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East Hampton Town ZBA Denies Louse Point Revetment Proposal

Wow. Somehow dredging all that sand dredge from the Harbor is safer for the environment than a rock revenent where nothing lives? Give me a break. But then again, they'll probably will stop dredging soon too. I wish one of those houses belong to one of the ZBA members..." Apr 15, 15 6:44 PM

Man Suffers Burns After Accidentally Lighting Car On Fire To Kill Bedbug Infestation

The bed bugs probably rose from the ashes like a pheonix. Those damned things are a PIA to get rid of. Time to go back to using hot water in the washing machine. Bed bugs are on the rise..." Apr 15, 15 6:56 PM

Mystery Surrounds Four Dead Deer Found On Train Tracks In East Quogue

Were there any dixie cups with Koolaid nearby?" Apr 15, 15 7:00 PM

Delay In Application Approval Process Angers Dozens In Flanders

I think The Fishers have grounds for a defamation of character lawsuit just from that slanderous comment about their business. It's one thing to argue with or even insult a person, but when one makes unsubstantiated desparaging remarks about someone's means of making a living, they have crossed a line that could lead to a lawsuit. Stupid. " Apr 15, 15 7:17 PM

East Hampton Town, PSEG Seek Cooperation Amid Confrontation Over Utility Poles

Agreed. Never mind all the OTHER poles leaching kreosote into the ground for the past 75yrs. PSE&G did the right thing installing that much-needed transmission line between the Buell La & Amagansett sub-stations. They did not break any laws; they just pissed off the local olegarchy. They had no legal requirement to say anything to them. I don't blame them. Let them live with the coming brownouts; the infrastructure is so overstressed by all thoses building permits they had no problem approving over the years. " Apr 15, 15 7:27 PM

Friends of East Hampton Airport Ask For FAA Intervention For Safety And Access

Yeah, dead people and scrap aluminum scattered on the ground is much safer for the environment than removing some trees. How dare they ask!

Go on google earth and look at the big solar farm in the pine barrens just to south of Brookhaven Lab. How DARE they cut down those trees too!" Apr 15, 15 7:39 PM

Southampton Town Board Expected To Adopt New Noyac Road Traffic Patterns

"Dump Alex Gregor"... Another human bumper sticker. " Apr 16, 15 9:54 AM

Police: Woman Stole Credit Card, Spent Thousands At Rite Aid

Astroglide is expensive" May 7, 15 11:53 AM

Astroglide is expensive" May 7, 15 11:54 AM

Cell Tower In Springs May Fire Up Lawsuit

What a lot of people do not understand about EM - or any type of radiation is distance is much more important than emission energy level. With cell phones, your biggest does will be coming from the phone that is against your head and not the higher-powered cellular repeater. This is due to the inverse square law.

Celluar phones modulate their transmision power to accomodate the distance from the nearest tower. They do this to manage battery life and interference. What this mean is that one will get a much bigger dose from the cell phone itself when communicating with a far-flung tower than one would from a tower located next door where the phone would be operating at minimal power. " May 15, 15 3:01 PM

Riverside Traffic Circle Widening Work Probably Won't Begin Until 2018

Yes it will. Two lanes equals almost twice the traffic flow and less cars in line just to make a right turn. " May 15, 15 3:08 PM

Police Seek Identity of Woman in East Hampton Larceny

If the woman pictured is turns out to not be the perp, someone is going to get sued. " Jun 18, 15 1:27 PM

Southampton Builder Paints American Flag On His House To Exercise Property Rights

Don't you like the way these people think we are all Farrel Builders. Ignorance and arrogance: I don't know and I don't care. " Jul 22, 15 10:23 AM

Flanders Group Vows To Raise Ruckus Unless Town Reverses Course On Snowblower Purchase

It should not be. What are the elderly, ill, and indigent supposed to do? The affluent can always hire someone to do it for them. Besides, don't you think we pay enough taxes?" Jul 30, 15 12:30 PM

Police: Riverside Man Drove Drunk With 14-Year-Old In Car

A name that ends with "Z". Suprise!" Jul 30, 15 12:32 PM

Man Drowns Saturday In Big Fresh Pond

One does not float very well in fresh water than when in salt water. " Jul 30, 15 12:45 PM

Hillary Clinton To Hold Fundraisers In Water Mill And East Hampton At End Of August

They are no simply "remarks"; they are facts. " Jul 30, 15 12:50 PM

Elderly Woman Airlifted To Stony Brook Following Three-Car Crash On County Road 39 Wednesday

Unless your "light rail service" can load tradesmen work trucks and the like, it wouldnt help much. Besides, no one wants to take the train. " Jul 30, 15 12:58 PM

Train Hits Car In Southampton On Sunday

The guy probably got caught between the two sets of traffic lights with cars in front and behind. " Aug 6, 15 10:08 PM

UPDATE: Paul Hansen, Killed In Drunk Driving Accident Sunday, Is Fondly Remembered

I think Paul might have liked it if maybe one person could be saved by "restating the obvious". As far being "mean spirited" goes (a much overused expression), hello, Mr Pot; meet Mr. Kettle. " Aug 31, 15 9:36 PM

Southampton Town Will No Longer Fight Establishment Of Religious Boundary

RE: highhatsize (aka fat head): Why do you people even entertain this self-important troll? What a pseudo intellectual Jew hater." Aug 31, 15 10:03 PM

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