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UPDATE: Tuckahoe-Southampton Merger Fails At Polls

The Southampton School administration should be removed for gross in competence for even recommending this absurd merger proposal.At $ 40,000 per student we should have the brightest,best educated students in the nation.What we have are the highest paid administrators and teachers with below average student achievment.Get your priorities in order and teach and leave mergers and financial engineering to Wall Street.
" Nov 19, 14 11:02 AM

Moving tuckahoe students to Westhampton would certainly be a vote against self interest.It costs 40000 to educate a student in Southampton and Tuckahoe pays about 23000 to send their students to Southampton High School.You already are being subsidized." Nov 19, 14 1:52 PM

lamm.Sounds like you are one of those overpaid school administrators.The issue was a stupid and costly merger,supported by the Southampton School District,with no benefit to the education of the children.
" Nov 20, 14 10:31 AM

Discussion Of Village Latch Application Continues Without George Benedict

Just say no to the density plan and let them operate it as a pop-up B&B until they reduce the density to half of what is proposed. No profit,then don't do it." Apr 4, 18 3:35 PM