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Study: Merge Southampton And North Sea Fire Districts

This doesnt make any sense whatsoever. So then if it happened do the two existing North Sea Fire houses become satelites of Southampton? Where would the savings come from?? The Town has grown in both population and housing over the last decade, and we seem to have really good fire protection. So you couldnt eliminate anything. Studies are to good to find out a different perspective, but that doesnt mean one has to act upon it. " Jan 15, 11 7:12 AM

Scaled-down 'Tuckahoe Main Street' Still Finds Opponents

The traffic study needs to be performed by a third party engineer, not the developers. Second the study needs to be performed during the summer when we are at max capacity to see if the roadways can handle more. Doing a traffic study in th eoff season is really useless as well as by the developers firm. With the vacancies around I do not see the need for the additional retail around the supermarket." Jan 18, 11 7:07 AM

Bishop Earns Plum Committee Post

Congrats Tim! Your a hard worker and deserve to be at the forefront. I know youll do your best for us here on the East End!" Jan 27, 11 7:01 AM

Jury Selection In Kabot DWI Trial Slated To Start On Thursday

I still do not understand why this is "news"." Jan 28, 11 6:05 AM

Rechlers Seeking Amendments To Gabreski Airport Project

Developer wants this, developer wants that... SOS. WHy cant they build as of right? They bought or leased the property and know full well going in what can be done. If you grant them their wish, they are the only ones to profit by it and we get the legecy..." Jan 31, 11 1:41 PM

New Lane For County Road 39 Could Come This Fall

You can see, the highway creep east. Water Mill Main St will be the clog unless they condem the green. The "planners" loosely, should have created a bypass like the north fork. They have the highway and the local road. The LIRR is lightly used and the right of way is 66ft, that should be taken over and used to create a two lane truck route, which would take alot of traffic off the roadways. That would be planning." Feb 8, 11 6:45 AM

Southampton Town Zoning Board Again Delays Decision On 7-Eleven

A family restaraunt even a chain like Outback or Applebees would better serve the community. All we have are trendy restaraunts. People in Hampton Bays were upset about Friendlys which now is the neighborhood gathering spot. There is less moving traffic in these establishments as they stay awhile. It would also create more jobs for the kids in the area. We already have a 7-11 and with its transient traffick, 39 is going to become more of a mess. The application should be denied." Mar 20, 11 9:57 AM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

What about adverse possession. The beach goers and the public have openly tresspassed on this beach for the past 129 years. Cant the Town of East Hampton lay claim to that?? As a private property owner I can do that. Why not municpal?? You have an unbroken chain of open and obvioous use." Apr 7, 11 5:53 PM

Tuckahoe Building Owners Withdraw 7-Eleven Application

Thats good news. Now how about a nice family restaraunt like Friendlys, Applebees, Outback or TGIF. A place where families can go for an affordable meal in the high season. " Apr 8, 11 5:07 PM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

V. Tomanoku you are spot on. X is what highway recieves in funding and y is what you get for it. Highway budget has not grown properly with the town and highways budget is micro managed by the Town Board. Highway could pick up all your leaves and mow your lawn but then there is no money left for road repair. There are only so many dollars. So what does everyone want done?. Pick up my leaves, but leave the potholes? or fill the potholes and forget the leaves? The third glaring option is to properly fund highway operations to service the needs of the residents. Yelling at highway will do no good as they have no control over the funding instead write or email each town board member and the supervisor and let them know what services you want. Perhaps then there will be more of a shift towards properly taking care of our roads than in the past. I say more of a shift as the Town Board has approved projects of road maintenance, roundabouts etc, a change from the past, but much more emphasis needs to placed on the roads and the needs of the residents, regarding roads and property. Its an election year so forget about party voting, try voting for the candidate that will place the needs of the town first, like roads and leaves....." Apr 14, 11 3:19 PM

hamptonsnrcit. I see the crews working pretty hard, but theres is some time wasted thats driving back to the barn to and fro for lunch. two-three trucks in fuel plus their time. I dont know what their contract states travel time for lunch unless its there own time. but 10 to 12 there down the road and return 12:45ish. Looks like lunch is half hour. So it seems like 10 going 15 back or 25 minutes x 5 people per day must add up x 5-6 crews plus the trucks charge per hour. LIPA, Verizon, Cablevision you can see any of them eating lunch in the truck on the side of the road by the job. Road crews should do the same and only go back for a tool if they needed it. Also coming back for 'special pickups" after they cleared a street should also be eliminated. That is if favoritism can be eliminated. Wonder what that costs." Apr 18, 11 6:48 AM

Town Looks To Take First Step To Regulate Wastewater

Its a great idea thats long over due. After all we S__T where we drink. What the clean water coalition needs to further consider is run off from roofs into roads, ponding of water, as well. Gutters and drywells should be also be phased in at first in homes in or near environmentally sensitive areas like bay front, pond front creek front areas. Homeowners should be required to manage as much of the water run off on their property and not into neighbors or streets. A comprehensive Storm Water management plan should also occurr. More drainage is needed. As for waste water, perhaps as new technology permits, like composting toilets, the Town would provide property tax credit incentives for owners to implement better solutions. " Jun 4, 11 6:54 AM

Residents Mobilize Against Proposed Camp Expansion In North Sea

If thats true that the site is approved for 17 homes, that would have less impact on the environment than the camp. Avg 4 people per house = 68 potential persons. The only way to solve the effluent problem woul dbe if the "camp" installed its own Sewage Treatment Plant. That would slove the effluent or place it in tanks and pumped it out like the ocunty parks odes, But it doesnt solve the traffic of noise. Ive been here a awhile and I never seen a bus load of campers or anyone other than people playing tennis. Who is going to sign that affidavit? Treatment plant and limit the site to 100 persons which would be the max for the homes if they all had guests." Jun 8, 11 6:15 AM

Mecox Yacht Club Proposal Up For Public Hearing at Town Hall On Tuesday

The sailing club should be allowed. Just because a few people bought houses on Bay Lane shouldnt eliminate a public use of the bay/ I remeber the club as a kid with their colorful sails dotting the bay. I guess the people who bought those houses forgot that they were kids once. NIMBYism at its finest." Jun 14, 11 6:39 AM

Flipover Stalls Traffic On County Road 39 In Southampton

I am an rv'er and every summer we see an accidnet like this, so avoidable. To small a vehicle pulling to large a trailer. Once the trailer breaks loose there just isnt enough vehicle mass to control it. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Lucky they werent killed or killed someone in the process! There are rv'ers and then there are people with campers." Jun 23, 11 6:00 PM

Upcoming Changes For Southampton Town Leaf Program

Roads talk about roads what about all the neglected citizens that live on dirt roads? Treated like second class citizens. No maintenance, no drainage, no grading, no paving, no plowing. All the wrath is in the wrong direction, the town board supplies the money to Highway and they need to provide more funding. Thats what it comes down to. Masterson had the same problem and Gregor inherited it. So would anyone else who got the job.
Write the town board members and express the need for the highwy budget to be increased so that we can get our leaves picked up, roads paved, and dirt roads paved and maintained. This town has it easy as most of the people who pay taxes arent here but 2-3 months then they leave. This place should be spotless and its not and we pay much less in taxes than Riverhead, Brookhaven, Islip, Huntington, Southold. It all comes down to money. Perhaps Gregor can hold a public meeting and explain where the highway funds come from and what it pays for. " Jun 25, 11 7:26 AM

Emotions Run High At Town Hall Meeting On Noyac Bay Avenue Parking Restrictions

You cannot block access to the public beach. It is a town road that ends at the waterfront which is a prescious resource for all to enjoy. The trustees through the Dongan Patent work hard to guarentee accesss to what is our right to the water and restricting accessability to the waterfront creates a dangerous precedent. The folks in North Hampton can put up with it for a the few months of summer, then its all theres for the other 9 months when almost no one visits the beaches. The beaches are for the tens of thousands of other property owners who do not live in waterfront communities. It needs to be fair for everyone not just the people who live there." Jul 14, 11 6:31 AM

Southampton Town Will Need To Come Up With Millions To Meet Tax Cap Next Year

The municple pay package has to change. Being able to accrue unused sick, personal and vacation days, then cashing them out in the end is just a crime. Use your time each calender year or lose it. No pay for it on the cash out as the salary should be enough. Retiring at an early age with larger pension payouts allows another job and another municple pension. Its like double dipping. Time for the workers to pay for their health insurance like the rest of us. The budget is tight mainly do to this huge employee overhead. which is crippling governments and school districts. Its time for a change and there are plenty of people out of work to fill those jobs if the pay package isnt suitable." Jul 19, 11 6:45 AM

Truck Spills Oil on Montauk Highway In Water Mill

I gotta tell ya our volunteers are second to none. They drop everything and run, without hesitation and without pay. We live in a special place...." Jul 20, 11 8:31 PM

Noyac Road Project Won't Happen In 2011

Its a difficult corner which has become more difficult since the widening of County Rd 39 as now lots of traffic that should remain up on the highway cut through Noyac Road. Perhaps some traffic calming measures on either side of the turn would help as both sides approach at speed, traffic needs to be slowwwwedddd down and maybe that would appease everyone. As for Mr Malones comments, the town board needs to recognize the fact that our roads are in bad shape and they need to repaired. The longer we wait, the worse they get and the much more it will cost. Roads need to become more of a priority and more needs to be done about it. Roads bring tourists who bring money who provide jobs. Thats our base economy. " Jul 31, 11 10:10 AM

Gilt City East Hampton House Party Is Off

Who is the realtor involved? Didnt the people at Gilt tell them what they wanted to do? Somehow I dont think that they snuck in. These event houses ruin it for the surrounding neighbors all for profit. Wheather its a share house or a corporate house, it comes at the expense of the neighbors. Good going EHV other towns need the same fast action.

" Aug 10, 11 6:09 AM

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