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Southampton Village begins search for Parrish Art Museum replacement

You have alot of istory and valid points. You should address a letter to the Mayor and the village board. Sounds like th eName should stay and an accounting is in order. The accounting may provide income for the maintenance of the building. It is also my understaing that the Village did all it could to maintain the museum here but the museum trustees viewed that differently. Its certainly a travesty and all the money they put into new construction certanly could have fixed th eold building and incorporated the old libray into it. It woudl have been a spetacular focal point. Very short sighted on the museums trustees part." Sep 19, 10 6:53 AM

Hampton Bays leads town in code enforcement calls

Having lived in HB for 9 years I saw a lot of overcrowded housing issues, group rental share house issues. HB is a diamond in the rough, surrounded by beatiful bay and ocean beaches yet there is an element in there. Over crowded housing, absentee landlords, drugs etc. HB needs a get tough attitude to straighten it out possbly following Mastic and become its own village. Once the rif raf has been eradicated, the hamlet could realy grow into to something realy wonderful. It has been changing but chnage is slow. Its full of hard working caring and retired people who deserve better." Sep 23, 10 6:38 AM

Southampton Town bracing for stingy 2011 budget

Need to reign in these out of control pension costs. You shouldnt be able to accrue and cash in unused sick or personal days. They need to be reset annully use it or lose it. This is what is strangling America. Job holders should take a job for its salary there shouldnt be a huge pot of gold on th end." Sep 23, 10 6:41 AM

Strong second half pushes Pierson to win over Southampton

WAY TO GO DUBS!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!" Sep 30, 10 7:03 AM

A call for PDD moratorium in Southampton Town; Supervisor willing to consider dropping controversial planning tool

The PDD needs to be abolished. WHile there were a couple of good PDD's it seems that the latest round of applicants havent demonstrated enough public benefit. Now keep in mind the developers knew of the zoning of the properties when they bought them, so they knew their potential going in. Going for a PDD is to maximize beyond what they paid for. I havent met one person who is in favor of this development tool." Sep 30, 10 1:48 PM

Rechlers pick up demolition permit applications for Canoe Place Inn

The Rechlers knew what they buying going in. They are very sophistacted investors. The PDD allows them to build more than the current zoning permits all under the guise of "Public Benefit". Let them build what is their right, the CPI has been an eyesore for a long time, tear it down. Whatever they replace it with will be an improvement and whatever is built will have more public input and cotrols in place throught the Planning and Zoning Boards. PDD's need to go away as a zoning tool as not enough public benefit is coming out of the developers need for greed to OVER maximize the property denisity and use. A True PDD benefit would be to UNDER utilize a property and leave more open public space. " Oct 2, 10 7:57 AM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

That s sad news. You would think that a big chain would have the ability to hold its lagging stores up until times are better. The village now has a big issue with the empty Libray and the defection of the Parrish Art Museum. " Oct 5, 10 7:05 PM

Does Throne-Holst have support for a Planned Development District moratorium?

The problem in the past is that alot of PDD's have gone through that shouldnt have, so the leadership that should have been exercised by the enitre Town Board has been missing. SO whileit is true the board has the power not to accept the application, the board does not have a good track record of fulfilling the communities concerns regarding them. ATH shot over the bow I think is well intended and the board should accept it so that they can straighten out their thinking before another one goes through and the people start to revolt. I think the the people will be heard at the enxt election if this isnt handled properly." Oct 8, 10 6:41 AM

East Hampton Town considers eliminating leaf pick-up

Why does East HAmpton continue to cut its tax bill when it doesnt have enough revenue to run the town? Like any business you need a baseline income stream to provide services the town is th esame way. Picking up leaves are your taxes at work." Oct 8, 10 6:42 AM

University Council supports cuts made to Stony Brook Southampton

Why am I not surprised! Can we get the $75,000,000 back please. We then could make the school private with plenty of money to ruyn a full university." Oct 8, 10 6:44 AM

Clashing ideas about jobs dominate congressional race

To create jobs we need to change the federal rules so that the feds can provide money directely to the towns and villages without going through the state. The Presidents 50 billion dollar roadworks package only helps regional projects and the stimulus act did nothing for Southampton. If you want to create jobs that will help the local people and that peole can see in action. Federal monies should be able to come to the town directly for roadworks projects and without the federal 20% match. That would help the local population and employ local contractos. Thats what we need." Oct 14, 10 6:52 AM

CPF Revenues End Streak With Dip In September

Transaction volume is up but the price point that they are buying is down hence the decrease in revenue. Under $1mm has been more active than above but this will change again in the future." Oct 19, 10 10:49 AM

Lawsuit Targets One Of Region's Oldest Farm Families

Obviously after the buyer stole the property from the Whites he wants more. By Stole i mean look at the price paid even in ten years ago rates. The lawsuit is baseless except he knows that the legal fees will bury the little guy. Not even the biggest of houses could have rented for that much each and every year to get to that value. The true east enders should take up a collection to help the Whites and we shuld protest any building or subdividng on this site by the bully buyer. " Oct 21, 10 6:21 AM

State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. Runs For Ninth Term

Has always made himself available seeking solutions to local problems. He truely cares about the East End. Now with our fragile economy is not the time for inexperience. Fred has my vote ." Oct 21, 10 6:51 PM

The Fate of the Canoe Place Inn still hangs in the balance

They are allowed to build what ever the zoning classification of the property and the same is true on the canal parcels. However trying to over develop the canal into condos under the guise of "public benefit" is rediculous. If the Rechlers wanted to give us a true "public beneift" they are multi millionaires they can donate the canal parcels to the Town for a public park and write off the donation on thier income taxes. That would be a true public benefit." Oct 24, 10 9:58 AM

Baykeeper says septics need to be improved

Like the Coastal Erosion line on the ocean, we should have the same for the bay system. Inside that line public funding should be made available to protect the environment. The line and funding should be availbe whether roads are "Private" or Town owned to stop the percolation of pollutants into the bays." Oct 24, 10 10:00 AM

Southampton Village Wins Grant To Improve Pedestrian and Bike Paths

Way to Go SHV! Obtaining Fed Funds is a good thing, why spend all of our own money?! The Town should do the same thing and try to obtain as much money as possible. Personally I have no Issue with North Sea Road and Windmill by Publik House, but bike lanes are a good idea if you can keep the cars out of them" Oct 29, 10 6:13 AM

Canoe Place Inn Developers Terminate Lease With Nightclub Owners

Perhaps they did not want a shooting like what just happened at the other club across the canal. " Nov 3, 10 12:49 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

If Altshchuler won he has nothing to fear from a recount. If the race was that close he should embrace it." Nov 10, 10 6:48 AM

Southampton Town Secures Grant, Intends To Restart Waterfront Revitalization Project

$100,000 can restart the private road program that the town had in the 70's. Reapring and improving roads 1 by 1 and adding them into thehighway system. Stormwater management is not just water running down hill into bays/creeks, it is also any road near the coastline where th ewater will perc into the bays system. Stormwater needs to b expanded and aggressively pursued. Its a great start, my applause but dont get giddy over it, go after more federal dollars all the time..." Nov 18, 10 7:14 AM

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