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Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

Everyone needs to follow the rules - I don't see why some of the people that post don't see that. I am a CPA and the rules are the riles are the rules. Next time you get audited - let me know how some of your arguments work for you. There is blank and white - or in my business black and red. I purchased an illegally overcrowded group rental that have 4 extra rooms in a 1200 sf house. The rest of the taxpayers paid the cost for the 2 extra families living in my house while the owner only paid real estate taxes for 1 family. I don't care if it is $1.00. It is wrong." Feb 1, 18 7:08 AM

Local Group Will Pitch $25 Million Aquatic Center For Red Creek Park In Hampton Bays

The Town Board work session on this is today - those that want to be informed should watch the video. IMO, we should be informed residents and not judge a project before we have all the details - or at least as many details that are available today. If the Town wants to see if there is real interest, they can easily do a on-line survey." Feb 1, 18 7:34 AM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

Mr. Quinn, you are using very fuzzy math - the same math that Mr. Schneiderman used when he said the school taxes went down when they actually went up. A house pays a finite amount for real estate taxes based on the assessed value for a one-family house.
The landlord can charge what he wants, but that never gets to the tax rolls. Some of these landlords (including the house I purchased) charged way more to the tenants, but that has has no effect on the amount remitted to the Town and School for taxes." Feb 1, 18 11:13 AM

VOS, I have lived in Hampton Bays for almost 20 in two different 4 bedroom houses without children. There are probably 80% of homeowners that don't have children. I gladly pay for my neighbors kids to go to school, because I believe a good education is critical. The Town is designed for one family homes and motels for the most part not illegal multi-family homes and illegal use of motels. It puts a strain on the school and on the taxpayers and bottom line it is wrong and illegal." Feb 1, 18 5:42 PM

CPA joke - 6 out of 5 people are bad at math" Feb 1, 18 6:17 PM

Thank you Ernie, but I came late to the party but got involved after I reviewed all the facts and figures as a CPA and felt the need to stand up for the good hard working people of Hampton Bays who were being ignored and demonized by members of the Town Board and some of the activists. We all love Hampton Bays - we are not a bunch of chicken littles, we see its potential, but enough is enough. It is not Jay Schneiderman's fault this happened, but he promised us he would fix it two years ago. Jay Schneiderman was quoted as saying that the claim is a slap in the face - now he know how the people that supported him two years ago feel. " Feb 1, 18 9:24 PM

Southampton Town Officials Discuss Upgrades To Maritime Park At Canal In Hampton Bays

Yes - does seem to be that way with the Town Administration. It is the 80/20 rule. They can finish 80% of the project in 20% of the time and then when the going gets tough, they seem to start a new project and have another press release." Feb 2, 18 8:07 AM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

First of all there are rules and everyone is required to follow them and there should be consequences when they don't. I don't see what part of that you are missing. As I said, let me know how that works when you get audited. Regarding the zoning, much of Hampton Bays was zoning for smaller lots i.e. R20 to allow for the working middle class to PURCHASE homes and enjoy the felling of home ownership - not for investors to come into the community and rent to as many people as they can. There was also an adequate level of motel and commercial zoning to accommodate and compliment the single family houses. There are also a number of apartment complexes - Town and County, Bishop Ryan, HUD. " Feb 2, 18 10:16 AM

There are fixed and variable costs that average to an average cost per student. I suspect you know that so I am not sure of the point. They don't cost out every single child's expense. However, with the extra children and the annual tax cap, less monies are available to spend per child. I have no ties to the school, but that is just cost accounting - exchanges students for widgets - the students are much cuter." Feb 2, 18 1:07 PM

IIt is interesting to note that in the paper version there is an interview with Maria Hults of the Hampton Bays Civic Association Board voicing her concern regarding this issue. It was refreshing to see that the HBCA Board realizes what an important issue this is to the community. It seemed to have fallen off their radar in the past few years and in fact it seemed that they were not that supportive of the efforts of CCHB. Kudos to the HBCA Board for realizing the importance of this issue." Feb 2, 18 4:31 PM

I am really not sure what the points you are trying to make about the zoning in HB. HB's historic zoning is smaller lots and based on presentations from previous administrations, this was by design for working class families to own housing. Obviously, there is the rental permit law that allows for rental properties and those laws also need to be followed. These particular code and rental laws are "audited" by code enforcement and the penalties are the consequences. Yes, I am aware of the list at Bishop Ryan. It seems like we have exhausted this thread so maybe we can just agree to disagree." Feb 2, 18 5:48 PM

That is not unique to Hampton Bays. " Feb 2, 18 6:34 PM

New Owners Of Former Hampton Bays Diner Plan To Maintain Building As An Eatery

Agreed - the owners' representative states clearly "it needs to be economically viable" - let's be realistic and welcome someone who wants to responsibly invest in our community. The commercial tax base will help Hampton Bays and success begets success." Feb 3, 18 3:00 PM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

You are certainly entitled to your opinion and there are several ways to approach the solution. It seems to be this is the one the BOE has determined the way they approach the solution. If it were not for the kids coming from the motels, the budget can be spread across a lower number of students - smaller classes, less services etc. The school must teach everyone in the district, therefore due to the Town's lack of enforcement of illegal USE, they are requesting the monies to better educate the students. Honestly, as a 20 year resident who has never had children in the school district, but respects the need to quality education, kudos to the BOE for taking this position. We can agree to disagree on this." Feb 3, 18 3:12 PM

New Owners Of Former Hampton Bays Diner Plan To Maintain Building As An Eatery

I agree with you June Bug, I believe the reason it happens in Nassau is that people are coming from employment in NYC. It takes a NYC salary to live on LI, but the east end doesn't have the transportation to allow that to happen. The Town wants to move workers east, but they seem to forget that people also need to make their living west. I commuted 2- 3 hours each way to NYC to be able to afford my little piece of paradise. It made for a very long and tiring life. " Feb 6, 18 7:35 AM

LOL - love your appended comment..." Feb 6, 18 10:18 AM

Developer Behind Proposed Hampton Bays Senior Community Seeks PDD Revival

As someone who is 55+ and has now gone down the path of assisted living with my 89 year old mother, please do not put us in the category. Active "seniors" (really hated when I got my AARP card) is a way different demographic group. I agree Assisted Living has value but so does a 55+ community. I suspect the developer did his homework and sees this as economically viable for both him and I believe for the community." Feb 6, 18 10:29 PM

New Owners Of Former Hampton Bays Diner Plan To Maintain Building As An Eatery

It seems that there are a lot of opinion's here, but IMHO we should rely on the owners who bought this to determine what is "economically feasible". Unless it is some strip club, we probably should be thankful that some one wants to invest millions of dollars in our community and let's hope the Town of "mo" does squash the plans. " Feb 7, 18 9:20 AM

LOL - Let's agree to disagree on that one." Feb 7, 18 9:44 PM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

Ernie, I agree - I see the main issue is that the Town has let this issue fester for at least 5 years and really has never offered a plan of action to correct it. Julie Lofstad spoke at Open Session on 9-23-14 before she was elected as a Town Councilperson about this issue as part of the CCHB. What really has been done about it? Anna Throne-Holts' reply was that this was a product of Hampton Bays being zoned for "working middle class" as if the working middle class does not deserve the same respect and quality of life as the rest of the Town. While the Town has made some long overdue infrastructure improvements in Hampton Bays, they cannot burden a working class community with the economically disadvantaged - 57% of the children being eligible for free lunch and expect a community to survive. Who is paying $12 for a egg plate at a diner? Those of us that can leave, will, and leave behind the most vulnerable - this is the socio-economic model of Detroit - where they didn't have money to keep the lights on. The lack of action on the part of the Town and those activists that are not stakeholders and have no skin in the game have caused strive in our beautiful hamlet that we all love. It is disgusting to me that the dedicated members of our community on the BOE have had to do this. They deserve our support." Feb 8, 18 8:06 AM

Let me add one more economic metric - a back of the envelopment calculation indicates that 80% of taxpayers do not have children in the school district. Eighty cents of every dollar that is spent at the school comes from a taxpayer that doesn't have a child in the school district (the silent majority scholarship fund donors). Many cannot vote since they may vote elsewhere, but they will vote with their feet, " Feb 8, 18 8:28 AM

It seems like you have a fundamental idea that the CCHB and BOE is the same that cannot be explained away with the fact that it is not. You also seem to have a fundamental idea that the monies will not be used to either better educate the children or returned to the taxpayers. I doubt anyone is delusional that the taxes will go down. You aer certainly entitled to your opinion to leave things the way they are even though it is against the zoning code and the reported conditions are unsafe. " Feb 8, 18 5:32 PM

I do not understand why you don't understand that this is an issue related to the education of the children in the school notwithstanding what CCHB does or does not do. Why don't you go to the School Board meeting on Tuesday night and ask the school board. I am not associated with the school or the CCHB leadership, but I understand the mission and responsibility of both being separate and distinct, but related. " Feb 8, 18 6:29 PM

Hampton Bays To Get Two New Waterfront Eateries As Edgewater Owner Plans Expansion

I suggest that people write/email the Town Board to show support for this project I don't know the owners nor do I have a vested interest in the project, but I was at the Planning Board hearing and spoke in favor of the project. IMHO, the Town does need to be more pro-business and I don't even own a business here, but I want to see Hampton Bays move forward in a positive and progressive way." Feb 15, 18 11:42 AM

Hampton Bays Corridor Study Inches Forward

yes and let's not forget that on page 13 of the study it states that “buildings (are) to…comply with all State and local codes; (and) conditions of overcrowding and illegal occupancy are (to be) corrected”. Maybe the Town Administration can start implementing THAT part of the study." Feb 21, 18 11:59 AM

A point that was made by another speaker at this meeting that was not quoted here is that all of our officials are AT LARGE - NO ONE represents HB. All the officials have to represent all of the Town equally. What is good for the Town may not be good for Hampton Bays. The only people that can stand up for Hampton Bays....is the Hampton Bays residents. We all need to keep that in mind if we want to effect positive change. I certainly don't want to be quoted in a 27east article - I had my 15 minutes of fame years ago, but at this point I feel like I have no choice but to speak up." Feb 21, 18 12:50 PM

One other thing to note about these "master plans" for Hampton Bays - they are 10 to 20 YEARS old with mostly 20 year old data, so the Town is now dusting off the plans to implement them without any real validation if they are still relevant i.e. change in demographics, change in shopping patterns, tourism etc. They are also "cherry picking" sections they are implementing here and there thereby invalidating any real value these plans may still have. Just my opinion after reviewing these documents more times than I care to admit to." Feb 21, 18 4:05 PM

LOL -I feel so special that you noticed. It is important to me that Hampton Bays moves forward in a positive way. What is your reason for posting?" Feb 21, 18 9:39 PM

Couldn't agree more - but the Town invested over $4 million on Good Ground Park that was supposed to open the back of the long narrow lots adjacent to the Park - instead it has become a concert venue for a handful of hours a year. The property should be prime property for development, but instead the Town has spent almost a decade going through this "visioning" exercise with people that have no skin in the game (including me). At this point, I have suggested let's start with the "vision" of someone who wants to invest millions of dollars and develop the property. The Town offers no incentives to do business here. With all that Hampton Bays has to offer, we should be able to have it all. I would like say "Hampton Bays - Open for Business"....this decade." Feb 22, 18 2:52 PM

cool - tnx" Feb 22, 18 5:42 PM

I am not sure what you mean, but I think you may mean the surrounding private residential properties to the Park. I was not involved when the Park concept and design was agreed to by the "community" and how necessary and relevant it really is, why it is so big and took on a life of its own, but it is here now. In my opinion, without controlled activity, that Park can be an attractive nuisance. I live by the Park and I found the lack of concern for the neighboring residential properties by those involved in the design including the Town Officials disgraceful. It was in the Town's power (it is Town property) to provide buffers, screening and fencing and from what has been done so far, they have no intention of doing so. Now that it is here, the development of the 10 or so commercial properties properties along Montauk Highway should be able to be developed with limited additional adverse effect to the neighboring residential properties, but it will be up to the neighboring property owners to monitor the situation. One of the things I had to realize, is that just because a building is being used as a residential dwelling along Montauk Highway and other main roads, doesn't mean it is zoned for residential use. Many of those lots are zones Village Businesses and can be converted to businesses as of right. " Feb 23, 18 6:34 AM

Was was Tomjulie's comment delete? Then please delete Watchdog1 comment addressed to me." Feb 23, 18 7:03 AM

Zoning Changes Would Limit Size Of Commercial Buildings In Hampton Bays

I can appreciate the math that 3,000 x 4 equals 12,000, does the Town know whether or not the change of zoning and the change of use will create economic revitalization or will it further diminish the ability for potential developers from having a commercially viable property. Under this zoning, the current diner would not be allowed unless it is grandfathered. Does it diminish the value of the properties that are there now .that have viable businesses in buildings that exceed 3,000 sf?" Feb 27, 18 7:51 PM

Hampton Bays Library Closed Friday After Mercury Spill Discovered

The Director reported several months ago that they allowed a volunteer student to spend hours trying to fix a clock. I wonder if this is the same clock and if there is some direct relationship? If so, this could have had a much worse outcome if he/she was exposed to the mercury since I suspect he/she had no experience with mercury. That being said, the referendum was voted down twice and the Board needs to move to maintain this building. We all have "aging facilities" and we do our best to maintain our houses with our own money. That is the way it is. " Mar 1, 18 7:05 PM

Mechanical machines do have an estimated useful life and/or the parts are no longer available. I don't believe an antique clock is crucial for the operations of the library and apparently may contain dangerous material. The Library Board should have an inventory of all of its mechanical machinery, maintenance schedules, estimated useful life and be setting aside funds for repair and future replacement. If there is no one on the Board with budgeting and forecasting experience, they should be getting someone to do it. This is ridiculous. " Mar 2, 18 1:22 PM

Graduate Student Now Offering Social Services At Hampton Bays Library

Nothing against this woman, but there are professional agencies all over the east end that provide social services. If there are not enough library services to fill the building, move to a book trailer and sublet the building to a professional social service agency and stop collecting over $2 million a year from the Hampton Bays taxpayers to run a....LIBRARY...We already pay taxes that get allocated to social services and many of us contribute via charitable donations to social services. And let's hope this doesn't "blow up" like the clock." Mar 3, 18 1:15 PM

I spent many a day, night, and weekend in libraries getting my bachelor's degree in accounting, mater's degree in tax and representing billion dollar clients for almost 30 years as a CPA.. I have gone to almost two years worth of Library Board meeting on and off as well as reviewed the minutes and financial statements. The taxpayers of Hampton Bays sent a clear message to the Library Board when they voted down the referendum for a new building twice. The Board continues to report of the poor conditions of the building but seem not to focus to what is important - the physical maintenance of a taxpayer funded building and core library services. If more social services are needed in the community, they sublet the building to a social service agency and pay for the repairs of the building. " Mar 5, 18 12:49 PM

and let me add that I past the Business Library in Brooklyn Heights this weekend that is now closed as well as the Law Library in the Lincoln Building in Manhattan that is now closed. If we need a social services space, the library itself can probably be condensed to 1/2 to 1/4 of the building - sublet the rest to a professional organization,collect the rent and fix the building." Mar 5, 18 1:12 PM

It appears that you have not been following what has been going on at the Hampton Bays library for more than 2 years about th eneed for upgrades and maintenance. Maybe you should look at the minutes and reports." Mar 5, 18 1:48 PM

I think you are missing my point. The Board continues to report that they are stretching their budget beyond capacity and they don't have the monies to maintain the building and that the 'need a new building". However, they continue to expand into non-core services that put wear and tear on the existing facility. If there is so much excess capacity in the building for these non-core services - they should sublet the building to raise money for the maintenance and not try to pierce the cap or put up another referendum for capital improvements and repairs. If not, they should scale back the services and put the money into repairing and maintaining the building. The taxpayers in Hampton Bays are strapped - look at the blight on Montauk Highway." Mar 5, 18 1:59 PM

Let me ask you - do you own a house? Do you fix the roof, boiler, concrete, foundation - do you set aside money knowing that you will need a new boiler someday or do you use your money to take yoga classes, make wreathes, make music tapes and then expect someone to bring you a bucket of money to pay for the repairs and upgrades? The Board should be focusing on maintaining and repairing the building and core services" Mar 5, 18 2:23 PM

I completely disagree. This is a cumulative effect with all of the other non-core programs. We have several taxpayer and charitable funded buildings in our community that can be used, This is a complete misuse of library. " Mar 5, 18 2:42 PM

First of all define "many" - there are 13,000 residents of Hampton Bays - what percent? 1? 1/2 of 1? This is not about being cheap - but please provide your real name and address and suspect a thousand or so taxpayers that voted down the referendum would gladly send you their library (and school) tax bill. Hampton Bays taxpayers pay the hugest rate in the Town of Southampton. The schools, property values This cannot continue to service a handful of people that can get services elsewhere. Socialism only works until the money runs out - and for the Hampton Bays taxpayers it is running out." Mar 5, 18 3:04 PM

ForeignBorn, I am not sure where you are getting pennies - the board wanted $13 million for a new building and the annual budget still includes payments for a bond on the old expansion. The annual budget is about $2 million. It is our duty and responsibility to voice our concerns about how the library is run since it is OUR money - not the Board's money. They have a fiduciary responsibility to allocate and spend our money wisely and in the best interest of the TAXPAYERS. The organization of the Library is antiquated with limited oversight and a self appointed board which can lead to like-minded people running the library. " Mar 5, 18 3:20 PM

Resource allocation and budgeting and forecasting is NOT about pinching pennies and some cost small one time cost savings. It is a much bigger and long range analysis of wants and needs. This is just indicative of a lack of a plan for this taxpayer funded building and the expense of the taxpayers and eventually the patrons of the library." Mar 5, 18 3:39 PM

It is amazing how quickly people turn to demonizing people when they run out of arguments. Again it is not this program alone, but no I don't think people should go to a library to get advice about getting food stamps. That is what DSS and other agencies are for that are already funded with taxpayer dollars." Mar 5, 18 3:52 PM

Why doesn't DSS sublet the extra space from the Library if that is so important to the community? Why double dip on taxpayer funds?" Mar 5, 18 3:55 PM

First of all - you used the food stamp example. My argument is simple also - the library has moved away from its core competency and maintaining the physical structure. The leadership is distracted by the latest idea/initiative that some other library has like making tapes for those that have a memory loss (how many really took advantage or that). How many days have they closed the library because of a maintenance problem that has not been addressed. These programs are like dancing around while your house is on fire." Mar 5, 18 4:38 PM

Yes someone does" Mar 5, 18 7:46 PM

Infoseeker it is always easy to criticize, demonize or attack a person when you can't attack an issue. I am passionate about Hampton Bays moving forward in a positive direction. We have fallen behind all of the other neighboring communities in recovery after the great recession. We are in the best geographic location with the best waterfront and some of the best restaurants on the east end, , but yet take a look along the blight along Montauk Highway, our depressed property values, and high taxes. The Library cannot operate in a vacuum. We need to all work together." Mar 5, 18 8:15 PM

I have repeated in my posts that it is not this one non-core service, but the cumulative effect of all of the non-core services. You cannot bifurcate the effect the the library taxes on the cost of doing business on Main Street as well as the reduced disposable income for the rest of the property owners. We seem to be going around the same mountain so let's just agree to disagree. " Mar 5, 18 10:13 PM

A library should not be providing social services. There are social service agencies trained for that such as DSS. This is as bad as a people who try to fix something that know enough to be dangerous, like the kid that tried to fix the clock with no experience and the library had to close for a day. Don't worry yourself about having to tell me how to live my life, I have been blessed with a very successful one by working hard and putting myself through school at night and have shared my time talents and treasures with many less fortunate and still do. You seem not to understand or want to understand my point which is not directly related to this service, so let's just respectfully agree to disagree, if you are capable of that " Mar 5, 18 10:38 PM

My soapbox was also on the 2 referendums of the l Library expansion and the clock mishap and the boiler mishap that caused the library to close. Clearly the nearly 1,000 property owners that voted down the expansion agree with me. The Library is funded by taxpayers and the Library has a fiduciary responsibility to use the taxpayer monies in fiscally responsible manner. They continue to "cry poverty" that they have no resources to maintain the building and have not set aside monies to replace the mechanical equipment, but yet they continue to spend time and energy and other resources on various on-core programs to a handful of people. Again, clearly you do not agree so let's RESPECTFULLY disagree." Mar 5, 18 10:50 PM

It's you and two people disagreeing - not exactly a mob. No worries, let's see what happens when the library board tires another referendum.." Mar 5, 18 10:59 PM

They are looking for people to join their foundation - why don't you contact them and help them out there." Mar 5, 18 11:36 PM

Good if you did - it didn't seem like they have advertised that. I only know they want to do that since I went to several Board meetings. I hope every gives of their time talents and treasures and tithes to help those less fortunate before they demand others do the same and don't judge others that chose not to for their own reasons." Mar 6, 18 8:32 AM

Again, let's RESPECTFULLY agree to disagree....there is ALWAYS a cost." Mar 6, 18 8:45 AM

Again just let's respectfully disagree on all accounts." Mar 6, 18 8:52 AM

I can ask you the same thing - you don't know the tangible and intangible costs associated with this program as well as the benefits or there lack of associated with this program. Based on my observations and analysis of what has happened to the programs and physical structure over the past several years, I would not be supportive of any new programs until they address the pressing needs of the core programs and building structure. If that is not addressed, there will be NO library for any programs. I think we have a fundamental difference of perspective of what represents cost and benefit. Based on your posts, you seem to have very strong political and social views. My concerns are very specific to the fiscal health of Hampton Bays. I think we need to agree to disagree here and move on." Mar 6, 18 9:21 AM

I am not sure why we can't agree to disagree. I use my real name - why don't you and have a real discussion at the next Library Board meeting. I will meet you there." Mar 6, 18 9:43 AM

I am not interested in continuing this stream. Have a blessed day." Mar 6, 18 10:02 AM

Again, you are entitled to your opinion, but almost 1000 taxpayers would disagree that Hampton Bays needs a new building." Mar 6, 18 10:13 AM

I "rounded up" and there were two votes." Mar 6, 18 10:26 AM

You seem misinformed - the CAC is a TOWN appointed position, it is has nothing to do with the Library. These numbers are consistent with the School and Library votes. Usually only about 1200 people should up to vote/can vote since they are second home owners or away during the vote. " Mar 6, 18 1:09 PM

and only 325 voted in the regular budget last year of which about 1/3 voted it down even though it was under the cap." Mar 6, 18 1:37 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

bb - couldn't agree more. What IS it going to take? Let's hope it is not a tragedy. " Mar 7, 18 6:25 PM

Hampton Bays Library Closed Friday After Mercury Spill Discovered

bb, we seem to be in agreement about how important it is to maintain the library building and mechanical equipment - I wasn't really referring to the clock specifically -just all of the mechanical in the library i.e boilers etc. - at some point they need to be replaced and the library should have a schedule of those items. I don't know much about the clock itself." Mar 7, 18 6:32 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

FB, do you really think that the young woman who was sexually assaulted in the safety of her bedroom and had to run naked in the street with the assailant chasing her with a bat threatening to kill her really cared if he was part of an organized gang? The man was an illegal immigrant and was previously arrested but released after a horrible assault at CB's. " Mar 7, 18 10:27 PM

As a human being THAT is the ONLY fact that should matter and seriously some minuscule points really don't need to be made. There was a horrible gang attack at CB's - there was a brutal sexual assault in the village - there was a brothel with sex slaves and you are arguing whether they are "real MS-13 gang members" or if the origin of MS-13 is in El Salvador. If you live in Hampton Bays, you should just be outraged." Mar 8, 18 9:21 AM

Actually only RELATIVE and IMPORTANT facts matter. The relative and important facts facts here is that 4 illegal immigrants from El Salvador were in a bar owned by someone that had well reported ties to MS-13 ties from Hempstead to Riverhead. One of those sexually brutally sexually assaulted a young woman. It really doesn't matter if they were MS-13 or not. We had a brothel in our community where our children go to school running drugs, guns and prostitution. We had a cab driver selling drugs out of his car. Yo want to avoid the issue and split hairs about this or that - knock yourself out. Good luck with that. " Mar 8, 18 10:18 AM

Actually it clearly matters to YOU and those that are more concerned about liberal agendas than the safety and well-being of those living in Hampton Bays. considering you think it is OK that the diner turns into some strip club. Good luck making your liberal arguments. I welcome ANYONE - ANY PARTY that wants to make Hampton Bays a safer, family friendly place to live and visit. Good luck with your liberal arguments." Mar 8, 18 11:38 AM

an FB - you seem to be good with "the google" and have time on your hands look up the information - NY Times article, Hempstead lawsuits, Riverhead denial of permits." Mar 8, 18 12:43 PM

what are you referring to....I am referring to YOUR comment regarding the new diner potential business....and I add YOUR comment on the Edegwater site. Apparently less than family friendly activity in our wonderful hamlet is OK with you.....not so much with some of us." Mar 8, 18 8:48 PM

Many a truth is said in jest " Mar 9, 18 6:04 AM

Glad you cleared that up - maybe you should think about the things you post and if you would post them if you weren't hiding behind an anonymous screen name." Mar 9, 18 11:04 PM

Douglas Elliman Donates $50,000 For Good Ground Park Playground

Thank you Douglas Elliman . The Town raised $3-4+ million in grants from the State and County. Those monies were supposed to cover all of the playgrounds and the comfort stations (at least is what we were told 2 years ago). Now it seems like they are passing around the basket to collect money to fund the park features including the comfort stations. The park construction was rushed through without comfort stations and the main entrance from Main Street. This was supposed to be an economic development project - has anyone walked along Main Street? The Town Was surprised that NYS EDC turned them down for a second $1 million grant - I am surprised that NYS EDC didn't ask them for the $ 1 million back that they already gave them." Apr 13, 18 7:58 AM

bb, there will be a schedule coming out soon from what I understand. In the final plan, there were two playgrounds. From my evaluation and knowledge of economic development, this park was poorly designed and implemented by the Town officials involved. It took on a life of its owns instead of the Town officials keeping their eye on the purpose - to encourage business development. Thee is not enough parking, no entrance on Main Street, but playgrounds are going to attract shoppers. Brilliant.
" Apr 14, 18 8:41 AM

Let me repeat my post, the Town represented they had the money two years ago for the comfort stations and the playgrounds. I find it distasteful that now the Town officials needed to turn to the former assistant town attorney that is now at Douglas Elliman to pay for the playgrounds. The Town has a $99 million budget. There are many worthwhile projects in Hampton Bays that that $50,000 could have been used for. " Apr 14, 18 8:54 AM

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