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Hunters Take 72 Deer In First Month Of Cull In Remsenburg

"Hunter/Killer Cuomo" retained the governorship, which means 4 more years of pro-hunting/trapping, slaughter and anti-wildlife/anti-animal/anti-mute swan bills, etc and who knows what else. Rogue, animal-killer agencies like USDA/DEC, FGW, supported by the NRA and hunting industry, as well as many ignorant and uncaring members of local Town Boards and their supporters, will continue to dominate and decimate wildlife, catering to their killer pals who masquerade as "deer-loving conservationists", belonging to groups like ":Hunters for Deer"....indeed "Thugs and Hunters OF Deer", is more like it..

"Hunting one's food is not what you think. Wildlife are killed primarily for the thrill of the kill and for a trophy on the wall... And it is usually donated to food banks -- A physician and avid hunter, recently alerted health officials after he conducted his own tests on venison using a CT scanner and found lead in a huge % of samples. He said, “This is a nationwide problem.". He said that consuming lead is a problem because it is a severe neurotoxin and "What's very scary about this is you can't feel them -- they're like lead dust.” Many of the fragments are microscopic, but can still cause harm to humans if ingested."

"And bow hunting is the most cruel hunting there is. Twenty-two published scientific surveys and studies indicate that the average wounding rate for bow hunting is more than 50 percent. More than half the deer shot are never retrieved. Most of these studies were conducted by state wildlife agencies. Hunters subject countless animals to great misery and suffering before death in the name of their so-called sport.", masking a sick and perverse need to destroy other living beings...to prove how macho they are.

Caring and compassionate people everywhere, must band together to oppose heartless, elected officials, agencies and organizations such as these, still living in the underbrush, that show "no mercy".
" Nov 10, 14 8:24 PM

Preservationist Pitches Immunocontraceptive To Control Deer

Does anyone for a moment think that those who kill deer for personal amusement or gain (eg Michael Tessitore/Hunters for Deer), have any serious interest in non-lethal solutions for saving the lives of innocent animals who do no harm to anyone?

HUNTERS FOR DEER do just that....hunt for deer... and the more the merrier. So many more opportunities to show how macho and great they are!
They get a thrill from the kill and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. So thank you Preliator Lives for setting the record straight!" Sep 11, 15 6:40 PM