 market crash. Hampton Bays still has not recovered from the height of the market." Jan 26, 18 1:45 PM

Yes, we can but the Board will need to make a decision. They say that "perfection is the enemy of good". I just hope that we all don't hold out for something better when we may have something good here. We will see. Hopefully, there is more information on the Town website on this - haven't looked yet." Jan 26, 18 2:09 PM

Yes, theoretically, we should all personally strive for perfection and not compromise our principles, but we need to be realistic about the options available. if it s a good plan (whether or not it was formed via the PDD law), than I would support it. I would not hold out for a plan that doesn't exist and is not an option hoping some day some one will come along and put that plan on the table. A bird in the hand....However, I am not sure - this may not be a good plan." Jan 26, 18 3:54 PM

Southampton Town Officials Discuss Upgrades To Maritime Park At Canal In Hampton Bays

This park is not a new concept - it has been on the drawing board for years. I believe the Town applied and received a Community Block grant for this a couple of years ago. I applaud any infrastructure improvement in Hampton Bays and encourage the Town to move forward timely and safely since this is an eyesore. However, when are they going to finish GGP? Where are the permanent bathrooms and main entrance? Is there enough money in the budget to sponsor enough events in GGP to actually bring business to Downtown? " Jan 27, 18 6:32 AM

Developer Behind Proposed Hampton Bays Senior Community Seeks PDD Revival

I am not sure that you are technically correct. The Town Board just approved the extension of the previously approved CPI MPDD which was after the law was rescinded. I don't see how this is any different except that they did not ask for the extension timely. It seems to me that it doesn't re-open the PDD law. Obviously, this is a question for the Town attorney and could be brought up at the Public Hearing. " Jan 27, 18 5:50 PM

There was a very specific term in the CPI MPDD that I can't remember that did not have a codified definition that need to start in the two years. The developers represented that they had taken more than 100 steps and spent $5 million, so for various reasons the Board approved the extension. In this case, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me that I saw this development for sale on line for years and yet the developer didn't know they needed an extension o f the PDD. That sounds like bad advice from their advisers. " Jan 28, 18 10:16 AM

Southampton Town Officials Discuss Upgrades To Maritime Park At Canal In Hampton Bays

This Park was not the brain child of the Rechlers nor was it supposed to benefit the CPI and Townhouses. This was pitched at a work session years ago to benefit the economical disadvantaged families in Hampton Bays. The Tow grant proposal for the Community Block grant monies was on the Town website - it may still be there. I am still wondering where is the main pedestrian entrance to Good Ground Park from Main Street (thee was a work session about that a few months ago) and the permanent bathrooms?" Jan 29, 18 11:17 AM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

I could not agree more. Kudos to the BOE. For about a decade, NO official has offered a solution for this problem raised by the head working middle class residents and taxpayers; instead they chose to marginalize and demonize the residents of Hampton Bays. Mr. Troyd indicated at the HB CAC meeting in October that the surge was never intended to address the illegal use of the motels - only the safety and health issues - he even disputed the school statistics and the material adverse effect it has on the school and community. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is new and not from Hampton Bays, but he now no longer has plausible deniability to how important this issue of illegal use is to our community." Jan 29, 18 3:05 PM

The Town, County, & State have the resources to find permanent housing. Many of us know the woman with the dog in the carriage.
It should not be left for you or I to find housing. A motel is a motel is a motel. This not only effects the school system but the vitality of the commercial district. Let's see how quickly the NIMBY's east of the canal volunteer for their motels to be used for full time housing." Jan 29, 18 6:22 PM

Hampton Bays taxpayers cannot handle the strain any more with the increased density - not just wear and tear on our schools, but on our environment, first res ponders, code enforcement. Turning it into legal density is not the answer. We can't go back, but the Town has known about this for years and should have been making arrangements including affordable housing outside of Hampton Bays. Instead, they did nothing and never even developed a plan. The time is today." Jan 29, 18 11:26 PM

It appears the claim is for monetary damages for certain known illegally used property - not eviction. If you know any of the BOE and the Administration, then you know that these people are the best of the best in our community and for anyone to say anything else without proof is libelous. You raise a good point that the Town's inactivity and/or incompetence for a decade dealing with the illegal use of property has now put the burden on the individuals living in what has been reported as deplorable conditions, the BOE, and the taxpayers and property owners of Hampton Bays. Not the Town Administration's finest moment." Jan 30, 18 7:14 AM

Southampton Town Officials Discuss Upgrades To Maritime Park At Canal In Hampton Bays

I a aware of the original concept that is why I was so surprised to hear the original work session especially when they were still in progress for GGP....and still are. Maybe for I die, something will get finished - hope springs eternal." Jan 31, 18 7:09 AM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

Wow, first of all it is she not he. This is typical - when people can't attack an issue with facts - they attack a person. Residents and officials have vilified, marginalized, demonized the good hard working people of Hampton Bays. Visualize a life boat for 10 and there are 15 people that need to be saved. The 10 in the life boat can't save the other 5, but those in charge can. Those with lifeboats with 5& 6 seem to be enjoying the extra room and are hesitant to let anyone else in. " Jan 31, 18 7:37 AM

Sorry watchdog, but calling well respected members of our community racist is not "just having fun" - it is libelous. " Jan 31, 18 7:03 PM

Everyone needs to follow the rules - I don't see why some of the people that post don't see that. I am a CPA and the rules are the riles are the rules. Next time you get audited - let me know how some of your arguments work for you. There is blank and white - or in my business black and red. I purchased an illegally overcrowded group rental that have 4 extra rooms in a 1200 sf house. The rest of the taxpayers paid the cost for the 2 extra families living in my house while the owner only paid real estate taxes for 1 family. I don't care if it is $1.00. It is wrong." Feb 1, 18 7:08 AM

Everyone needs to follow the rules - I don't see why some of the people that post don't see that. I am a CPA and the rules are the riles are the rules. Next time you get audited - let me know how some of your arguments work for you. There is blank and white - or in my business black and red. I purchased an illegally overcrowded group rental that have 4 extra rooms in a 1200 sf house. The rest of the taxpayers paid the cost for the 2 extra families living in my house while the owner only paid real estate taxes for 1 family. I don't care if it is $1.00. It is wrong." Feb 1, 18 7:08 AM

Local Group Will Pitch $25 Million Aquatic Center For Red Creek Park In Hampton Bays

The Town Board work session on this is today - those that want to be informed should watch the video. IMO, we should be informed residents and not judge a project before we have all the details - or at least as many details that are available today. If the Town wants to see if there is real interest, they can easily do a on-line survey." Feb 1, 18 7:34 AM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

Mr. Quinn, you are using very fuzzy math - the same math that Mr. Schneiderman used when he said the school taxes went down when they actually went up. A house pays a finite amount for real estate taxes based on the assessed value for a one-family house.
The landlord can charge what he wants, but that never gets to the tax rolls. Some of these landlords (including the house I purchased) charged way more to the tenants, but that has has no effect on the amount remitted to the Town and School for taxes." Feb 1, 18 11:13 AM

VOS, I have lived in Hampton Bays for almost 20 in two different 4 bedroom houses without children. There are probably 80% of homeowners that don't have children. I gladly pay for my neighbors kids to go to school, because I believe a good education is critical. The Town is designed for one family homes and motels for the most part not illegal multi-family homes and illegal use of motels. It puts a strain on the school and on the taxpayers and bottom line it is wrong and illegal." Feb 1, 18 5:42 PM

CPA joke - 6 out of 5 people are bad at math" Feb 1, 18 6:17 PM

Thank you Ernie, but I came late to the party but got involved after I reviewed all the facts and figures as a CPA and felt the need to stand up for the good hard working people of Hampton Bays who were being ignored and demonized by members of the Town Board and some of the activists. We all love Hampton Bays - we are not a bunch of chicken littles, we see its potential, but enough is enough. It is not Jay Schneiderman's fault this happened, but he promised us he would fix it two years ago. Jay Schneiderman was quoted as saying that the claim is a slap in the face - now he know how the people that supported him two years ago feel. " Feb 1, 18 9:24 PM

Southampton Town Officials Discuss Upgrades To Maritime Park At Canal In Hampton Bays

Yes - does seem to be that way with the Town Administration. It is the 80/20 rule. They can finish 80% of the project in 20% of the time and then when the going gets tough, they seem to start a new project and have another press release." Feb 2, 18 8:07 AM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

First of all there are rules and everyone is required to follow them and there should be consequences when they don't. I don't see what part of that you are missing. As I said, let me know how that works when you get audited. Regarding the zoning, much of Hampton Bays was zoning for smaller lots i.e. R20 to allow for the working middle class to PURCHASE homes and enjoy the felling of home ownership - not for investors to come into the community and rent to as many people as they can. There was also an adequate level of motel and commercial zoning to accommodate and compliment the single family houses. There are also a number of apartment complexes - Town and County, Bishop Ryan, HUD. " Feb 2, 18 10:16 AM

There are fixed and variable costs that average to an average cost per student. I suspect you know that so I am not sure of the point. They don't cost out every single child's expense. However, with the extra children and the annual tax cap, less monies are available to spend per child. I have no ties to the school, but that is just cost accounting - exchanges students for widgets - the students are much cuter." Feb 2, 18 1:07 PM

IIt is interesting to note that in the paper version there is an interview with Maria Hults of the Hampton Bays Civic Association Board voicing her concern regarding this issue. It was refreshing to see that the HBCA Board realizes what an important issue this is to the community. It seemed to have fallen off their radar in the past few years and in fact it seemed that they were not that supportive of the efforts of CCHB. Kudos to the HBCA Board for realizing the importance of this issue." Feb 2, 18 4:31 PM

I am really not sure what the points you are trying to make about the zoning in HB. HB's historic zoning is smaller lots and based on presentations from previous administrations, this was by design for working class families to own housing. Obviously, there is the rental permit law that allows for rental properties and those laws also need to be followed. These particular code and rental laws are "audited" by code enforcement and the penalties are the consequences. Yes, I am aware of the list at Bishop Ryan. It seems like we have exhausted this thread so maybe we can just agree to disagree." Feb 2, 18 5:48 PM

That is not unique to Hampton Bays. " Feb 2, 18 6:34 PM

New Owners Of Former Hampton Bays Diner Plan To Maintain Building As An Eatery

Agreed - the owners' representative states clearly "it needs to be economically viable" - let's be realistic and welcome someone who wants to responsibly invest in our community. The commercial tax base will help Hampton Bays and success begets success." Feb 3, 18 3:00 PM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

You are certainly entitled to your opinion and there are several ways to approach the solution. It seems to be this is the one the BOE has determined the way they approach the solution. If it were not for the kids coming from the motels, the budget can be spread across a lower number of students - smaller classes, less services etc. The school must teach everyone in the district, therefore due to the Town's lack of enforcement of illegal USE, they are requesting the monies to better educate the students. Honestly, as a 20 year resident who has never had children in the school district, but respects the need to quality education, kudos to the BOE for taking this position. We can agree to disagree on this." Feb 3, 18 3:12 PM

New Owners Of Former Hampton Bays Diner Plan To Maintain Building As An Eatery

I agree with you June Bug, I believe the reason it happens in Nassau is that people are coming from employment in NYC. It takes a NYC salary to live on LI, but the east end doesn't have the transportation to allow that to happen. The Town wants to move workers east, but they seem to forget that people also need to make their living west. I commuted 2- 3 hours each way to NYC to be able to afford my little piece of paradise. It made for a very long and tiring life. " Feb 6, 18 7:35 AM

LOL - love your appended comment..." Feb 6, 18 10:18 AM

Developer Behind Proposed Hampton Bays Senior Community Seeks PDD Revival

As someone who is 55+ and has now gone down the path of assisted living with my 89 year old mother, please do not put us in the category. Active "seniors" (really hated when I got my AARP card) is a way different demographic group. I agree Assisted Living has value but so does a 55+ community. I suspect the developer did his homework and sees this as economically viable for both him and I believe for the community." Feb 6, 18 10:29 PM

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