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UPDATE: No Arrests Yet In Reported Hampton Bays Kidnap Attempt

I wonder if there is any relationship between this incident and the women being approached at Long Beach or the two events in Bridgehampton trying to lure young girls into a car? Those stories were reported and swept under the rug. Thank goodness this women was able to get away--she must have been terrified." Mar 4, 12 10:09 AM

Mothers, Daughters Celebrate National Nurses Week And Mother's Day

Nurses are so vital to our physical and mental health, and I applaud all that are a part of this honorable profession. " May 11, 12 1:32 PM

Noyac Road To Be Closed Thursday For Emergency Road Repairs

What a bunch of complainers. North Sea Citizen says something positive and AnonymousSgh attacks his comment? Enjoy this beautiful weather and stop acting like grumpy old men!" May 24, 12 9:04 AM

You are so educated (and perhaps paranoid)--maybe you could explain what is going on to little ole me--and please use words that I will understand." May 24, 12 11:18 AM

Southampton School Officials Consider Eliminating Valedictorian, Salutatorian Designations

I do understand and agree that some updating must be done to determine a student's ranking. Some students take far more challenging and advanced courses and, as a result, their grade point average may be lower. However, it just seems wrong to me to eliminate the valdictorian and salutorian titles completely. The students that achieve these top rankings work hard for many years and deserve the recognition. My daughter just graduated from college and is on her way to work on her master's degree in September. Her experience and that of all of her friends that have applied to grad schools within the last six months is that the rankings do matter and are considered in a college's decision of acceptance or rejection. " May 28, 12 11:01 AM

Eastport Elementary Student Approached By Stranger In Car

I am glad these stories are printed as it reminds all of us to have the stranger danger talk with our children. I am always so proud of the children that do as they have been taught by teachers and parents by repecting and acknowledging their own feelings of unease and run and seek help. " Jun 5, 12 12:25 PM

Heather Fitzgerald, Hampton Bays Middle School Teacher's Aide, Dead At 30

So, so sad. Way too young. My thoughtsand prayers are with the family all that knew and loved Heather. " Jun 5, 12 12:29 PM

Sag Harbor Schools Superintendent And Board Member Abruptly Announce Resignations

Good riddance to Verneille and Gratto. I never liked the way Gratto was hired and am glad to see them both go. I do agree there is much more to this story than we are being told." Jul 3, 12 6:46 PM

Who is Skippy?" Jul 4, 12 7:42 AM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

I realize the land is owned by the Tribe, but I did not realize they owned and controlled a portion of the bay. Do they have the right to shoot at planes flying over the Reservation? " Jul 5, 12 2:59 PM

As Bulova Rises In Sag Harbor, So Could The Village's Prospects

The inconvenience of the construction will be worth it when this beautiful building is completed. My gripe is that these "luxury" condominiums will be priced out of reach for most locals. What a wonderful option for retirees--but I know I will never be able to afford that address!" Jul 6, 12 10:33 AM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

ICE-I must say I am impressed with your knowledge on this subject as well as the time you invested in getting the facts." Jul 8, 12 2:22 PM

Pedestrian Flown To Hospital After Being Struck By Car In East Hampton Village

Well put, Nature. I have wondered why ICE nearly always leaves a nasty, condescending comment. " Jul 12, 12 12:29 PM

Brandt Withdraws From State Assembly Race; Thiele Will Be Unopposed

I am sorry that no one stepped up to oppose Thiele. " Jul 17, 12 6:17 PM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Crime Stoppers Offers Up To $5,000 Reward For Information Leading To Arrest Of Hit-And-Run Suspect

They will probably never get this guy. So much time has gone by already. He has had too much time and opportunity to disappear." Jul 20, 12 4:33 PM

Mattituck Woman Admits Fault In Death Of Hampton Bays Teen, Accepts Settlement

Such a sad story all around. Mrs. Marino, my heart breaks for you." Aug 9, 12 4:42 PM

Brothers Recognized By Southampton Village For Saving Woman From Drowning

This story brought a tear to my eye and a smile to me face. I am so proud of these boys and am glad their maturity and heroism has been recognized." Aug 13, 12 3:40 PM

UPDATE: Jeep Driver Swerved Into Oncoming Traffic Before Crash With Cesspool Truck In North Haven

Our first responders, emts, and fire department (all of whom are volunteers) have been very busy this summer. These horrible accidents (and especially fatalities) do take a toll on them. Our population soars during the summer months, and they are taken from their jobs, families, etc. in order to help us all. Perhaps this is the time to thank them and realize we are blessed to have such caring, dedicated members of our local communities that have been pushed to the limit this summer.
A picture I saw of the accident is frightening, and I pray the driver of the Jeep is okay.." Aug 15, 12 12:49 PM

UPDATE: Man Rescued From Bay Doing Fine

So nice to read a story with a happy ending for a change." Aug 27, 12 8:25 AM

Plane Crash At East Hampton Airport On Sunday

Mr. Schum was acting as a guardian angel that day. He was in the right place at the right time and had the integrity and physical strength to help the victims. He is a hero and that is a fact." Aug 28, 12 11:22 AM

Springs Man Taken To Hospital As House Fire Snuffed Out

I have said it before, and I will say it yet again, thank God for our volunteer firefighters, emts and first responders. I hope this gentleman makes a full and speedy recovery." Sep 6, 12 2:24 PM

Pottery Barn Plans To Open Its Doors To Southampton In The Spring

Toma Noku--PB sells comforters, sheets, lamps, furniture, and much more for kids." Sep 18, 12 6:30 PM

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