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Southampton Town Board Hears Concerns About Proposed Deer Management Plan

I spoke for 3 minutes and never once mentioned safety. And how many children, residents, and pets run with the deer? Obviously you didn't attend the meeting. -Bill Baker" Dec 26, 14 8:53 PM

Hunters And Residents Continue To Butt Heads Over Deer

I believe the numbers HFD put out were 73 tagged. I know of at least 2 that were shot and not recovered, therefore not tagged. So at least 75 dead. The only real count was 85 deer and that was performed by the hunting group. The bottom line is the number killed is not accurate and the total population is not accurate. If you live in Remsenburg, you certainly will notice that a Large percentage of the herd was killed. My guess is it's north of 50%, and my guess is as accurate as any I've seen
" Jan 30, 15 1:36 PM