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Thiele leaves Republicans, joins Independence Party

Perhaps the beginning of change?
It’s just a thought but the Know Nothings joined and became the American Party, while attracting many members of the Whig Party, which turned into today’s Republican Party.
The Anti- Federalist Party Became the Democratic- Republican Party. Once the Federalist Party disbanded, during the election of 1912 with Andrew Jackson, the party divided into two…republicans and democrats.
Now it looks like neither party...Clearly understands…the importance of change …and so perhaps it’s up to us…to form new parties…as we head into what looks to be a long time for economic recovery for our nation, state, and townships. I can’t say whether the man Fred Thiele, is leaving the republican party for the right reasons, nor can I comment on what some of the blogs have called him …”make a deal Thiele”… I haven’t followed his career in office, to be able to agree or disagree. What I do hope is that enough people start voicing how unhappy they are with our two party system, and start demanding some real changes.
Unfortunately 911 changed our Nation, just as our nation changed during the Civil War, or how it changed after WWI, the Great Depression, and WWII . I believe we need people to stand up and say wait a minute…we aren’t the same people anymore and we need to make changes….major changes within our political parties, because truthfully they aren’t working for the average American anymore.
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