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UPDATE: President Trump Arrives In Southampton To Attend Private Fundraisers On East End Friday

Freddy? You back at the village?" Aug 24, 19 8:03 PM

Freddy, your inability to stand down from a moronic false narrative speaks volumes. YOU are what is wrong with this country right now. You see something in a liberal rag and spread it like gospel truth without even attempting to verify the information. (Calling a "friend" doesn't count freddy) It's small minded at best and stupidity for certain. These false stories get people killed, so if you feel I am "bullying" and "intimidating" I'll take it. Unfortunately guys like you dont have the cognitive ability to see the truth and rely on someone telling them what their version of the truth is. Then guys like you go running off at the mouth like professors of doltology, spreading lies and misinformation to other small minded believers.That is also a sign of intellectual weakness.

You have alot to say with your 2896 comments...2895 of them false and outright lies.

That's being kind." Aug 25, 19 8:38 AM

Oh freddy, you dont even know what you asked me to say yes or no to. Dementia? Cognitive disability? It's funny how you keep up with the "you're a bully...you're being intimidating....your foolish...wah way wah." Its guys like you that actually raise my already healthy self esteem. Now I'm a racist, apologist, and bigoted... thank you. Knowing that someone like yourself thinks this of me means I am the exact opposite because of your lack of reading comprehension, hubris, and general lack of cognitive thought process that amounts to small mindedness.

Between Aug 22 and Aug 23 you went on a 7 post rambling, disingenuous,
Counter productive rant about what the medical examiner said. I agreed totally that what you had cited as coming from the medical examiner and it is and was true. You just can't seem to follow along because of an apparent attention span issue.

As far as me telling you to shut your mouth. Your implication that cops are cold blooded killers was so heinous, you definitely should shut your mouth.
Or is that not what you stated? See, I can speak about law enforcement because I've been there....you speak about it, never having been, calling "friends", and because you are a keyboard commando with no experience just ignorant opinions. My "weak" argument comes from personal experience and knowledge of the NYPD patrol guide. Your argument comes from biased news services and ignorance. (And a mystery "friend" who you wont even divulge where they worked) You, and this "friend" don't even know who said what. James O'Neil is not a chief as pointed out by your buddy, does not write the rules, nor does anyone who happened to be anywhere near him...."He then added , do you see the guy standing behind the chief when he was giving the verdict, the guy writes the rules , what is a chokehold etc,my friend stated it’s just bs to deny it wasn’t." fred a. Aug 22 9:10. No chief, no rule writer, and certainly no verdict.
So now you and your friend are ignorant and I am 100% positive he never work for the NYPD.

So let me ask you a question since you are sticking to your "cite" is this cite you used true...yes or no. If yes, support your statement with proof from the medical examiner's report or any direct statement by any medical examiner involved in the case.

"Though Mr. Garner had high blood pressure and chronic asthma, Dr. Persechino, a veteran city medical examiner, stood by her finding that his death was a homicide caused by the officer’s use of force. “The chokehold is a significant initial factor of the cascade,” she said. Did the coroner say that? Yes or no? She said a chokehold. Answer yes or no. Then you can go on with your petty name calling . Yes or no. Answer"
Fred s. Aug 23 12:49

Thanks Freddy" Aug 25, 19 2:08 PM

Fore posts something benighted? Shocker....and it's the blue wall of silence. You cant even get your insults right.

One last time......

Dr. Persechino, a veteran city medical examiner, stood by her finding that his death was a homicide caused by the officer’s use of force.

Dr. Persechino official cause of death listed on autopsy report....


Facts are facts, Lies are lies, and the ignorant remain ignorant." Aug 26, 19 9:38 AM

Hey Freddy....you've already opened your mouth so much the doubt factor no longer exist.

Thanks Mark!

The village still calls...but now it asks if fore is available if you are not." Aug 27, 19 9:35 PM

Students Voice Their Concerns About Returning To School In Climate Of Gun Violence

Good Lord fred, stop repeating that lame "do nothing solve nothing" statement. Why use an obvious scenario to try and prove a point? Does not make any sense whatsoever.

And it's not the guns. Guns don't just go walking in and firing away. It is ALWAYS an individual who has one of the following. 1. Absentee parents, 2. Single mom, has been 3. bullied repeatedly, or a 4. societal loner.

That covers it. The shootings in Chicago, 1 and 2, school shootings, 1,3, and 4. Delaware 1 and 2.

Klebold and Harris. The originals. Complete opposite individuals. Harris is likable, but brags about his ability to deceive. In high school Harris becomes angry with everyone around him. Klebold is "painfully shy" but prone to verbal outburst. They were know to sit alone together and a rumor spread they were romantically involved. It is believed Harris' rage and hatred for society feed Klebold's poor self esteem and need for revenge stemming from years of bullying.
(Sources: "Eric Harris" writing, "at least we know why the Columbine killers did it" slate magazine, the Columbine papers, time magazine, the Columbine tapes, time magazine.)

Anyone aware that the two made a video of shooting students in the hallways of Columbine for a school project entitled "Hitmen for Hire" in which a teacher praised the project? You can watch it on youtube. Haunting to say the least.

So tell me...where is the gun at fault more so than society, parents, and teachers?

I'm all for gun control. I believe you need a month long course on how to handle, shoot, clean, store, and when to use your weapon. And in the course of the month you will be subject to a mental fitness test. Then you are licensed and can carry. If you really want a weapon you will have no problem going nights and weekends to attain the RIGHT to carry.

So please stop with the ban this ban that and start with the problem. Political Correctness and snowflakes. Sorry if your feelings got hurt, I'd rather your feelings hurt then people die. So if a teacher says you are a threat, you go someplace to neutralize it. Period.

Oh....if you really want to see how it works....try Switzerland." Sep 10, 19 10:16 AM

Freddy, show me where I called you a name, was it snowflake that offended you? Generally speaking a blanket statement that strikes a cord with an individual has some merit to it. You statement makes little to no sense.

"No.every persons life experiences unfold exactly how you describe it. Maybe sometimes." What? Reread my statement. Was I talking about "EVERYONE"? or did I refer to the mass shooter/shooting incidents? And where pray tell do you see some "psuedo macho bs"? Please explain. I look forward to hearing about it, or just say I'm a bully and not answer for any of your claims and statements as always.

Fore....too simplistic and useless. What does a waiting period serve? And these "red flag' shenanigans as proposed are nothing but a lawsuit in the making.

Hypothetical: red flag can be placed on anyone by who exactly? A neighbor who sees his neighbor shoot the family dog? Sounds like a good time to throw the flag, yes?

What if neighbor 1 is angry with neighbor 2 for some small perceived slight and knows neighbor 2 loves his time at the range so he calls the cops and concocted a story so they come and take his guns away. Neighbor 1 gets to remain anonymous and neighbor 2 has to fight to get his rights back.

What about the returning soldier from a war zone who suffers from PTSD, shows no signs of hurting himself or others, is just having a tough time with his time in the warzone but is getting help and is medicated and feeling better. Does he lose his rights? He served his country, would you take his guns away now?

And to think it's just the Republicans is just ignorant. It's both side. The Dems want to take away to many freedoms so the Republicans fight to keep all of them with nobody talking any sense in the middle. Please stop with the evil on one side of the aisle nonsense.

The answer is Switzerland. 47 attempted gun homicides in 2016 and a near 0 murder rate along with a over 2 million gun ownership in a nation of 8 million.

Oh...and freddy...above is the reason political correctness has everything to do with it. Do some research...or call your police buddy." Sep 10, 19 4:27 PM

Freddy, again, WHAT?

"All the mass murders had a few things in common. They were human beings, they killed people and they used guns. Not a 100% , but the vast majority"

Did I state the mass murders were conducted by anything other than human beings? Perhaps animals? Aliens? Bad tofu? And you can not state "All" and then back off with "not 100%"....is it "All" or is it sometimes?

As far as my P.C. and snowflakes statement, 1. I never backed off it, and stand by it. If your feelings get hurt because a teacher tells a parent and child after plenty of documentation, that they belong somewhere "special" to safeguard the students and the child, oh well, get over it. 2. This scenario is not Politically correct. 3. If this scenario offends anyone, they are a snowflake and should immediately find a "safe spot" and listen to Yanni for comfort.

"put where you get your facts from, there are many unreliable sources" freddy, why can I continue the debate with fore if there are so many "unreliable" sources. Fore seems to finding the same (or close) facts I am. Meanwhile YOU post "All the mass murders had a few things in common. They were human beings, they killed people and they used guns. Not a 100% , but the vast majority" an at once imperical fact statement (all the mass murders) with no factual basis that you then retreat from.

Where are your sources freddy? Mine are simple to verify, "Switzerland murder rate" "gun ownership in Switzerland"

Your "cite the source" argument has shown up in many of your past "debates" with others, such as PO boy. It always comes as the last gasps of a dying "argument".

I am crystal clear on what my rights are freddy, I have the RIGHT to own my guns. It is not a privilege like a driver's license. It is an absolute as an American. Look into and be prepared to get yourself "sad".

Hope this clears up my original post for you freddy. I never called you a name, laid out my plan clearly, and explained why I felt it was the a good plan. You got you feathers ruffled and went off rambling. Not my problem.

Fore. I would not expect you to know anything about what my "toys" are for. You are a self proclaimed pacifist who would rather pay others to fight for you, and if they happen to lose, move on to someplace else.

Have you forgotten I was part of the "blue shield of silence". Seems being a part of that club makes me care deeply about innocent lives. What have you done to protect the innocent? You paid money.

The numbers don't lie. My plan is the same today as it was days ago. Your just too dug in on the left." Sep 11, 19 9:09 AM

Climate Change Is Happening On The East End

You just can't fix stupid.

"A gun just makes killing easier"

lazy, ignorant, boorish, and dumb.

Hmmmmm....let's see, human history, in which you seem to think GOD is the perpetrator in mass murder, harkens back to....
Swords, spears, clubs, rocks, bow and arrows, knives, bombs, and fist. All items used at one time or another to stand up.

OF COURSE a gun makes killing easier. WHAT are you getting at? It's the gun that does the killing? Only a dumb @@s would think that.....mucho estupido.

Try digging a little deeper for the root of the problem, I'd lay it out but "somebody" would be offended and red ink it.

Little corner, little blanky." Sep 24, 19 12:37 AM

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