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Tom Knobel Resigns As East Hampton GOP Chair

Harbor - How about Potter and Lieber on the Planning Board and Whelan and Rogers on the ZBA. All big Dens that lost elections and then were given paid Board positions by Cantwell.
" Mar 9, 16 9:17 PM

East Hampton Town Prepares For Another Montauk Summer

You are "spot on". For years, Cantwell has been badmouthing Montauk. And you wonder why families have stopped coming. And you wonder why Real Estate has softened? And you wonder why businesses, rentals, and restaurants are finding it morre and more difficult to survive? Wake up Montauk - before it is too late. All you read and watch are bad stories coming out of Montauk. Marshall Prado was also right on. He said you dont overregulate everyone for the bad deeds of a few. He understands what Montauk was, is and should be. But why would you listen to someone whose familiy has been part of the history of this great hamlet." May 26, 16 8:44 AM

East Hampton Town Will Shrink Houses And Basements

Does this mean that a 30x30 living room with a vaulted cieling exceeding 15 feet gets 900 additional square feet added to gross floor area calculation?
" Aug 3, 16 11:40 AM

East Hampton Looking At $8.5 Mil New Town Hall 'Campus'

Amagansett Voter is onto something. Former administration, when putting the campus idea out there, put strong feelers out for Pantigo sale and response wasnt there.Although thte former administration secured the $550k for planning efforts, i would hold off if you are basing your construction finance on Pantigo sale at those prices. Old water treatment's value is diminished because of the activity that took place there. A lot of testing of that ground will be required before a sale is secured.
Bluff Road idea is agreat. Highly valued location." Sep 21, 16 12:06 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell Will Not Seek Reelection In Fall, Van Scoyoc Says He Is Considering Run

The next Supervisor is right under the Republican and Democrat noses - it's Alex Walters. A former Wilkinson apponted head of the Planning Board, Walters was brought in by Cantwell because he said he needed an Executive Assistant. In reality, every single person in Town Hall knows he is the one that has done all the heavy lifting in the last three years. The only problem is that, I believe, he does not have a "D" next to his name for party affiliation so the local party may defer to the lesser candidate." Jan 14, 17 8:32 AM

East Hampton School Board Formally Opposes Betsy DeVos For U.S. Secretary of Education

This is only topped by Cantwell suggesting that East Hampton become a sanctuary Town. Our local boards should put a hat pin in their egos. Why doesnt the School Board first work on their own issues - like where to put their new bus depot. Their initial thought had Cedar Street residents up in arms and their current thinking is even more scholarly. Can you imagine parking your kids buses on the old scavenger waste site - a site that, while operational, was faulted for being a potential superfund site but now, with a deal pending with the Town for purchase, not a mention of contamination or testing can be heard. Priceless." Feb 2, 17 5:43 PM

Local Lawmakers Say Immigration Enforcement Is Not The Job Of Local Police

When was this discussed at the Board level, When was the decision to refute the Executive Order made and by whom? If Cantwell says it was done in Execitive Session, it had no right being done there and that violates Open Meetings Law.. What are the ramifications of denial and should that not have been spelled out to the public. Cantwell has said before he wants to make East Hampton a sanctuary Town. Didnt Lord Larry think the taxpayers should fully understand the impact (including financial) to the Town before he maked such a decision???" Feb 17, 17 8:17 AM

East Hampton Village Mayor Makes Statement On Immigration Enforcement

Both he and Cantwell honestly believe the Federal Government cares what they say. They are way above their paygrades on this one and ignorant of the impact of their decisions on the local taxpayer. I am just suprised they both didnt coordinate for Marine Patrol to go after that Russian ship." Feb 25, 17 2:31 PM

Southampton Town Officials Talk Immigration Concerns, Plan To Clarify Policy For Public

At least Schneiderman knows where he stands. He also aligns with the Suffolk County policy of complete cooperation with the Feds. Cantwell, onthe other hand, as they say "couldnt get arrested". He issued a policy of no cooperation with Federal authorities and has implied his intent in making East Hampton a sanctuary Town. And, as typical in his past performance, has no clue what the financial impact is to the Town." Mar 9, 17 8:20 AM

Summer Camp Pays $12k Fine For Overcrowded Counselor Housing

is that the same Jay JAcobs that was NY Stae and Nassau County Democratic Chairman???

" Mar 14, 17 9:01 PM

Toes in the water has it right. that is why someone should connect the dots and see that Cantwell and Justice gave a slap on the wrist to a Party Bigwig.

" Mar 16, 17 10:39 AM

Start Date For New Southampton Town Police Chief Once Again Pushed Back

Where's the TRANSPARENCY Jay???
" Mar 18, 17 9:39 AM

East Hampton Town Tells Army Corps To Drop Soundview Beach Work

There are over 35 houses on the north side of Soundview Ave. You might as well write their death notice now. Without the re-engineering work of the Army Corp, bulkheads will fail; insurance companies will not renew policies; and properties will be destroyed. And that will happen with a strong Northeaster - not just a hurricane. Soundview Associaitons should force this to public hearing and get the full details. Once again, another Cantwell decision, abundantly lacking transparency." Apr 6, 17 8:12 AM

Democratic Primary In East Hampton Town Race May Be Likely

Zach should be rewarded by the Dem Party for the runs he had made on their behalf in the past. In addition, he has volunteered on various other platforms to make the Town better. Stack that up against Bragman, who has only argued before the Town when he was representing clients and you will see that Zach should have received the Dem nod." May 3, 17 11:02 AM

Cedar Street Residents' Attorney Blasts SEQRA Report For Proposed School Bus Depot

It's ironic that Bragman's concerns focus on groundwater protection. Not once has the Cantwell crew brought up thte testing of the groundwater at the old scavenger waste facility even though it was constantly flagged as an issue under the former administration. Now, they are considering parking school buses on top of it. Caveat Emptor. " May 6, 17 9:32 AM

Judge Says Paddle Diva Can Stay At East Hampton Marina

For the last four years Canwell's implicit mantra is business is bad. Von Scoyac will continue the same. God forbid a business wants to grow - thats bad? God forbid a local small business is entrepreneirial - thats bad? God forbid if local businesses are successful and expand their product lines - constitutes separate use? - thats bad? Wake up -There are many vibrant and successful communities where he economy and the environment get along quite well. Maybe if we allow local businesses to grow, hire and expand, more locals will remain local.
" Jul 26, 17 9:32 AM

Town Moves On Montauk Sewer System Concept

Somebody better demand some transparency - especially cost transparency - on this and who is paying for what ( downtown business district only - all Montauk - all East Hampton???). Whether required or not, this is one of those infrastructure projects that can turn into a cost nightmare. Dont rely on an accounting from Von Scoyac if the number is higher than his ten fingers and ten toes can handle. And remember when they say " a grant is paying for it", that most federal or state grants require a local match. There are no freebees. You can be sure, however, that Pio Lombardo, the consultant, has a big smile on his face." Jul 30, 17 9:43 AM

PODS Storage Facility Takes Lease At East Hampton Airport

Local EH - Not only turn down FAA money but also pay the legal costs to continuously appeal. That's a double whammy on the taxpayers of East Hampton.

" Aug 3, 17 8:09 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Village Mayor And Village Board Respond To Lawsuit

I find the Village hierarchy totally duplicitous. Because you are not a sworn police officer and have no law enforcement authority means you have no ethical accountability. The Mayor works for SCAN and runs a property protection business and there is not potential for conflict there? And shouldnt we expect from our public officials an environment that is free from even an appearance of conflict. This is another case of the pot calling the kettle black.
" Aug 28, 17 5:55 PM

In Villages And Towns, Side Jobs Are Common For Police And Officials--As Are Concerns About Conflicts

This isnt just about the police but the elected officials as well. Cantwell's optics are totally distorted because he has worked inside this bubble all his career. He worked for Rickenbach for 20 plus years - at the same time Rickenbach moonlighted in security, property protection, pool maintenance, etc.And Rickenbach's 20 plus years before politics had him working for the EH Village Police Department. Elected Officials cannot afford to have their decisions questioned even for what appears to be a conflict of interest. Monlighting is a bad practice and if you are going to allow it, it should only be allowed in those areas where no potential conflict could exist." Aug 30, 17 8:17 AM

East Hampton Wants To Buy Star Room Property, Heading Off Car Wash Bid

Where is the Grolup for Good Government when you need them. This is wrong on so many levels. The Town has roughly 10% of its land zoned for commercial use and they are taking this off the market. And the taxes that are paid because of it? and the employment it would render? We knew Cantwell was anti-business but this is a pretty flagrant demonstration of it. And using CPF money for the acquisition. And if not CPF, Town taxpayer dollars.
The other issue is Wainscott. Forget what is good for the tax base of the Town. Lets create some open space in the middle of the hamlets business district. And by the way, forget the fact that we need affordable housing; we just cant have it in Wainscott. And our school cant house any more students? Once again Cantwell and Van Scoyac cave to Wainscott. If a similar want came from Montauk, they would be ingnored.
East Hampton is going to wake up when it is too late," Sep 22, 17 8:24 AM

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