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UPDATE: Winds, Waves Biggest Impact of Tuesday Noreaster

Safeguard your mailboxes." Mar 12, 17 3:56 PM

Driver Of Single-Car Crash On County Road 39 Walks Away From Mangled Vehicle On Sunday

Crash dummies protect those in a "floppy" state." Mar 13, 17 1:21 PM

UPDATE: Winds, Waves Biggest Impact of Tuesday Noreaster

Slow News Week = Weather Pandemonium" Mar 14, 17 8:45 AM

Peconic Bay Medical Center, Southampton Hospital Both Approved For Cardiac Cath Labs

So Southampton is going to build a ridiculously expensive Cath Lab in relatively close proximity to Peconic Bay, and then move to a new site in a few years at Stony Brook Southampton? Good Planning. But hey, what's another $850,000 right?

If and when there is an issue in one of these labs, requiring emergency open heart surgery or the like, are these facilities prepared for that then?" Mar 15, 17 8:18 AM

Grand Jury Examining Hill Street Crash While Southampton Village Residents Seek Slowdown

Sounds like the DA's office has a leak. Probably should get a grip on that." Mar 15, 17 12:06 PM

Were the victims of this accident wearing seatbelts?" Mar 17, 17 8:22 AM

Seems to me then, that an investigation and safety check should also be commenced into the working condition of the seat-belts so as to see how an ejection from the car occurred.

Not saying that this in anyway should allow the other driver off the hook, however, this could be a contributing factor into loss of life and serious injury of the victims, thus impacting the charges sought." Mar 17, 17 9:12 AM

Just have whoever paved the parking lot behind Citarella in Southampton pave Hill St. There will crater-sized potholes in no time and you will only be able to go 5 mph." Mar 18, 17 11:49 AM

Southampton Town To Tap Budget Surplus To Battle Pine Beetles

Led Zeppelin was always better than the Beatles." Mar 20, 17 11:31 PM

Final Decision Looms On Proposed T.J. Maxx Expansion In Bridgehampton

Unfortunately, CAC = NIMBY" Mar 21, 17 4:43 PM

Southampton Town Approves 38-Unit Affordable Housing Complex For Speonk

How about a plan to help ease the school tax on the SH residents who fall into the ESM School District?? Highest school taxes in the Town!" Mar 23, 17 7:38 PM

State Poised To Strip Local Authority Over Uber; East Hampton Official Warns Of 'Chaos In Montauk'

Free market competition benefits all. The lack of public transportation necessitates options for safe rides." Mar 30, 17 8:02 PM

Fishermen Call For Expanding Artificial Reefs Off Hampton Bays And Westhampton

Put Hometown Taxi's rotting cabs out there." Mar 30, 17 8:03 PM

Driver In Hill Street Crash Will Be Arraigned Next Week After Grand Jury Examines Case

Repeated use of the term "Little Jacob boy" = Creepy." Apr 7, 17 8:31 AM

In the Hamptons, The Tiny House Movement Finds Advocates Among Huge Mansions

The Towns are going to allow this, but fight every application for an accessory apartment, which would provide affordable rentals in an area severely in need??" Apr 8, 17 12:45 PM

Driver In Hill Street Crash Faces Manslaughter Charge, Was Traveling 78.3 MPH At Impact, According To Prosecutors

Not wearing seatbelts may be considered a contributing factor." Apr 13, 17 9:01 AM

Creepy." Apr 13, 17 11:47 AM

Dr. Chris Gobler Shares Opinion, Concerns Over 'The Hills' Proposal

Has the Dr. from Stony Brook Southampton researched the environmental impact of the proposed development of the hospital at.......Stony Brook Southampton?" Apr 14, 17 8:21 AM

Canoe Place Inn Developers Secure Site Plan Approval; No Timeline For Renovations

Going to be a great improvement to the area!" Apr 14, 17 10:05 AM

How about the additional tax income this will generate? 37 additional single family waterfront tax ID's plus the taxes levied on the Association's community grounds as well.

But as usual, NIMBY is the Hamptons way." Apr 15, 17 12:54 PM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Project In Tuckahoe To Break Ground This Summer

Quality affordable rentals are desperately needed on the East End!" Apr 17, 17 10:53 AM

Where do you suggest?" Apr 17, 17 3:00 PM

In Southampton, Proposed Code Change Over Police Commissioner Post Sparks Disagreement

There is only one true Police Commissioner. Tom Selleck." Apr 19, 17 12:35 PM

One Kings Lane To Open In Former Rogers Memorial Library Building In Southampton

With the option to go long-term year round. The trend is pop-up as the area becomes more and more seasonal. Local baby boomers are heading south, and our youth are leaving the area and LI in general in search of more affordable areas to live. Sign of the times." Apr 20, 17 10:49 AM

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