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Progress Made On Plan To Link Buses, Shuttles

Can the landscapers bring their shovels with them?" Jan 30, 17 8:57 PM

Southampton Town Considers Requiring Updated COs When Homes Sell

Well that will only add months to every transfer. Can't wait to see how long the line at the Building Dept. will be." Jan 31, 17 9:14 AM

UPDATE: Stony Brook Hospital Officials Confirm Death Of Woman Injured In Hill Street Accident

Newsday is reporting on 2/7/17 that Stony Brook has stated the young girl passed away today. Sad for the families involved." Feb 7, 17 4:24 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Officials Work To Clean Up Icy Roads

Let the Hwy Dept. Overtime Flow" Feb 7, 17 8:47 PM

Rally Held By Supporters Of Tuckahoe Center On Monday; Supervisor Skeptical Of Who Turned Out

Bring in a real Urban Planner and come up with a Town Development plan that will be followed! Development is inevitable. Embrace it with a smart plan." Feb 8, 17 12:06 PM

Town Supervisor Says He Is Hesitant To Entertain Second Apartment Complex Proposal For Speonk

Is the town addressing the ridiculous school tax rate for those owners who fall in the ESM school district? SH Press please ask!" Feb 8, 17 12:17 PM

Town Supervisor Says He Is Hesitant To Entertain Second Apartment Complex Proposal For Speonk

How about the Town revisits the 27 Access that fell by the wayside? Promoting commercial development along that corridor would be a huge boost to the area! " Feb 13, 17 11:09 AM

Hamptons Real Estate Market Dip May Not Be Cause For Worry

Prices are simply too inflated in the area. New construction will drown out resale. Just wait, a correction is coming." Feb 15, 17 4:05 PM

Still No Charges Filed After Southampton Village Crash That Killed One And Left Another Injured

Hopefully, the SHVPD followed correct protocol in a serious accident where loss of life is possible and the scene was properly investigated and the appropriate coordinating departments/detectives including SCPD Homicide were called. " Feb 16, 17 8:17 AM

An Epley Renovates An 'Eyesore' In The Heart Of Southampton Village

Desperate need for quality affordable apartments in this town to keep the youth from fleeing!" Feb 16, 17 11:07 AM

Southampton Town Works To Purchase Development Rights On Farm Properties

How does this affect the taxes of the Eastport area?" Feb 18, 17 1:06 PM

Speonk Commons Public Hearing Scheduled For February 28

The Eastport/Speonk area needs a development plan by the SH Town Board! Taxes are extremely high in Eastport, highest in the Town of Southampton, but with low property values. THIS is the area where smart PDD and Commercial planning could be useful! The Town should bring in an urban planner to look at the Town as a whole." Feb 21, 17 11:14 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Pushes For Alternative To Tuckahoe Center: Assisted Living

Never going to happen. The developer would have to go through so many additional requirements for healthcare facilities. Commercial and high end residential use is way too lucrative in this area." Feb 21, 17 6:58 PM

Southampton Will Introduce Septic Mandates And Rebates As Towns Scramble To Start Water Effort

Amen. Just in time to co-ordinate with requiring an updated CO with every single transfer. As it is, you have to wait weeks for an inspector to show up 3 hours past your scheduled time window with an attitude and his/her red pen ready. What a joke. Can't wait to see the line to the Building Department down Hampton Rd. " Feb 22, 17 8:10 AM

Local Lawmakers Say Immigration Enforcement Is Not The Job Of Local Police

It is the job of local law enforcement to sit in their patrol cars behind fire houses and empty parking lots along the Riverside Traffic Circle in Flanders and drink coffee and BS. Then, at the end of the month, flood the area to write insane traffic summonses to make their quotas." Feb 22, 17 8:18 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Pushes For Alternative To Tuckahoe Center: Assisted Living

Only problem is the line for the Building Department and all of their new permits would extend to East Quogue!" Feb 24, 17 9:20 AM

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