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Southampton Town Has Affordable Housing Option That Appears To Have Been Forgotten

Well I guess it's good that the people charged with creating, maintaining and enforcing Town Code have finally decided to read it. Now let's see if they actually do anything productive and positive with it!" May 31, 16 11:10 AM

East Hampton Town Police Set Sights On Taxi Violations

UBER! Free Market competition will lead to lower fares and less DWI's. The lack of affordable transportation is what hurts Long Island in general!" Jun 8, 16 9:50 PM

This Week's Big Deal: Cedar Lane In Remsenburg

People are starting the realize the potential of the properties west of the canal:
Less traffic, beautiful vistas, lower cost to build and only 1 hour from NYC.

The overages of inventory in Southampton show the market push back and the unrealistic expectations of sellers. Combine that with 2000+ real estate agents, the inflated asking prices of the McMansions in the northern Hamptons (with every other house on the market), and the cooling off after the 2014 boom are tell-tale signs of a dramatic slow down in Hamptons re-sale market." Jun 21, 16 12:50 PM

CVS Slated For East Hampton Bowl Site

One less place for the youth in the Hamptons." Jun 21, 16 1:50 PM

Former Southampton Councilman Brad Bender Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Drug Charges

Total creep at the HGC gym locker room." Jun 26, 16 12:08 AM

Southampton Town Police Department Dispatch Infrastructure To Receive Upgrade

Southampton likes placing government facilities in trailers." Jul 3, 16 2:08 PM

Southampton Town Says Work On Good Ground Park Is Ahead Of Schedule; Facility Could Open This Fall

$4 million will surely leave a lot to be desired in this day and age" Jul 4, 16 8:02 PM

This Week's Big Deal: Sagaponack Home Sells For $12 Million

This area is over-flooded with agents..." Jul 11, 16 4:15 PM

Southampton Town Officials Meet At Triton Lane To Discuss Opening Second Ocean Beach-Driving Area

Finally, a progressive idea/alternative from this Town Board!" Jul 12, 16 12:53 PM

Eastport South Manor School District Appoints Interim Superintendent

What is the SH Town Board doing for Eastport residents and their school taxes?? Highest in the entire town." Jul 13, 16 1:02 AM

LIPA Says It Will Support Construction Of Nation's First Large Wind Farm Off Montauk

How about someone from the Press or otherwise explores the labor costs of LIPA/PSEG?? Excessive OT, 8 guys on a job site reading the paper while one guy works. Ask what the Storm Pay is for workers who are mandated to remain on shift. Disgusting. Investigating that would drastically cut down on the overhead and waste!" Jul 15, 16 12:09 PM

UPDATE: Montauk Highway At Tuttle Avenue In Eastport Re-opened; Two Injured

The intersections of Montauk Hwy and N Bay Ave as well as at Tuttle are extremely dangerous. The same goes for left turns from Eastport Manor Rd onto Old Country Rd. When will SH Town acknowledge that Speonk and Eastport are still a part of the town?" Jul 20, 16 12:58 AM

UPDATE: Four Were Injured In Crash Near College

I know the town and villages are against billboards and signs etc, but does it make sense to have some sort of signs that can alert east and westbound traffic of accidents and road closures along 27/39 and Montauk Hwy so that people can divert sooner?" Jul 20, 16 11:40 AM

Proposed Speonk Affordable Housing Project Met With Community Opposition

What is the Town doing about the ridiculous tax rate for the Speonk/Eastport residents who fall into the ESM school district boundaries? Highest rates in the town: nearly triple that of SH or WH school taxes." Jul 29, 16 9:14 AM

Thanks for the hostile comment Blank. I was simply making a point that the Town does not seem to encourage development whatsoever in this area. There have been pushes in the past for more access to Sunrise Hwy so that there would be more commercial development in the corridor, but that fell by the wayside and was never revisited. Every commercial project that is introduced is then met with opposition... I agree that density is an issue that needs to be examined carefully, but no where in this town is there foresight to see that affordable quality rentals are key to invigorating an area and also paramount to drawing youth to stay. It's circular with this Hamptons mindset... Deny development which in turn pushes businesses to set up West and then commute East and then complain about traffic. The Eastport-Speonk area has the chance to be an amazing gateway to the Eastern Hamptons but needs quality development and planning to capture the opportunity." Jul 30, 16 10:09 AM

Douglas Elliman Absorbs McCoy And McCoy Real Estate In Sagaponack

Beware of the big box real estate companies. Just another customer amongst the forest of real estate signs. Hamptons bubble set to burst?" Aug 2, 16 12:23 PM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

Rabble. Better access for a future hospital would definitely be needed." Aug 4, 16 2:40 PM

Revised Tuckahoe Center Proposal Submitted To Southampton Town

Some nice, thought out shopping centers are needed, rather than the routine tire shops, delis, and gas stations. Plan wisely and good things will develop." Aug 10, 16 9:55 AM

Public Hearing On Water Quality Addition To CPF In Southampton Met With Support

How about using these funds to lower taxes where the taxes are highest in the town?" Aug 10, 16 10:51 PM

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