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Legislature to consider hotel tax increase on Thursday

They will just pass the couple of bucks onto the occupants. NYC tax is huge! If the eastern hotels are complaining they should try to accomodate the local year population and relax their 2-3 night minimums. I know a lot of folks could go out for a night for birthdays anniversaries etc but cant swing the extra time or money. I have no sympathy." Sep 16, 09 5:07 PM

Dead fish litter beach in Montauk, commercial fishermen blamed

Ya Know it could just be natures way!" Sep 23, 09 7:00 AM

East Hampton hears an earful on airport

No Money for the airport until they address the noise complaints. WHile it has gotten better, they can do better than 80%!. I think that there should be a cap on the number of helo flights and the landing fees need to be increased dramtically for helos to pay of rthe improvements as a result of them.Garbage the FAA has you in hnadcuffs where are our congressman and senators! The helos have single handedly ruined our quality of life. Get tough!!" Sep 23, 09 7:05 AM

Homeowners association disgruntled over charity foot race

I wonder if all those homeowners living on these "private roads" are paying for road maintenance that they do not in fact receive. I live on a "private" road, which is a dirt road and on my tax bill I pay the same rate of taxes as the Superintendant of Highways who lives on a nice paved road maintained by the Town of Southampton. I'd bet that these people already are paying for maintenance that they in fact do not receive. I want my road taken over by the town, after all we have been paying for it forever! Its toatlly unfair and I cannot help but wonder how much money the Town collects for nothing. There are 4-500 "private" roads in the township, its a big issue." Sep 24, 09 9:55 AM

East End transportation study will cost millions less than originally expected

The railroad lines need to be condemned and turned into a truck lane on the south fork. Or at the very least a town bypass like route 48 on the North Fork. I would imagine that if you were to seperate the south fork rail road line away from the rest of the operation its prbably not very profitable. This would solve alot of congestion problems on the southfork. The rest could then be handled by adding buses to the exisitng routes, which should be done anyway as its simple fast and not tremendously expensive." Sep 24, 09 10:48 AM

Oddone trial to start next Thursday

The truth will come out in the trial. The wholething is a massive tradegy. Why it happend, why no one could stop it will all come out. The folks at Bridge Golf could do the right thing and start a fund for the family they certainly have enough money. It wont right the wrong but certainly would be the better use of funds...Everyone is watching the trial. Keep reporting the news 27east." Sep 25, 09 6:41 AM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Its time to find out exactly who we need, and to rate there performance as a worker. The problem with the town is that it has not been run like a corporation with an income, or run by skilled managment. Now that the budgets are tight, and audits are happening with actions taking place, the next area are employees. Its never nice but necessary. Perhaps the next few town boards will remember this recession lesson and better brace the town for the hangover period instead of just the party!! We need new skilled managers not just lay people who win votes which is part of why we are in this mess.." Sep 25, 09 6:51 AM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

I am not for it at all. No one helped my wife and I who worked two jobs eah for years to save for our house. It falls on deaf ears when people say they cant afford to live here, you can, you just have to work for it. I dont think that the town should be wasting its resources in this area except for those who are disabled or handicapped in some way. You have to decide what is a priority in your life and work for it no more subsidies." Oct 1, 09 6:44 AM

Public questions the need for new firehouse

The town has grown and along with it the equipment needs of our brave volunteers. Build them the firehouse they need. Its the least the towns people can do for our very large unpaid highly skilled volunteer emergency personal. Just imagine if the force were paid then you will have a tax bill to complain about!" Oct 1, 09 6:47 AM

Southampton Town extends deadline for Bull's Head Inn impact statement

They should let him do it. There are also other plans in the works for other commercial properties very close by. This seems much more in character with BH and the building itself." Oct 1, 09 6:53 AM

Homeowners association disgruntled over charity foot race

WHat is the bigger issue is that these homeowners are quite possibly being taxed as if the roads are in the Village inventory yet they have not been dedicated to them. The town charges all homeowners the same for road maintenance whether or not the roads have been taking into the highway system inventory. Its taxation without representation. I cant help but wonder how much money has been collected unfairly." Oct 1, 09 6:59 AM

Club members offer $1 million for Oddone bail; trial nears start

I cant imagine how a nobody rates the trust of a couple of wealthy lawyers for them to offer to put up a huge cash bail. What if the dweeb runs?? It doesnt add up. There has to be more to Mr. Oddone than we know about." Oct 2, 09 6:59 AM

Judge issues injunction, blocks fishing license enforcement

Cant thank our trustees enough for protecting our rights. ALbany has always taken and we do not get the benefits. They have no right to govern our way of life since the boat landed at Conscience Point." Oct 2, 09 7:01 AM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

I agree real estate prices are out of whack as you are competing with New York City salaries, where they make more and buy vacation homes. This is what drives the prices out here. At the moment there is a break in the action with price declines. Yes its expensive, but you have a choice. If you work hard enough there are many homes for sale in the Hamptons Bays area. FHA allows 5% down all you have to do is save for the down payment then essentially for a little more than current rents, you own something. New York State has SONYMA mortgages and tax credit to help out. The Town is forgiving its CPF tax for first time homebuyers. Its a choice, work hard save your money and you can own a home as well. Its always been difficult. My father after WWII said he bought our first house and didnt have enough for the mortgage payment. But he made it. He hauled ice, dirt, and aything else to keep the roof over our heads. When I bought my first house I only had enough to close it and didnt have the first payment either, but I made it. It gives you something tangable to work for. Over time it gets better. This is not a government problem. " Oct 2, 09 7:15 AM

Thiele leaves Republicans, joins Independence Party

Hopefully now the pettism i Albany can stop and we can start getting are fair share of appropriations. Brookhaven gets way more federal and state dollars. We need money for our roads and someone with political will to get it. " Oct 3, 09 7:01 AM

Residents outraged over proposed windmill plan

WHile it sounds great on paper, there is definatley an astethic issue with this. We live by pristine beaches, waterways and fields. Looking at a large tower or windmill would spoil that. Zoning will have to be amended taking the view and noise element into consideration in certain areas of the town. For now a variance application is sufficient. The east end is ripe for alternative energy, but not everywhere is good for community reasons. The owner should just spend more money on solar panels and a battery bank for over night use. That would be more astethically pleasing. PS I am all for alternative energy and I dont live near there, but I know where the house is. It is a nice view now." Oct 6, 09 6:41 AM

East End transportation study will cost millions less than originally expected

True true. I would rather see the money spent improving the unimproved roads and brining them into the Towns highway system. Many year round people live on unimproved roads and are paying taxes for road maintenance that they do not receive. Its about time that the town restart its private roads program that Tom Lavalle ran. Its not fair to pay taxes for something you dont get. Town Law 200 places all the burden on the property owners on the street yet anyone can use it. Who is paying for this transportation study and where is this money coming from??. Fix what we got take care of the working class paying taxes." Oct 6, 09 6:51 AM

Kabot's proposed $78 million budget will eliminate 48 town jobs next year

Taxes will have to be raised the maximum amount for the next couple of years until an equilibrium is found. Of course this is not the sexy thing to say, but the town has been run into the ground by expanding on its excess funds from mortgage tax revenues with deaprtments not being properly monitored. The town should be run on its base tax and any extra resulting taxes collected should be utilized to build reserves and pay off debt. Time for a new managment team.....Get out and vote!" Oct 7, 09 1:55 PM

Quogue Village mayor pleads guilty to securities fraud

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Why is it a surprise. The powerful feel that they can do what they want and never get caught. Look at Spitzer and even Patterson have ventured outside their marrages. Then of course the latest smuck Madoff and the Kennedys made their money as rum runners. Motz is just one of a long line, stay tuned for the next one. Its really pretty sad when you think about it. " Oct 14, 09 7:53 AM

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