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Vigil For Murdered Immigrant Held In Patchogue While Trump Appears At Fundraiser Down The Road

Yes, I was personally there---and, sorry, I did not realize I had to do a headcount to justify my comment on this site." Apr 15, 16 3:34 PM

Donald Trump To Attend Fundraiser In Southampton on Saturday

Oh, great. As if it isn't crazy enough out here this time of year already." Jul 2, 16 8:02 AM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

So sorry, Maude. Evidently, you are not privy to the horrible bashing and personal attacks that occur on this site. Here you are, just trying to tell share your story and fears, and you are subjected to all of this. Beware--some of the regular hater contributors have not joined in yet! " Jan 11, 17 9:28 AM

Driver In Hill Street Crash Faces Manslaughter Charge, Was Traveling 78.3 MPH At Impact, According To Prosecutors

I did not renew my subscription to The Press which I had for 45 years because of the horrible comments and personal attacks allowed on this site. I was told by a staff member they were aware of the problem and were working on filtering the comments more. This is one of the first times I have visited this site in almost one year, and sadly, I can see not much has changed. " Apr 13, 17 7:28 AM

Yogi Bob Is Found

This story is featured in every local paper--and only on this site are few positive comments made about the happy reunion of this pup and its owner. I am always amazed at how this venue is used for nothing but complaining and trashing others. Take the time to enjoy a happy story once in awhile!

" Apr 26, 17 8:54 AM

Tickets For 2018 U.S. Open At Shinnecock Hills Now On Sale

I attended both Opens held in Southampton in the past. Both times, I was impressed with how well the access and parking were handled. I hope the LIRR reopens the stop at the College for that week. That was a great help. True, the trade parade traffic will affect coming from the west in the am and going to the east in the afternoon/pm." Jun 12, 17 9:04 AM

UPDATE: Friend Of Young Woman Who Was Found In East Hampton Overdosed The Day After Her Death

Southampton Patch has written a beautiful article and tribute to Hallie. It answers some of the questions asked here. RIP, Hallie. My thoughts are with all that love you." Sep 12, 17 7:34 AM

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Doctors Leave For Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico

I am so proud of these men and women. " Oct 24, 17 2:57 PM

Southampton Town Police Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

I always wonder when a settlement is reached if there is not some truth to the story. Why would the Town even consider a settlement if there was no discrimination or harassment?" Nov 22, 17 12:47 PM

So you are saying because she makes a good salary and has a good retirement, she should shut up and put up with sexual harassment?" Nov 23, 17 7:18 PM

Women's March Draws A Crowd In Sag Harbor On Saturday

The comments regarding this article have reached a new low. I am ashamed my hometown paper has come to this. " Jan 21, 18 7:34 AM

Thank you, 27east, for removing many of the offensive and inappropriate comments." Jan 21, 18 9:39 AM

Interesting you mention several ladies on daytime tv---but failed to mention Matt Lauer's name. " Jan 26, 18 8:57 AM

Friends Establish GoFundMe Page For Montauk Man Whose Wife Died Giving Birth

Is there any way this article can be unlocked? This story and the help and support this family needs should reach as many readers as possible. Please, no nasty comments about getting a subscription!" Feb 12, 18 4:55 PM

I understand and respect your policy. I just thought in a case like this, an exception could be made. " Feb 13, 18 10:30 AM

Bishop McGann-Mercy Diocesan High School In Riverhead To Close In June

This is sad news to me. Times sure are changing. " Mar 13, 18 12:23 PM

UPDATE: Police Offer No Leads In Thursday's County Road 39 Fatality

More than 30 comments before the loss of life was even mentioned and some compassion shown. RIP Lynn McAlla. This site attracts its regular contributors who make negative comments and are always looking to start an argument.

" Apr 5, 18 12:22 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Man Issued Six-Count Indictment From Stalking Incident At High School

Trump should be miserable everyday and should take lessons from Obama on how to be a good man and a gentleman." May 13, 18 8:59 AM

As do you. But we are talking about Trump and Obama here not making personal comments about those that do not agree with us." May 13, 18 7:16 PM

UPDATE: Memorial Services Scheduled Thursday At Funeral Home For Victims Of Plane Crash

Such horrible news. I am thinking about the families of the other two men (one so young) also." Jun 3, 18 8:42 AM

I just heard the 22-year old is the grandson of Ben and Bonnie. Just tragic." Jun 3, 18 9:02 AM

'Interdependence Day' Walk In Sag Harbor To Protest Treatment Of Immigrants

Well----here come the regular contributors and their negativity and hate. Another day, same old, same old!" Jun 26, 18 1:31 PM

Locals On Mission To Restore The Residential Nature Of The Neighborhood Surrounding Stony Brook Southampton Hospital

I doubt what will be built there will be affordable to locals. That property is south of the highway and so close to the ocean. " Aug 9, 18 7:37 AM

Silver's Restaurant Is Going To Stay In The Family After All

This is great news! To see a small, year-round family business continue on for another generation is so rare in this day and age. Congratulations!
. " Oct 3, 18 9:09 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Sag Harbor Cinema Development Rights Purchase

Maybe now that this Theater that has attracted so much attention and is now taking money from a fund that many of us have been forced to contribute to will actually benefit the community. I live in Sag Harbor and have a daughter that went through the Sag Harbor Public School system. I have been to the Theater once in 25 years, and she has never been. It has been a business that has catered to the wealthy and summer visitors and offered little of interest to most of the locals---especially the youth.
. " Oct 24, 18 2:33 PM

Press News Group, Sag Harbor Express To Merge

I hope the new system eliminates the bullying and personal attacks which have gotten completely out of hand on this site. " Jun 25, 19 1:39 PM

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