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Raucous Meeting Focuses On Fights At Southampton High School

Well said, yessiree. When a three-year student of mine told me he was going to have his father shoot me with a gun and kill me because the child was not happy with a simple school rule, I can tell you this agressive, inappropriate behavior starts way before many children hit the teenage years. Respect for others and authority, as well as boundaries, must be taught and reinforced in the homes. The schools cannot do it all. The community, families and schools need to work together to raise our children." Oct 19, 10 1:06 PM

I totally agree. However, as soon as Johnny gets in trouble, the parents race down to the school, blame the problem on another child or the teacher, etc. Many hire attorneys. These parents don't want their kids suspended because then they would have to stay home with or handle their children themselves. The school administration has little power when there is not the support of the parents. It always troubles me when a teacher or administrator spends a great deal of his/her day disciplining when their time could be much more well spent educating and nurtering those students that want to learn." Oct 20, 10 12:35 PM

Stony Brook Southampton Plaintiffs Ask Judge To Find School In Contempt Of Court

I give these students much credit and appreciation for continuing this fight. State campuses should be expanded NOT eliminated. The competition to get into any State school has risen exhorbitantly as many cannot afford the price of a private institution. It is important to provide somewhat affordable education to our children, grandchildren--the future." Oct 23, 10 8:23 AM

EDITORIAL: We Mark Our Ballot

The same contributors keep saying the same thing! Anyone who follows this forum knows their political position at this point! It is like beating a dead horse! Everyone is entitled to their opinion---but enough is enough!" Oct 28, 10 3:03 PM

I have no problem with what is said--that is what this forum is all about. Some contributors just rant on and on and say the same thing over and over. That is my point." Oct 28, 10 3:44 PM

Bishop Appears To Win In Photo Finish; LaValle, Thiele Cruise To Victories

According to all other news sources I have seen this morning, Biship has not been declared the winner as of yet. " Nov 3, 10 8:40 AM

Sag Harbor Schools Will Hold Forums on Future

And how much is the District paying these committee members? Where is this money coming from?" Dec 2, 10 1:00 PM

New Sag Harbor Teachers Contract Pays More But Bumps Up Health Care Contribution

I am so thankful this is finally done! I hope the community can as well focus on the future rather than the unpleasant past two years. " Dec 7, 10 9:47 AM

msmarple--so much for my wishing the community could begin to heal. Until you do know the facts and details, why don't you just try to enjoy the holiday season and pass around some kindness, good wishes and positive thoughts!" Dec 7, 10 1:41 PM

The pay increase is 2.5 percent NOT 5.2%. " Dec 7, 10 2:49 PM

Very misleading and you still do not have the facts right--shame on you!!!!!" Dec 7, 10 3:17 PM

The raise is not 2.5 % each year of the contract--and not all teachers received a step increase. " Dec 7, 10 3:41 PM

Bill Sutton--I believe the salary increases do not vary from 2.5% to 2.7%. What is the percentage of increases for the first two or three years? It is lower than 2.5%--true? This needs to be clarified." Dec 7, 10 4:49 PM

Katy Stewart Of Sag Harbor Dies At 12

Way too young--so, so sad, Sag Harbor loses another beautiful child and will mourn with and support this family. My prayers and thoughts are with the Stewarts and all that knew and loved Katy." Dec 30, 10 5:50 PM

Sag Harbor Student Is Intel Semi-Finalist

Congratulations to Alexa and my highest praises to Dr. Schumacher who is one of the most dedicated, talented and kindest teachers. With his guidance, Sag Harbor has had an Inel semi-finalist many years in a row. Good luck, Alexa!" Jan 20, 11 10:20 AM

Betty White Of Sagaponack Dies At Age 87

What a beautiful picture! Mrs. White was a true gem and will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are extended to her family and all that loved her." Feb 1, 11 1:51 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

After watching the video, I have my opinion as do all of the bloggers on this site. Some will agree with me--some will not. I was just so saddened by the whole video and the way Linda Kabot is being tried by the public rather than a court of law. Those that want to believe she was intoxicated take only that away from the video. Those that want to believe it was a setup will take that away from the video. I personally will wait until all of the facts have been revealed--and let the system do its job. One thing that seems evident is that Kabot is being used as an example--this alleged behavior in politicians and public figures has been overlooked hundreds of times before." Feb 2, 11 1:08 PM

I personally have witnessedl politicians, attoreys, policemen, etc. get into a car and drive after drinking. Am I condoning it or saying it should be overlooked--of course not. " Feb 2, 11 2:35 PM

Jury Verdict In Kabot Case: Not Guilty Of DWI

After the call to her from the police, then Anna made a few calls herself spreading the word." Feb 3, 11 6:00 PM

Why was rabblerouser's comment removed? Is it because Fred Thiele's name was mentioned?" Feb 5, 11 1:45 PM

Southampton Town Board Accepts Town Attorney's Resignation

By abstaining, Nuzzi and Malone are showing their total non-support of ATH. They are taking advantage of her rough week and tarnished reputation." Feb 11, 11 7:08 PM

LeSportsac To Shutter Southampton Village Outlet

Nooooooo. Not LeSportsac---one of my favorite bargain spots. I am so saddened by this news." Feb 18, 11 5:17 PM

Emma Walton Hamilton And Julie Andrews To Be Honored By Stony Brook

What a beautiful picture of mother and daughter!" Mar 30, 11 5:02 PM

Southampton Town Board Fails To Appoint New Police Chief

This Board is a joke! Nothing constructive is ever going to happen if the two very distinct sides do not work together for the good of the community. I am not taking sides as I have very little respect for any of them--but the game playing and sabotaging one another at the expense of the public is upsetting!" Apr 15, 11 3:39 PM

Stella Maris School Facing Large Deficit, In Danger Of Closing

Not one kind or sympathetic comment about our community possibly losing yet another business-and this a school--mostly caused by these hard times. I feel very badly about this and the loss of many jobs to local teachers, custodians, office personnel, etc. It is a sad day when such a sweet school that has produced competitive, kind students closes. SM is an asset to our community." Apr 20, 11 9:03 AM

Stella Maris Parents Vow To Keep School Open

I wish these families well and hope they can really save the school. If the money can be raised and a new principal/financial overseer ir appointed, maybe SM can slowly become the school it once was. It is going to be a long, hard road." Apr 28, 11 9:03 AM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

We need a whole new Board. These members do no work together in any capacity--two very distinct sides never agreeing on anything and always looking for any excuse to publicly criticize the other side. So much negative time and energy is spent in this way rather than serving and helping the public." May 2, 11 2:54 PM

Former Supervisor Linda Kabot Files Suit Against Westhampton Beach

A breathalizer test can be tampered with and manipulated; and if Linda was being targeted by the police, she was most likely afraid of this happening. " May 7, 11 12:18 PM

Stella Maris School To Close At End Of Year

All of the staff will now lose their jobs. That is the sad reality." May 9, 11 4:18 PM

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