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Pierson Seniors Protest Potential Prom Limo Ban

It becomes the school's problem and responsibility when the students arrive at the prom wasted. " Jan 31, 14 9:59 AM

27east.com To Implement Metered Subscription Plan

I have purchased the Southampton Press for more than 40 years but do not subscribe. I look forward to my weekly visit to my local newspaper store to buy the paper and support a local business.. This option does not work for people like me--the old school. I, too, will now not be using this site. " Jan 31, 14 3:18 PM

Remembering Vivian Walsh, The Original Merry Maker

Thank you for this beautiful article about this wonderful man. It is comforting to know that so many were touched by Vivian's kind and gentle soul as well as his music." Apr 1, 14 4:40 PM

Southampton Hospital Employee Wins $20 Million Jackpot

It is so wonderful to see a hard-working, kind and local man win. Congratulations, Cameron! " Apr 4, 14 11:31 AM

UPDATE: Driver Charged With DWI In Fatal Car Crash

Jason was the passenger. Before you assume, learn the facts. Before you hurt someone and speak, think. " Apr 20, 14 8:51 AM

Sag Harbor School District Hires New Superintendent

This article should not count as one of the seven accessible for the month when it does not even name the appointed Superintendent. The headline is misleading, and I, for one, would never have wasted my time on this article." Apr 23, 14 10:46 AM

UPDATE: Neil S. Fyfe Had Just Finished First Day As Caddie At Sebonack Golf Club When Killed

Another young life lost and another's changed forever. So, so sad. This seems to be getting far too familiar lately." May 3, 14 10:21 AM

Six-Year-Old Girl Hit By Car In Water Mill Dies At Hospital

CaptainSig---I do not know the details on this horrible story, but many times patients are first sent to Southampton Hospital to be stabilized and then transported. My prayers go out to this little girl's family and loved ones. My thoughts are also with Mr. Wittenburg who must be suffering a great deal also." Jun 16, 14 7:57 AM

Pierson CPR Program Hits 20-Year Milestone; State-Mandated Training Clears Hurdle

Sue Denis' dedication to and belief in teaching CPR to students and community members is admirable. My daughter took this class at Pierson several years ago, and it influenced her to become a nurse. I am a firm believer this class should be mandated in all schools," Jun 20, 14 7:35 PM

Police: Hampton Bays Man Fled Car Crash On Foot; Left Woman Passenger Trapped, Injured

To abandon his seriously injured passenger is a new low in my book. I hope the delay in getting medical help doesn't affect her recovery. " Jun 26, 14 11:21 AM

Some East End Schools Weigh Eliminating Valedictorian And Salutatorian Honors

These students work so hard and for so long to achieve these honorary titles, and they deserve to receive the recognition and validation. To do away with this tradition is ridiculous to me. " Jul 1, 14 7:16 AM

Driver Airlifted To Hospital After Early Morning Crash

Perhaps this is the perfect time to thank our volunteer emts, firemen, first responders, etc. This weekend has been a zoo with tourists, and I hear sirens constantly. I really do not understand how our volunteers can keep up with the increase in population during the summer--and they should be commended and applauded for doing just that. " Jul 6, 14 9:35 AM

Pilot Lands On Sunrise Highway For Second Time In As Many Weeks

Our police have enough to do this time of year without catering to this guy and his little hobby! " Jul 19, 14 1:25 PM

Connecticut Man Missing For Six Years, And Presumed Dead, Turns Up In Quogue

What a heartbreaking story. I truly hope this man can get the help he needs. He and his family have been through so much and deserve nothing less. " Jul 26, 14 1:09 PM

Coast Guard Rescues 12-Year-Old Girl From Boat In Southampton

I would love an update on this story. So much is unclear and unexplained. At any rate, I hope this child has a full recovery." Jul 27, 14 7:26 AM

Gregor Says He Will Remove 'Sister Jackie's Way' Sign From Water Mill Street

This is an example of how our beautiful, little town is no longer the same. In my opinion, If this had happened on a street inhabited by local, year-round families, the sign would not be an issue and would be fully supported. I am ashamed by this behavior and the attitude of the homeowners--so insensitive." Aug 6, 14 2:59 PM

We have all had our say on the subject. Time to give it a rest as some of these posts are exactly what the nuns were trying to avoid and are probably not what Sister Jackie would want." Aug 6, 14 9:44 PM

UPDATE: Gas Can, Rags Found Near Sagaponack House Fire, Police Investigating

This site and some of its regular contributors are notorious for jumping to conclusions before the facts are given and for making insensitive comments. " Sep 17, 14 3:57 PM

Southampton Considering Allowing Varsity Athletes To Replace Some Gym Classes With Study Hall

The amount of homework, classwork, pressure to pass State exams, pressure to get into college (much more of a necessity in this day and age) has multiplied over the years. I don't know how the athletes fit it all in with practices and games. Many that go to college on athletic scholarships cannot keep up with both their academics and sports. I agree this is a good idea." Sep 26, 14 4:00 PM

....and if your theories are correct, don't the parents and families of the students have any responsibility or role in all of this?" Sep 27, 14 9:44 AM

Westhampton Care Center Breaks Ground On Assisted Living Facility

This is wonderful news. Seniors (and their families) will have a new option and jobs will be created in the community. " Oct 26, 14 7:50 AM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

No matter who wins, someone is disappointed and bitter. Sadly, I feel in all categories, I have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Many politicians are not honest in their personal lives, and that bothers me. I cannot separate the two. Best of luck to all that have won---but very few carry through with their promises once elected." Nov 5, 14 12:07 PM

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