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Brooklyn man drowns, friend still missing at Cupsogue Beach County Park in Westhampton

Potential Rip Current risks were posted by the weather service......" Jun 7, 10 7:11 AM

Developer pitches casino in Calverton industrial park

You should do everything possible to place the casino there. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun contribute upwards of 450 million dollars to the sate of Connecticut in the form of taxes with alot of that money coming from Long Island gamblers. That money if placed here could reduce our school taxes dramtically if channeled directly into the municipalities and help offset thin budgets. The Grumman site is totally perfect, sparsely populated, good infrastructure. It would be a huge mistake to let Nassau County get the tax money or somewhere else. " Jun 11, 10 6:49 AM

Town Board hears from 'Tuckahoe Main Street' developer

Just look at what happened to main st in Riverhead after all those big box stores opened up on 58. Nancy Mcgann is dead on it would suck the life out of Southampton Village business district. Also the increased traffic on what is the sleepy side of the village will ruin many homes quiet use and enjoyment of their community. This is a bad idea. Mr Morrow keeps trying to develop Southampton this is the thrid different project that has his name on it." Jun 11, 10 6:55 PM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

Congrats. I agree giving recognition to the people that were here before us really absurd. But thats the government way. I hope that they can leverage this into a new and more prosperus life and provide for themselves and others, To much Long Island money goes into the state of Connecticut tax coffers. Now it can stay here and help our schools, provide jobs, pave roads hospitals etc and lower our taxes a good thing. Push for the Calveton Site its the best option and close to home. Just think of the reduced ferry traffic!" Jun 16, 10 6:35 AM

Independence Party nominates Speonk lawyer for attorney general

Its good to have real thrid choice as for to long we have been ruled by two and obvioulsy it doesnt work very well. Albany needs a big purge." Jun 16, 10 6:51 AM

Four rescued after seaplane accident in Little Peconic Bay

Its actually in front of Bay View Oaks inthe inlet to Fresh Pond. Based on the waves I doubt it was near Jessup. No one seems to be moving and i didnt see anyone in the ambulance either." Jun 17, 10 4:09 PM

Kabot's DWI trial delayed once again

Wait a minute, you get to pick your judge? What kind of garbage is that?? Time for a new venue..this doesnt pass the smell test." Jun 24, 10 8:46 PM

What your saying is that there is no continuity between justices so then its unfair in in some way? It doesnt seem right does one judge offer something different from another? We are not talking about a major trial matter like a murder or something. This is why this doesnt ring right. Its a standard matter that should be heard by any of the justices presiding at the time. Thats what I dont get...." Jun 25, 10 7:45 PM

Sag Harbor house busted for group rental second week in a row

Group rentals destroy the neighborhoods peaceful use of their property. I am not defending the property owner but sometimes these homes are rented by a couple who then do the share house for profit. The landlord then gets caught in the middle. That said there are landlords and real estate agents that cater to groups and shares and have no regard for anything except their rental income and commission. There should also be a summons avilable for those who facilitate it...." Jul 1, 10 6:10 AM

East Hampton hires appraiser for Poxabogue

Why should we buy it? CPF funds can be used elsewhere." Jul 7, 10 8:55 PM

Southampton Town planner defends Tuckahoe planned development district

the PDD or MUPDD is supposed to have a public benefit component. Just adding "affordable housing" does not meet that condition as the public have spoken and continue to speak, that they dont want it. Regardless of the chief planners aspirations, the public doesnt want it. I think that PDD and MUPDD should be placed on ballots for public votes" Jul 8, 10 6:54 AM

Condos proposed in return for saving Canoe Place Inn

SO the condos would be looking west to the Canoe Place INN?? Seems interesting and it depends on the density. I like that there are restaraunts on the water though as they are few and far between. Its a nice place to eat and watch the boats go by. " Jul 8, 10 6:58 AM

Southampton Town lawmakers walk out of discussion on MTA lawsuit

All these printed words and all they had to do was say something to the effect of: There have been some advnaces in the case that we will discuss in executive session" Really simple stuff. This is partly why the general public is leary of politicians. As a citizen in the town, based on this article I want to know whats going on with the litigation. Its not fair that I have to pay into the biggest sinkhole in NYS." Jul 25, 10 7:19 AM

Two boats collide on Peconic Bay near Robins Island

I heard that the 32footer didnt even see the small boat. I guess that they werent paying attention! To many close calls on the bay. People can buy anything they want and just drive it out and terrorize everyone. Lucky this time no one got hurt. On Monday afternoon another mayday came in from an inexperienced boater in a 36' Tiara who lost a drive. The guy didnt have a clue as to his location and or even how to read the gps to seatow. Lastly he was demanding and rude to seatow. "I want a boat here now!" and didnt even hail them right. Boats operators need to be licensed period with different licenses depending on the complexity of the vessal. Its amazing that we do not have more colliosons. " Jul 28, 10 1:16 PM

State rejects towns' offer to settle fishing license case; fall trial expected.

What a complete waste of gov money having to spend money and go to court when it has been our right all along. The east end does not receive its fair share of money that goes upto Albany or Hauppauge yet the pigs want more. Its got to stop. There should be another means of settling disputes between givt agencies. Personally I think from waht I have heard about people who work in and around the DEC thta the agency needs a big overhaul" Jul 29, 10 6:59 AM

Vice President Joe Biden vacations in Southampton

Have agreat vaca My Biden! This is a great place to enjoy!! While here take alook at our infrastructre we receive no federal dollars for highway or roadwork. Our roads are crumbling and there are people living on dirt unimproved roads that cannot afford to have them fixed. The recovery act onl;y provided funding for regional not local projects. Perhaps there is something that you could look into to help us out! Thanks and have agreat time in the hamptons!!!" Jul 31, 10 7:14 AM

Southampton Town supervisor floats cop consolidation plan

There are many redundancies the way governments are set up as such we are paying the price in taxes. Certainly if the process could be more effecient if it were merged. Why stop at Police? Theres Highway, school districts, as well as the general government. We wouldnt need Village mayors, trustees, board members, attornies. Conceptually it sounds great but it also sounds very politcal, perhaps a referendum of the people could come from this. Maybe we could succeed from Suffolk Cty and become Peconic County as part of ourproblem is we do not recive back what we pay in to them or NY State for that matter. This should start a healthy debate " Aug 5, 10 1:14 PM

Protest over Beach Hampton beach guards

If the right of ways are owned by the association then they are private property and access can be blocked as a non resident wouldnt have permission to tresspass over private property. Yes the beach belongs to everyone and you and I are allowed on it, however you may have to take a public route to get there. The question comes down to ownership of the right of way and it doesnt matter if they are maintained or not. The ownership of right aways in most beach communiites are in the individual deeds from when the subdivision was created providing access to those specifica property owners. So even if someone did not pay dues they are still allowed access over the right away. I call them freeloaders but they are out there. That said there are also many public right of ways, owned by the townships and or trusteesthat do provide for public access. Its Friday and Town hall is open so who ever is opposed to the blocking of access go to Town Hall and ask the trustees who owns the right of way, then you will know if you can or cannot access the beach from those points. " Aug 6, 10 6:40 AM

Assembly race opponents exchange accusations

I like opponents who run on the issues not on attacking each other..Stop the mud slinging and tell us how you are going to serve us!" Aug 7, 10 7:55 PM

Helicopter foe girds for battle

Forget 2500ft! its still rattles th ehouse how about 5000ft! If the helo's went around Orient Pt then over Barecelona Pt that has the fewest homes. Now they cut in over Little Peconic Bay and Impact North Sea and Noyac. Flying over many homes and communiites. South they have a stright route over Georgica Pond then down the beach. I like Franks idea growing up it was always a local small airport with no commercial operations, perhaps due to the abusive nature of it, the commercial side should end. But then what happens to those who actually own their aircraft either outright or through fractional companies. How do you stop that??" Aug 11, 10 8:08 PM

Board of Elections calls Thiele petition valid

Mr Blumethol, if mid slinging is your campaign and not the issues, please don run and waste our time. We meed politicians to run the government and find solutions not throw spears. Thiele has my vote" Aug 19, 10 7:34 AM

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