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State, Local Officials Unveil Plans For Roundabout In East Hampton Village

Having traveled a lot in Massachusetts, they use them and they work for moving traffic. They should use more of them here. Better than a signal" Oct 28, 14 6:29 AM

Bloomberg Pledges $1 Million To East End Water Quality Research

If more of the wealthy would donate here in USA instead of other countries a lot of our problems would be solved. " Nov 1, 14 3:57 PM

Southampton Town Intends To Hire Six New Police Officers Over Next Two Years

We need them as there has been more thefts in the North Sea area, speeders, drunks, and to many people txting driving over the line. You could make a career out of just Noyac Road. Station one here full time and not be a local so everyone is treated the same." Nov 8, 14 4:59 AM

Aviation Community Unhappy With East Hampton Airport Noise Report, Says Money Was Not Well Spent

Of course they aren't happy as it doesn't support them. Duh. However they cannot deny the truth that the constant bombardment of the helicopters have ruined the quality of life for thousands of tax paying citizens all for servicing the few. Smith and the helicopter council has had plenty of time to police their own, now we must do it, as they wont. Living in North Sea I can attest to the lack of compliance on any Friday Afternoon. The airport can support itself. no FAA money needed. Limit the number of available time slots they can come in, number of helicopters, and close the airport at night. Instead of fines penalize non compliance with the pilot and tail number banned from landing for a week. Then you'll see the helo's flying when and where they are supposed to. remember the citizens who have invested millions and millions of dollars into homes here didnt create this issue and we pump millions and millions more into the local economy, while the helo's take off with t heir checks and spend little. no cost benefit here. " Nov 12, 14 6:18 AM

East Hampont Town Hires Second Noise Analysis Consultant, Noise Abatement Solutions Ahead

Time slots limiting the number of offenses per hour plus closing the airport in the evenings will go a long way towards restoring the quiet use and enjoyment of the east end by thousands. Don't forget to extend the curfew to Thursday evening which is the new Friday and Monday morning. As far as the economic push back, if you estimated the cost of acquisition as well as maintenance and ongoing trickle down into the local economies, would be in the hundreds of millions. An alleged 36 million down fall is nothing compared to the hundreds of millions in investment. We go tot restaurants, stores and more so utilize year round service providers not just pop up stores that take the tourist money and run. Limit the time, limit the numbers, control the routing. " Nov 14, 14 6:28 AM

Potential Congressional Candidates Line Up Following Bishop's Defeat

We need a third party candidate as its always been the same old same old. It would be nice if the Independence party ran a strong campaign with someone. We need choices of clear thinkers for the people not party line voters. " Nov 15, 14 6:54 AM

Southampton Town Board Ditches 'Hiring Freeze' Legislation

We have to be careful than when new people are hired, that they aren't hired into the where you cannot downsize if the economy goes south. This is no different than corporate America, they fill positions when the economy is good and cut back when i t isn't. We can no longer afford permanent employees along withe their mandates. " Nov 26, 14 6:31 AM

Southampton Town Board Ready To Make Decision On Canoe Place Inn Plan

it will be interesting to see of there will be true public access at the town homes to the canalfront and parking for residents who want to go there." Dec 11, 14 12:39 PM

County Road 39 Closed Eastbound In Shinnecock Hills Wednesday Evening While Police Clear Crash

The road belongs to the county who expanded it into this mess. What they have done is move the clog east where commuters can now cut through what was once sleepy residential areas all in the name of moving traffic. Now four lanes with people speeding all the time, with intersections that used to be safe are now dangerous. The county should close down to one lane each way which will slow down traffic and deaths and leave the clog out on Sunrise where only the deer will mind." Dec 18, 14 6:29 AM

East Hampton Town, Without FAA funding, Eyes Possible Revenue For Airport

This is a huge step forward towards being a good neighbor and restoring peace on quiet back to the east end. I applaud the EH TB for listening to the people." Dec 18, 14 6:30 AM

Southampton And East Hampton Towns Adopt Plastic Bag Bans

I walk on the bay beaches most mornings and find all kinds of plastic items. One less is a big deal. Now work on the party balloons then plastic water bottles. Those next to bags I find the most of. Just google "gyres" and you see this large floating plastic island in the ocean. Get with it Southold & Riverhead stop polluting my side of the bay!" Dec 19, 14 6:48 AM

Zeldin And Bishop Differ On Effect Of CIA Interrogation Report

It was completely irresponsible in releasing that information to the public. Just go to the 9/11 museum and even if you were not directly impacted look at all the people who were. I say do whatever is necessary to insure our safety from those who wish us harm." Dec 19, 14 6:51 AM

Shinnecock Canal Redevelopment Plan Has Strong Support Among Southampton Town Board

Well I heard that Jacksons has sold. Could just be a rumor but What will it be? Condo or Marina or a Condo Marina???" Dec 23, 14 1:12 PM

East Hampton Town To Be Free Of FAA Control; Seeks Increased Revenue

This is great news. It is unfortunate that the FAA which is funded with our tax dollars, wouldnt listen and act on the complaints of the people. The FAA needs an overhaul. The people in the helicopter industry brought this on themselves as they had many years to police themselves but didnt. As far as the loss of revenue and hurting the economy thats just bunk. The people who have houses here will still commute here. The day trippers renters and tourist will continue to come, traffic or not as this is the summer place to be." Dec 28, 14 7:26 AM

Southampton Town Planning Board Opposes Redevelopment Plan For Shinnecock Canal

The Rechlers knew what they bought and what they could do with the property within its current zoning. However that doesn't provide them with enough of a greedy return which borders on rape. Raping us the year round residents so they can buy another plane and fly off into the sunset. Build a conforming use to the zoning and be good neighbors and you bought it so long ago, so cheap, that you will still get a good return on investment. The last few weeks and months Riverhead sewage district has pumped millions of gallons of poop into the bay system. Cant wait to see the "accidental spill" coming from Rechlers Plant to support there over built townhouse project. This entire plan defies common sense. The Planning Board should reject the entire concept outright and insist on a plan that conforms to the current zoning on the property." Jan 1, 15 8:05 AM

East Hampton Airport Noise Subcommittee Recommends Curfews, Complete Ban On Noisiest Helicopters

Loren Riegelhaupt comments are mute as we did just fine without them for years and will continue. The Airport is sustainable without fed money. Those who own homes or wish to visit their friends will still come. By car like the rest of us.

Remember, the helicopter operators had the ability to police themselves but did not. Smith just kept up his verbal attacks instead of educating his members of the helicopter council. they did it to themselves so now its time fore regulation. Also remember the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars invested by residents disturbed by helicopters who bought, live and spend money here, mostly on a year round basis. I applaud the boards recommendations. Finely a government with a back bone." Jan 22, 15 6:54 AM

Aviation Businesses File Suit Against FAA, Argue Mismanagement Of East Hampton Airport

Why am I not surprised. The Bully tactic which is how they have acted from the beginning. We, the residents, should countersue for the loss of quiet use and enjoyment of our properties. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars of devaluation due to the continued onslaught of the helicopters. The helicopters bring all their money back to NYC and leave little here. A frivolous lawsuit." Jan 30, 15 6:48 AM

East Hampton Town Proposes Curfews To Curb Airport Noise, Aviators See Airport's Eventual Demise

Not to long ago EH Airport was a small GA airport, that I have flown out of both charter and with friends. Flying around the "patch" was fun. Few noise complaints erupted until the airport became the helicopter hub of the universe with blatant disregard for the thousands of tax paying residents that they flew over. No one wants to shut the airport which is an overly dramatic statement but we want our peace and quiet restored, the same peace in quiet that we invested hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate. This investment pays a lot of property taxes and supports all of the stores on the east end. Im sure that the reductions in any landing fees associated with helicopters will not bankrupt the airport and its operations. Keep I mind that all of the revenue made by the helicopters they bring back to there home base, in which the majority are not from HTO. Great move by a TB that has the interests of its citizens and neighbors in mind." Feb 5, 15 6:34 AM

Billionaire Ira Rennert On Trial For Allegedly Looting Company To Build Sagaponack Estate

The house is on 63 acres. I bet that its size is less than what could be built if you add up all of the potential building lots that 63 acres would provide and the houses that could be built on it. All the outcry yet the lot was for sale for years and all the complainers should have pooled their money and bought it. Though the house is huge, I bet it has less of an environmental impact than 30-40 houses if it were a subdivision. However it is an interesting lawsuit and if true makes for a good gossipy Hamptons story. Perhaps a movie..." Feb 7, 15 9:40 AM

UPDATE: Man In Critical Condition Following Water Mill House Explosion Wednesday Afternoon

It was reported in todays Newsday that the house did not have a permit for demolition. Total demo permits usually require utility disconnects .Of course I don't know if it was a partial or total demo. Hopefully the two workers are being paid on the books so that they have workers comp for their injuries. Two very, very, lucky workers today and it could have bee much much worse. Amazing response and luck having PSEG workers nearby, including the airlift to Stony Brook. We have a great volunteer ems force!" Feb 12, 15 9:34 AM

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