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Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

i have a question for nicole.
who are the parasitc bureaucrats that you refer to?
the town wants to lay off 300 twon employees, many of whom are our volunteer fireman and emt's.

are these the people we don't want to support?" Oct 1, 09 8:23 AM

Quogue mayor resigns days after pleading guilty to felony fraud charge

my prayers are with mr.motz and his family." Oct 17, 09 2:59 PM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

It's a tragedy all around. Neither Andrew Reister or Anthony Oddone got up that morning thinking that he would be killed as a bouncer at the Public House or arrested for murder.

Life is so fragile. We take it for granted and it can all change in a moment.

I pray for the Reister family and am sorry for their loss. As for Anthony Oddone, I believe he has serious anger issues and most likely a drinking problem. I think he should be held responsible for what he has done and the pain he has caused." Oct 21, 09 4:43 PM

Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

you're joking, right? about people being carried away by their

when a young father who would still be alive today, is not because
a most likely inebriated fellow, probably embarrassed or humiliated in front of several attractive women because he was asked by a bouncer to get off a table goes beserk, emotions can run high. and yes, even if he was provoked and pushed or shoved, there is still no justification for choking him for three minutes.

i don't know anyone in this case but i completely understand emotions running high. get real PBR
went berserk." Dec 2, 09 7:27 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

let's not forget, pbr, that mr. oddone asked mr. reister if he worked
at the public house and mr. reister said "yes."

at which point, mr. oddone, could have/should have gotten down. but instead he said: "f... u." this is when reister made his physical move. being asked to remove yourself from aa table top by an employee of an establishment should be enough to get down. apparently for mr. oddone, it was not." Dec 9, 09 7:54 PM


you haven't been paying attention.

the others dancing on the table were women. it was ladies night. when mr reister asked mr. oddone to get off the table, mr oddone asked if he (mr reister) worked there. mr reister replied, "yes."
at which point mr. oddone said, "f...u." this is when he was pushed or shoved off the table. now, it would seem that if a patron is asked to remove himself from dancing on a table by an employee, he would . but he was antagonistic and probably humiliated in front of the "women" which is why he had to prove he was a big man. he proved it. and he'll have to keep proving it in prison, unfortunately." Dec 9, 09 8:07 PM


you need a comprehensive english class. " Dec 9, 09 8:11 PM

yes, he made the first physical move AFTER oddone, who KNEW reister worked at the public house (he asked him) said: "f...u." Reister had every reason as a bouncer and an employee to physically remove oddone from the table AND from the public house. oddone was drunk, arrogant and filled with rage. also, he was probably humiliated in front of the "women" he was dancing with, on the table. i don't know, call me crazy, but do you think, oddone provoked this? i do." Dec 9, 09 8:27 PM


get a grip. oddone ASKED reister if he worked at the public house. reister replied, "yes." at which point oddone said... "f..u."

he KNEW reister worked there. maybe he didn't know he was a BOUNCER but he knew he WORKED there and was asking him to get off the table. oddone refused when he said..."f...u" which is why he was pushed." Dec 9, 09 8:35 PM

Oddone trial waiting game: some tenderness among the tension

i agree, username 1, nothing can be added.

this tragedy makes me sad and also vulnerable to know that in a moment, a mere flash, any one of us can make a decision that changes our life forever. i don't believe anthony oddone woke up that morning thinking he was going to be responsible for the death of a young husband and father, nor did andrew reister have a notion that that day in august 2008 was to be his last.

i read someplace that andrew reister liked golf. it's known that anthony oddone was a caddy. perhaps on another day, they night have shared a beer, talked some golf.

now, i suspect there is a young man sitting in a cell who, waiting for a jury to render its verdict, questions daily his unthinking reaction to andrew reister in that fateful moment at the publick house that night.

l'll bet he wishes he could have a do-over.

my prayers to the families of both mr. reister and mr oddone.
" Dec 9, 09 9:34 PM

Seventh day of deliberations ends with no verdict in Oddone case

although oddone hasn't said anything, i imagine that as he sits in his cell, waiting for a verdict to be rendered, he must ask himself many times a day why and how he reacted to mr. reister as he did.

i will bet anything he wishes he could relive that fateful moment when his ability to think and reason left him..." Dec 10, 09 8:22 PM

in response to this, user1, wasn't a time line generally estabished by the

he always left a song at a certain point, knowing it would spin long enough for him to have a cigarette. this all happened during that time frame.

i could be wrong, but i recall this from one report from the trial." Dec 10, 09 8:30 PM

hand of god. do you really believe mr. oddone fled in fear of his life?
fear of what? of whom?.

he choked mr. reister to death. he choked to death the man who he claims threatened him. his "threat" was lying inert on the floor.

he ran because he was pumped with adrenaline and his friends told him to and, in fear of getting in trouble, he fled. he instructed the cabbie to "keep going" when the police tried to pull it over...

i know mr. oddone must be your friend, but get real. he killed someone. it didn't have to go that way. " Dec 10, 09 8:43 PM

Oddone guilty of first-degree manslaughter, jury announces Monday

dear ryder:

if you are so horrified by the "freaks" who have no life, on this site perhaps you shouldn't be here. why get yourself all aggravated by this "collective idiocy" when you can be snorting about world implosion, rogue nations with bombs and hunger - elsewhere.

sir, try to be generous of spirit and understand that those whose reaction to this story either know the defendant or mr. reister. there is a lot of personal pain here. if you can be so incensed by the hunger in the world, why can't you show a little compassion for your neighbors?

i think you should move "the heck on.." and let others vent and rant until they, too can move on. stop judging, bud. stop judging.
" Dec 15, 09 9:41 AM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

wow amahalo.
nothing scarier than an ignorant cynic." Dec 27, 09 4:50 PM

Oddone sentenced to 22 years in prison

sad all the way around.
so many lives ruined by a stupid, wrong decision (if you can call it that) in the heat of a drunken moment." Apr 14, 10 5:04 PM

Stony Brook Southampton students seek $10,000 by end of day for legal fund

my heart is breaking for the students, the faculty and the staff of what was growing to be - a terrific east end institution. it has been a joy watching this campus in our community grow. it has been wonderful knowing we have had a school in our midst whose goal has been to look to the future and to educate our young people to spread the word of sustainability and the health of our environment. these are sad times indeed and i find the administration of the suny system shortsighted and filled with fear." Apr 16, 10 6:08 PM

Southampton School Board approves $57.3 million budget

i understand it is ONLY a $20.00 per year increase.

However, what if the fat is trimmed from this budget so - there not only needs to be NO increase to the community, but we might actually discover that we had more money than we realized.

I don't think this budget has been scrutinized as well as it could have been. I think it was easiest to give it a cursory examination and put the rest on US." Apr 27, 10 12:34 PM

Stony Brook Southampton Writers Conference promises a stellar faculty lineup this summer

how about
- derek wolcott.
- poet laureate billy collins.
- also, pulitzer winner elizabeth strout, this summer." May 10, 10 8:35 AM

Father of woman killed in motorcycle crash is hoping for manslaughter charge

dear parris family:

i am so sorry for your tragic loss." Jun 3, 10 5:36 PM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

i have just come from sag harbor where the funeral cortege passed through on its way home to shelter island.

my deepest heartfelt condolences to the theinert and kestler families.
yours was a brave young man. he has my sincere gratitude, as do you, for this most ultimate sacrifice. may he rest well.

my prayers and thoughts are with you." Jun 9, 10 6:04 PM

Mattituck woman gets 6-month sentence for DWI accident that killed Hampton Bays boy

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Marino:

I am so sorry for your devastating loss. Like you, I am outraged that the sentence for Ms. Goss is so insignificant considering her history and that she was driving with a child and an open alcohol container in the front seat of her car. So many laws broken and she received a slap on the wrist. MADD works so hard to change the laws and this is what we get. Even if Joseph veered in front of her car, the road is wide enough and had she been sober, her reaction may have been different.
She knows this and has to live with it now." Jun 17, 10 8:16 PM

One woman drowns, several rescued at Amagansett beach on Sunday

what a sad, tragic day. i recall years ago being on fire island where, on one tragic afternoon, the ocean took the lives of seven people. the tide changed in an instant.

that night the moon was large and low and red and the ocean eerily calm as though sated. i never felt more respect or fear of the ocean and saw first hand it's power.

my sincere, deepest condolences to the family of leslie sgaglione, especially her young children, witnesses to this awful occurence." Aug 12, 10 4:47 PM

Judge rules that cuts to Stony Brook Southampton violate state law

gee walt, a little misplaced anger and resentment?

oh, and by the way... the campus - its acreage - would have to be rezoned to be sold to developers. don't think this will happen." Aug 31, 10 9:06 AM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

i think it is a real challenge to determine if linda cabot was legally drunk from this tape. i don't think it is as obvious as others on this site seem to think.

if one has weak ankles it would be difficult to stand on one foot. if one has balance issues it might be difficult to walk heel to toe. but most important, none of her tests are visible given the girth of the young cop in front of the camera.
also, if you ask me, the cops, driving back to the station, swerved way more than she did as they followed her. i think it was a slow labor day night for those guys and they were determined to find a drunk driver somewhere.
" Feb 3, 11 3:49 PM

Stony Brook Announces Plans To Add Programs, Some Residency At Southampton Campus

Actually, I understand the Southampton Campus will be offering MFA degrees in the Arts as they do presently in the Writing & Literature program.

And, the undergraduate program - Semester by the Sea - will provide credits for a semester of study." Mar 1, 11 6:09 PM

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