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FAA's New Rule Causes Confusion for East Hampton Airport

They need to let the grant expire and close the airport in the evenings. We just had a loud Sikorsy comeover our house around 10 pm then return even louder around 10:30pm. on the way out. In North Sea. Its just ridiculous the noise. CLosing the airport at night would at least return some quiet use and enjoyment to the poeple whp need sleep and get up and work in the AM" Mar 12, 14 6:30 AM

East Hampton Town Goes After Violations At Cyril's Fish House; Cyril's Responds By Filing Restraining Order

Its those cheapy Co Ops across the street. Apparentely they forgot why they come to Montauk and want it all to themselves. If your going after Cyrils what about that Sloppy Tuna place right in the heart of down town. Im mean this is what Montauk is all about. Leave it alone." Mar 16, 14 7:24 AM

UPDATE: Bridgehampton CAC To Hire Attorney To Fight CVS Pharmacy Plan

There goes the kitchiness of BH, MCDonalds drive through should be next. BH is becoming Suburbia. While I like CVS it belongs over by Kimco and not on Main Street. Main St charm is the boutigue stores. It all started to go down hill with the Starbucks franchise..... " Mar 22, 14 6:49 AM

Im not sure that the CAC can hire an attorney being appointed by the town as an advisory committee, can only make the publics thoughts known about an issue to the full Town Board. So the CAC is involved in the planning process by developers et al seeking the publics temperature about a project. Sometimes they find out first hand sometimes as an after thought. CAC memebers are always on the look out in their hamlets. Commercilization of our rural east end is a big part of the issues across town that require input that CAC's address..Now if the CAC band together as citizens they can sue anyone they like or oppose anything in a legal way." Mar 26, 14 6:43 AM

Montauk Highway Repaving Begins This Week In Water Mill And East Hampton

I wonder if State DOT approached all other utilities to ask if they needed to bury anything. The last time the road was paved shortly thereafter i believe it was Suffolk COunty Water trenched lines in the pavement to add water lines. The trenching started eroding the road bed. Also maybe its just me but when SCWA buries pipe it seems to fall under the right tire and their pavement patch is never equal to the road bed. Couldnt they just extend the pipe another foot so it falls to the center of the lane so it doesn affect travel as much?" Mar 26, 14 6:49 AM

Energy Firms Want To Build 'Peaker Plants' At North Sea Landfill

They may wish that but its not going to happen. 500,000 gallons of diesel fuel is just a distaster waiting to happen. The off shore wind option is the only other option, or perhaps they can rent space from the Wrecklers at the airbase or they can include it in their pdd for the canal condo project." Mar 28, 14 6:46 AM

CVS To File For Special Exception Targeting Bridgehampton Main Street Site

There just isnt enough transient parking in BH to begin with much less adding another use where shoppers spend maybe 15 minutes in a store. This is going to grid lock an already jammed corner. The transient use of Starbucks, coupled with realtors coming and going, now add this on top of a 5 corner intersection is just a disaster. Not to mention tnat the corporate use destroys the down town affect BH. Cant wait to see that large CVS sign glowing red in the night. Very colonial...." Apr 2, 14 6:36 AM

Deer Slaughter Under Way In Southampton Town

Slaughter is a yellow journalistic term to get you to read papers. Do we slaughter the fish when we go fishing? I think not. Its called harvesting and perhpas if the tree huggers ageed upon a management plan long ago we wouldnt have to have them hunted down. 1000lbs of meat is nothing what is that like 10-15 deer. Keep shooting this is for a healthier population. All of our fisheries are managed. I can only take 2 stripe bass per day from the beach. What they need to do now is expand the hunting season for a couple of years and increase the limit that a hunter can take." Apr 7, 14 7:00 AM

Man Charged In Noyac Home Invasion Takes Plea Deal

Winder lane is on North Sea off of Roses Grove Road. The plea deal is totally unacceptable. When will he strike again!" May 10, 14 6:47 PM

Naval Plane Departs From Gabreski, Roars Over Westhampton Beach

Growing up its was nice seeing the f-14's fly low over the bay or roar overhead. Miss that." May 16, 14 6:23 AM

Southampton Hospital Employee Lotto Winner Is Revealed

Invest it properly so you and your wife never have to work again. Move out of NYState to a income tax free state so you can keep more of it." May 16, 14 6:25 AM

Local, State Officials Urge LIPA To Use FEMA Grant Money For East Hampton Project

If EH gets grant money then Southampton should also to pay off the $10 million we have to pay for the buried transmission line. We are just as suseptable to storms as EH." May 21, 14 6:03 AM

Southampton Village Considering Valet Parking To Ease Stress During Summer Months

Whats interesting is that the Pols all know that parking was impossible last summer, yet allowed a high volume transient use, Citarellas to open up a store front. Just look at the store in Bridge, you cant move there in the summer. Hampton Road, North Sea Rd intersection is just going to be grid locked. Perhaps instead of a dog walk park the space would be better off if you paved it and made more municipal parking on Windmill Lane." May 22, 14 6:12 AM

Meeting To Discuss Apartments In Tuckahoe

There are plenty of affordable homes just on the other side of the canal. Ranches selling in the low $200,000 you could own something instead of throwing your money away on rent. There are also plenty of first time home subsidies. The prices are low now is the time to strike." May 23, 14 6:24 AM

Lawmakers Urge FAA To Renew North Shore Helicopter Route; North Forkers Not So Eager

They fly straight through North Sea and not around Orient Point. It should be mandatory and with fines." May 29, 14 6:23 AM

Aircraft Noise Complaints Doubled This Memorial Day Weekend At East Hampton Airport

They keep mentioning Noyac but its also North Sea that is getting hammered by the Helicopters...." Jun 5, 14 6:21 AM

FAA Renews North Shore Helicopter Route

This is great but the FAA needs to mandate the around Orient Pt Route as they are cutting across from Calverton and points east on the North Fork then flying directly over North Sea and Noyac ruining our quiet use and enjoyment. There is no argument that at $3,000 per trip the extra distance is going to put a dent in their earnings. Further East Hampton Airport needs to be closed at night so we no longer have the late night over flights. You cant even sleep with the windows open and fines need to be instituted. The helicopters are for the privileged few ruining the quiet use and enjoyment of the many and they have had time to be good citizens. " Jun 22, 14 8:06 AM

Some East End Schools Weigh Eliminating Valedictorian And Salutatorian Honors

This will only solve the problem if the course work is all the same for everyone and that one student cannot take a course outside of school that would apply to their grade without others being made aware of that option. One extra credit course outside of school can kite the gpa above the students who are unaware that option was available, thus boosting them ahead of everyone else. How has this problem been solved otherwise its the same thing just under a different name." Jul 1, 14 6:09 AM

Trash Backs Up On East End Because Of Gas Prices, Heavy Traffic

The freight should have nothing to od with the passenger rail and they could possibly divert another railroad to pick it up. Again the unions holding the people hostage. Alternatively sounds like an opportunity for a trucking company to charge enough and move out the trash." Jul 16, 14 6:21 AM

Airbnb Opens Doors To A New Type Of 'Hampton Rental'

Short term and over occupancy rentals are illiegal, dangerous and destroy the quality of life for surrounding residents and lower property values. I hope that code enforcement can get on the stick track these down fine them and close them down. " Jul 22, 14 6:26 AM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

I bet a lot of the people commenting haven't been to one of these meetings. Unfortunately there are a few overly passionate people every once in a while who seem threatening when they will not stop their point and try to make their point in a nasty way. Whats the TB going to do throw pencils at them? In this modern age people have to agree to disagree in a civil way but that's just not the case. SO this is a good idea in prevention before some of these overly passionate people do something really stupid. I have seem some raging people at these meetings who have not acted civilly or in an orderly way. Selfishly taking the time away from other people who want to speak. " Aug 1, 14 6:24 AM

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