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Jesse Steudte Sentenced To Prison After Fatal DWI Accident

Well said, Chief1." Mar 2, 15 9:25 AM

UPDATE: Missing Ross School Student And Mom Found Safe In NYC

This is wonderful news. I was beginning to lose hope that this story would have a happy ending." Apr 20, 15 9:18 AM

Joseph Taylor, East Quogue Heart Transplant Recipient, Loses Battle

Way too young---so brave---the saddest of endings.
" Jun 19, 15 4:04 PM

ArtHamptons Unveils New Location On Opening Night In Bridgehampton

I hope they find another location for this event in the future. Last night, it took me 40 minutes to travel two miles on Scuttle Hole Road because of this event. It is bad enough Montauk Highway is bumper to bumper traffic. " Jul 3, 15 6:12 PM

Sag Harbor Resident To Compete On Jeopardy! Wednesday Night

It is 7 p.m. Wheel of Fortune is at 7:30. " Jul 29, 15 10:34 AM

Two Workers At Day Care Center Charged Friday With Child Endangerment

I really believe we need to wait until the full and true story comes out here. I agree--innocent until proven guilty." Sep 1, 15 3:00 PM

East End Movie Theaters Conducting Bag Searches

No more sneaking snacks into the theater!
" Sep 1, 15 4:52 PM

Services Set For Southampton Elementary School Teacher Elisabeth Hague

I was blessed to call Lis my friend for 39 years. She was so spirited, enthusiastic and energetic. Although her life ended way too soon, she crammed more into her 64 years than anyone I have ever met. RIP Lis. You were loved by many and will be missed.

" Oct 6, 15 2:34 PM

A day with Lis was usually like an I Love Lucy episode---fun, exhausting and full of laughs. My thoughts are with her six beautiful children and Bill. She was one of a kind, loved and will be missed. " Oct 7, 15 4:06 PM

Southampton Town Police Request Help From Public To Find Missing Sagaponack Woman

I agree. I subscribe but feel stories like this should NOT be locked. The more people that can be reached, the more likely someone will be able to help this poor woman." Oct 11, 15 6:27 PM

So---maybe the correct word would be block. Same difference---this article should be available to everyone if it can help the police and this woman. This is a small-town newspaper----helping one of our own who may be in danger or in trouble should be the primary concern----not subscriptions.
" Oct 12, 15 4:35 PM

Driver In Connection With Anna Pump's Death Says He Did Not See Her In Crosswalk

The article clearly says that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. " Oct 15, 15 11:48 AM

UPDATE: New Details Emerge In Case Of Missing Sagaponack Woman

Every time this story is updated, the Press should repost Ms. Aucapina's picture. " Oct 20, 15 11:23 AM

UPDATE: Rapper's Manager Disputes Claim That Assistant Principal Heard Song For Music Video

Because of her position in the community, she should have educated herself with the facts and words to the song before participating in the video. I am old school---and this was very poor judgment on the part of the assistant principal." Oct 26, 15 11:34 AM

Woman Charged With Petit Larceny For Stealing Campaign Signs

Maybe we could pay this woman to remove all of the "Vote for Me" signs plastered everywhere that no one has bothered to remove now that Election day is over!" Nov 6, 15 1:45 PM

Husband Of Missing Sagaponack Woman Speaks Out

I never understand the entries on this site. This article is about a missing woman--perhaps murdered, perhaps not. It is about a man who is trying to prove he is not involved with the disappearance. It is the story of a woman (our neighbor) who has children missing their mom. WHY cannot the readers and commenters not stay on topic and have some compassion and respect for this family? " Nov 12, 15 3:59 PM

UPDATE: Planning Board Proposes Second Entrance For TJ Maxx Expansion

Great news! Quality merchandise, name brands and prices the locals can afford--a store that does not cater to the summer residents--plus more jobs will be created." Nov 12, 15 6:16 PM

That is what you took from this article? Wow!" Nov 12, 15 6:37 PM

UPDATE: Husband Of Missing Sagaponack Woman Asks Community For Help, Submits To Lie Detector Test

Any updates on this? Did the lie detector results come in?" Nov 17, 15 9:39 AM

UPDATE: Body Found By Hunter In Woods Apparently About 500 Feet Away From Lilia Aucapina's House

When will the lie detector results be available and made public?" Nov 20, 15 6:20 PM

I could care less what the results are. I just asked a simple question. Have a wonderful night!" Nov 20, 15 9:05 PM

I could care less what the results are. I just asked a simple question. Have a wonderful night!" Nov 20, 15 9:05 PM

Southampton Town Attorney Post Is In Play

Fred Thiele's wife is hoping to become the Town attorney. " Jan 4, 16 6:16 PM

Fred Thiele's wife is telling people herself. It is no secret nor heresay. She is an attorney who practices in the Albany area." Jan 5, 16 9:24 AM

UPDATE: NancyLynn Ferrini Thiele Appointed Assistant East Hampton Town Attorney

I am curious-- if Mrs. Thiele is elected, will she and her children be required to reside in Southampton on a full-time basis? I am sure one or more of the regular contributors on this site will know that answer" Jan 20, 16 1:00 PM

When I posted this question, this article had not been updated that Mrs. Thiele was no longer interested in the Southampton position. From what I have read, she lives and works in the Albany area." Jan 21, 16 9:04 AM

Robert Albert Roberts Of Southampton Dies January 27

Is his name Raymond or Robert? " Feb 5, 16 6:47 PM

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