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Southampton Publick House To Close, Relocate Soon

Word is the Driver's Seat location. Should be interesting foot traffic on Job's Lane." Apr 5, 16 9:29 AM

Peconic Bay Medical Center Planning $60 Million Critical Care Tower

PBMC would've been better off continuing the East End Alliance affiliated with Stony Brook! This would have allowed the 3 area hospitals to share resources through Stony Brook instead of this massive waste of money and resources to compete for market share between Stony Brook (Southampton and E.L.I.H.) and Northwell Health (PBMC). In the end, the result is going to be increased health costs to pay for redundant facilities in competing networks. Let the "Bigger Tower" measuring begin." Apr 6, 16 3:24 PM

Southampton Town Police Chief Robert Pearce To Retire

Unfortunately, the Town Board will hamstring any Chief who comes in and tries to modernize this out of date force!" Apr 7, 16 2:32 PM

Engineers To Collect Traffic Data In Southampton Town This Week In Preparation For County Road 39 Blinking Light Program

What a waste. Let's do testing during a time of year and on days when the traffic is barely existent. I'd love to know what kind of timing those trucks get on a Friday in May or June!" Apr 11, 16 12:37 PM

Southampton Publick House To Close, Relocate Soon

Absolutely. The problem is the lack of the sewer system that is needed in order for the buildings to get the changes in usage that are desperately needed in order to vary from the typical pop-up retail. " Apr 11, 16 1:46 PM

Closing Of Sand Land's Solid Waste Processing Predicted To Affect Local Landscapers

How about the Town start encouraging development in Eastport like Suffolk County had proposed years ago, with expanded access to Sunrise Highway? It is not an ideal location, but a good way to make use of areas that are already mining and composting. " Apr 12, 16 3:08 PM

Planning Board Now Expected To Approve Remsenburg Subdivision In May

Eastport can use some development to help ease the tax burden in the area!" Apr 13, 16 11:17 AM

Southampton Town Housing Authority Seeking Purchase Of Riverside Property

The Town has dropped the ball on so many opportunities to use this area's growth to encourage LOCAL development.

Besides seizing opportunities in the past to develop the roadways to handle the onslaught of traffic, the CPF could be acquiring properties that could be used for the development of nice affordable housing for locals...look up Asset Campus Housing, American Campus Communities or Core Campus...Developments such as these would help to keep locals local and also start the wheel moving on gentrifying weak areas." Apr 25, 16 1:26 PM

Hampton Business District Is Set For Expansion

At least the Town got this one right! Now they just need some housing to support it!" Apr 25, 16 3:51 PM

Gateway PDD Proposal: An Alternative To Existing Zoning, For Better Or Worse

Finally there is a proposal for a well thought out and developed PDD that includes open space and affordable housing. MORE developments are needed like this from the Eastport area out to East Hampton. Planned Development is a necessity when the Hamptons are reaching a breakpoint. Just look through the comments on 27East and you will see more complaints of traffic, building and lack of housing for local children/graduates than ever. The population is not going to shrink until the next housing bust, so locals and transient weekenders need to accept planning and development as one notion instead of the mish-mosh of scattered thoughts that has gripped the over-crowded CR39." Apr 27, 16 12:51 AM

Updated 'The Hills' Environmental Impact Study Describes When Community Benefits Would Arrive

Face it folks, as long as land on LI has value, development is inevitable. The benefits of PDD's and Community Developments are not necessarily immense, but they are better than having individual lots being bought up by single family home builders who build up the lots without concessions. (think Farrell)" Apr 27, 16 12:58 AM

Still Plenty Of High End Rentals Available, For A Price!

Severe lack of "affordable" ($3,000/month or less) year round rentals. Sad state of affairs. The writing is on the wall for a Hamptons bubble to burst soon." Apr 28, 16 4:22 PM

West Hampton Dunes Woman Advocates For Female Faces On US Currency

Condo owners seem to have so much time on their hands." Apr 28, 16 4:23 PM

Publick House Hosts Soft Opening On Thursday Night

Can't wait to see the amount of Cover Charge he collects now to make rent. Some "Ladies Night."" Apr 29, 16 9:28 AM

Still Plenty Of High End Rentals Available, For A Price!

I don't wish it at all...what I DO wish for is a builder with some foresight who would come in (like a Farrell - but perhaps with some quality) and buy up land and develop QUALITY AFFORDABLE homes in the Hamptons and surrounding areas. What wonders and volume could be sold in the $300k to $400k range with nice upgrades! A builder with some bank roll could gentrify Speonk, Eastport, Flanders in a short few years. When you have 100 plus million dollar homes for sale just in the Village of Southampton, plus a 100 more in the Noyac area, you can see the bubble forming. Sad." Apr 29, 16 10:53 AM

First-Quarter Real Estate Reports Indicate A 'Mixed Bag'

The Hamptons bubble is going to burst soon!" May 3, 16 12:05 PM

Still Plenty Of High End Rentals Available, For A Price!

Hence, improving an area with nicer properties and a larger tax base. Why are Southampton School Taxes so low? Because you have large properties with no students attending the local school. Spread outward and improve the surrounding areas; increased property values help decrease the taxes of individual owners." May 3, 16 12:21 PM

Stony Brook Southampton Campus Shifts Focus

A "resurgence" of this campus is vital to any kind of youth remaining in the Hamptons and the employment opportunities created by a legitimate hospital will help greatly in a community filled with part time summer jobs." May 5, 16 12:06 AM

Montauk Housing Shortage Rekindles Talk Of Dormitories

The local Town boards need to wake up and see that this type of housing shortage is going to be the downfall of the East End of Long Island as a whole.

Not only are the youth leaving LI in droves (especially the East End) due to the lack of housing, but you cannot entice workers to fill jobs out here without affordable housing and an alternative to sitting in daily 2 hour morning traffic. The bubble is set to burst. Town Boards open your eyes and provide some PDD's or developments of truly affordable/classy housing. Look at Shirley on William Floyd Pkwy or the resurgence in Patchogue and follow suit!" May 5, 16 1:01 PM

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