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Plans For Median On Long Beach Road To Be Topic Of Discussion

Issue is with the trucks, not the cyclists / pedestrians...

" Aug 18, 15 7:41 AM

Southampton Town Board Strategizes To Fix Speeding Problems

Max. speed limit on all Southampton town/village roads should be 35mph (with the exception of Sunrise Hwy).

" Aug 20, 15 7:41 AM

East Quogue Luxury Golf Course Developer Answers Questions

Developer has still not established any benefit to the town for creating the PDD...only mitigation of it's own effects. Why is anyone still entertaining the proposal?

" Sep 3, 15 7:42 AM


Have you ever visited The Hamptons? You really must come and see what The Hamptons is all about, truly a great place for year round residents, families, and real estate sales persons.

" Sep 3, 15 7:45 AM

Short-Term Rentals Rankle Neighbors, Competitors

Good idea by M. Epley to contact AirBnB and request that all rentals in SH Village be removed.

A better idea may be for SH & EH towns to jointly contact Airbnb/VRBO and request that all listed rentals within the area be compiled and sent to town officials on a weekly basis. This would give SH and EH the opportunity to understand the number of rentals, rental periods, etc - information that can be used to craft meaningful regulations, additionally this will help to crack down on those skirting any laws that are in place. Something like this really needs to happen.

It is not that hard for AirBnB to comply to requests like this." Sep 4, 15 7:38 AM

UPDATE: DA Will Not Appeal Dropped Felony Charge Against Driver Involved In Fatal Crash

If he was texting and driving that is a willfully reckless act. Texting and driving is on par or worse than drunk driving as more people have the opportunity to and do engage in the behavior. It's f'd" Sep 4, 15 7:44 AM

CVS Officials, Others Express Interest In Hampton Bays Diner Property

Agree - 2 pharmacies (1 local and 1 formula) already exist in Hampton Bays...no need for another." Sep 9, 15 7:33 AM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

Is there something wrong with being an actor now?

Does anyone really think that this music video is the first representation of a culture that we pretend not to like that our precious children have been exposed to? lol.

This would be a good time teach students about critical thinking and the dangers of a mob mentality..." Sep 17, 15 7:41 AM

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, you are a true and noble warrior in a confused society. Your experiences are unparalleled, we all should strive to live in your image." Sep 17, 15 8:13 AM

East Hampton Town To Spend $1 Million On Airport Legal Fight In 2015 Alone

@localEH - we all know your stance by now.... Let's try to be productive.

In an ideal scenario, where the town was working directly with all types of residents (pilots and non-pilots, business owners etc.) how would you address the issue of noise that has been caused by the increased demand for commuter aircraft coming and going to EH airport?

Noise is a problem.
How would you seek curb the increased noise levels?" Sep 22, 15 7:46 AM

Right, but this was the question:

" how would you address the issue of noise that has been caused by the increased demand for commuter aircraft coming and going to EH airport? "

So what would you do about the noise? what steps would you take to improve the (noise) situation?

You've managed to use a lot of words to specifically not answer the question.

" Sep 22, 15 10:45 AM

East Quogue School Superintendent Acknowledges Benefits From Hills Development

“They are agreeing not to stay at the property full time or establishing it as a primary residence,” Mr. Hissey said. “As a result, they will not be able to send the kids to the school.”" - Mark Hissey

This agreement sounds nice in theory but how can it be realistic? Demand for these homes would have to be so high that buyers are willing to go above and beyond in order to purchase a home. What happens if sales are sluggish? Discovery land company is not going to want to sit around and wait for buyers who will sign this agreement, they will sell to anyone who makes a fair $$ offer (signed agreement or not).

...using this 'agreement' to reassure the town that no children will attend EQS is potentially misleading..." Sep 25, 15 7:36 AM


'they are agreeing' - are you saying that some people are already agreeing to this clause?


what if someone agrees to the 'no full time residence' stipulation when buying a property and then ignores it after the purchase has been made?" Sep 25, 15 7:49 AM

Discovery Land Company Attorney Wants To Control Discussion On 'The Hills'

- Interesting quote from the letter. Apparently DLV feels that no evidence outside of their own DEIS is able to validate claims that this project has an effect on the bays or 'other things'.

" Although the Board of Trustees has no jurisdiction whatsoever over this matter, it has come to our attention that certain parties opposed to the project are appearing at public meetings of your Board alleging, without the benefit of the DEIS or any substantial evidence, that The Hills project has a direct connection with the water quality issues of the bays, among other things, and have been unfairly demanding that the Board of Trustees take an active opposition roll on the project."" Oct 2, 15 7:30 AM

Dune Deck Project Gets Under Way In Westhampton Beach

... 'will be an exclusive club'... , hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" Oct 15, 15 7:34 AM

No Kids Allowed? In Housing, Limits Have Limits

..." could be required to sign documents agreeing not to live there more than 60 to 90 days per year"

Only 90 days per year, 3 months?
So my second home would be usable for June, July, and August...After those 90 days I will happily leave my property as September and October seem like such terrible months to be in EQ. I hear the Spring is pretty bad too so I am happy not to have to worry about spending any time at my second home in April or May.
Oh and it will be nice not to have to deal with and winter holiday guests here either.

Sounds perfect...
" Oct 15, 15 7:44 AM

Dune Deck Project Gets Under Way In Westhampton Beach

your shtick as a troll is pretty weak, even by 27east.com standards." Oct 19, 15 9:42 AM

UPDATE: Rapper's Manager Disputes Claim That Assistant Principal Heard Song For Music Video

didn't have time to read the full stories on this, what did this woman do wrong!?" Oct 22, 15 7:52 AM

Just read it now and watched the video! Amazing how quickly this escalated!!

Can't believe how many people wanted to have this woman fired! Yikes, never realized so many people would want to ruin someone's career over something so trivial!

Comments section on this one reads like a tween fantasy novel written by a bunch of HS dropouts ....Smallish town...Mob mentality...defying logic...burn her!

lol, dummies. " Oct 23, 15 2:21 PM

The plot thickens!

" Oct 23, 15 5:17 PM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

That's pretty weak logic there, scottso." Oct 30, 15 8:27 AM

Three Arrested Last Week On Drug Charges Following Investigation Into Drug Sales In Sagaponack

Marijuana is called the gateway drug because just one ingestion of it can cause addiction to other, more harmful drugs, like Xectacy and crack. Not many people realize this.

" Nov 2, 15 9:43 AM

UPDATE: Three Arrested Protesting Beach Excavation In Montauk

suggested reading: The Monkey Wrench Gang" Nov 6, 15 11:23 AM

Woman Charged With Petit Larceny For Stealing Campaign Signs

If the artworks are on public property they're probably just litter. Can't have artists just throwing their work up wherever they please, even if they want to improve the aesthetics of the area around that stop sign. " Nov 6, 15 1:07 PM

UPDATE: Planning Board Proposes Second Entrance For TJ Maxx Expansion

I agree that shoplifting is a problem when it happens, but i think it should be up to local police to patrol and enforce our laws. Handing this responsibility over to Tj Maxx would be a dangerous move. Just imagine if Tj Max were able to pull you over for speeding in the parking lot or seize your car during an investigation...A fair amount of downside to this plan. Plus the training of TJ Max agents to fully comply with law enforcement practices sounds like a nightmare.

If the town board is going to consider anything it should be to formally disallow handing over the job of policing to TJ Max.

On the other hand a local TJ Max law enforcement group could be a big help to the surrounding commons tenants - I bet K-Mart would have them over their all the time as they'd be so much closer than the traditional police." Nov 12, 15 5:44 PM

I think she means that if enough people are stealing from TJ Max that it could have adverse affects on all customers. More theft could lead to: an increase in the cost of goods at the store, lowering of employee wages, customers feeling unsafe within the store, neighboring tenants gossiping about how TJ Maxx is kind of falling apart and needs to get her life back together, etc.

I'm with you though, I dont care what happens to anyone but myself and my own stuff (with the exception of some friends and a couple of nice places that i like to go)" Nov 12, 15 6:00 PM

Well, there is something wrong when people are taking it upon themselves to determine the bargain. Apparently theft is rampant at this store so maybe some of these millionaires should start paying for what they leave the store with (lord knows that they can afford it).

Seems like someone is asleep at the wheel over there. @Vikki K , can you shed some more light on the situation for us. " Nov 13, 15 2:15 PM

Ku Klux Klan Fliers Found In Hampton Bays

Obama is only half white, I don't see him really supporting the KKK, would be pretty counter-intuitive. " Nov 13, 15 2:18 PM

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