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New Southampton Town Police Chief Is Sworn Into Office Monday

"intends to make various upgrades". Good luck getting those through the Board. Modernization is far from priority in this Town." May 1, 17 3:28 PM

Rechlers Break Ground On Second Hampton Business District Building On Tuesday

Great development for the Town and the western areas of Southampton! How about renewing the plan for the Eastport/Speonk access to 27?" May 2, 17 1:32 PM

Southampton Town Seeks Code Change To Create More Affordable Housing

How about enticing developers to build quality communities of affordable RENTALS? The problem with the younger generation is saving up for the down payment required with a purchase. An "affordable" year round rental at a condo typically starts at around $2,800-$3,000/month. How is a young person supposed to stay local, work and save up for a home purchase? Not possible without quality rentals.

And how about making the process for allowing residents to have small cottages or basement apartments a bit less cumbersome? Could ease the burden and lure in a year round workforce." May 3, 17 4:07 PM

PSEG Power Line Upgrades Catch Eastport Residents Off-Guard

Was the option of burying the lines even looked into? Or was it simply decided to that PSEG would dig holes next to the existing poles, pour footings, and then install new poles?

How about investigating the labor costs that are driving PSEG rates higher and higher to be most expensive in the country? 6 guys watch while 1 digs. " May 4, 17 3:27 PM

Food Truck Rally Coming To Flanders This Month

I'm sure the Town will find some permitting issues. Fees fees fees." May 9, 17 11:35 AM

Southampton Town Passes 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goals For 2025

This Town runs on vagueness, lack of planning and NIMBYism. All very renewable. How about the East End Towns, Hamlets and Villages bringing in an Urban Planner to look at the area and give some suggestions, instead of elected officials with no clue guessing and patch-working?" May 10, 17 10:07 AM

Hey, thanks for the confrontational tone. But why not look at the definition then, right?:

Urban planners are predominantly concerned with the regulation of land use, development and subdivision, with the intent of achieving the desired urban planning outcome.

Regulation of land use and development is achieved via the drafting and adoption of planning instruments designed to influence the land use and built form goals of the jurisdiction. The planning instruments take the form of legislation and policy, and have a wide variety of terms across jurisdictions including acts and regulations, rules, codes, schemes, plans, policies, and manuals; and often a combination of some of these. The planning instruments often spatially zone land or reserve the land for certain purposes, presented in the form of a zoning map or plan. The urban planner is tasked with preparing planning instruments and zoning plans. Further, given urban development is rarely static and the goals of urban planning change from time to time, the urban planner will be responsible for continuously maintaining planning instruments and zoning plans to ensure they are kept up-to-date.

Consultation with the community and other stakeholders is generally desired by urban planners in most jurisdictions when planning instruments are prepared and updated. The level of consultation will vary depending on the project.

The urban planner will also be responsible for implementing the planning instruments. This is achieved through a permit process, where the proponent of a proposed development, a change in land use, or the proposed subdivision of an allotment will be required to obtain a permit, approval, licence, or consent for the proposed development or change of use. An urban planner will be tasked with considering the proposal and determining whether it complies with the intent and the specific provisions of the applicable planning instruments and zoning plans. Depending on the jurisdiction, the urban planner may have authority to determine the proposal; otherwise the planner will present a recommendation to the decision-maker, often a panel of non-planners (for example, the elected council of a local government).

While concerned with future development, an urban planner will occasionally be responsible for investigating development or land use which had been undertaken without authorisation. In many jurisdictions urban planners can require that unauthorised land use cease and unauthorised development is returned to its predevelopment condition; or alternatively retrospectively approve the unauthorised development or land use.

An urban planner may be concerned with the impact of land use, development and subdivision on the natural environment including land, water, flora, and fauna, to achieve sustainable outcomes. In order to plan effectively for long term development and growth, an urban planner will be responsible for the preparation of a strategic plan (also known in different jurisdictions by names such as development plan, core strategy, comprehensive plan, planning strategy, structure plan, etc.). Strategic urban planning sets the high-level goals and growth principles for a jurisdiction, which will in turn inform the preparation and amendment of the legal planning instruments within that jurisdiction.

So wow, imagine that? The Board gives guidance to a professional and lets them provide the strategic means to achieve that goal, whether it be preservation, infrastructure development, lessening carbon footprint, or even easing congestion. Rather than, "Joe/Joanne Boardmember" coming up with his/her own "best plan ever" concept. Crazy." May 10, 17 10:29 AM

Increased Property Assessments A Cause Of Concern For Some, Especially In Flanders And Southampton Village

ESM Taxes in western Southampton are out of control. Highest school tax rate in the Town!" May 11, 17 10:51 AM

Hampton Bays To Get Trolley Service This Summer

cuantos pesos?" May 11, 17 12:14 PM

UPDATE: Grenade Detonated At Hampton Bays Transfer Station; Roads Open Back Up

I guess it does pay off when you have one guy working and 7 guys watching!" May 12, 17 11:06 AM

Uber Could Be Rolling By Fourth Of July Weekend

Good. Southampton needs more competitive and clean options. Time for the cab companies to wake up and realize price gouging won't work forever." May 17, 17 9:27 AM

Voters Approve All School Budgets In Western Southampton Town; Eastport South Manor Board Incumbents Ousted

ESM should look at ways to lower taxes. Highest rate around." May 17, 17 4:05 PM

East Hampton Town Denies Permission To Shoot 'Summer House' At Napeague Home

The United States of the Hamptons. Not a democracy." May 19, 17 4:06 PM

New Trees Planted Along Main Street In Southampton

Nice job Professional Estate Care!" May 19, 17 4:07 PM

Sam Price Remembered For Commitment To Helping Others

Article like this should be unlocked." May 20, 17 9:14 AM

Major Eastbound Backups Following County Road 39 Accident Tuesday Morning

Would be nice if the police worked to clear roadways more quickly rather than write tickets or continue accident reports while blocking an entire lane. Perhaps a few locations where the shoulder is widened to allow for pulling off? Sometimes I think the Troopers enjoy the roadblocks. This accident occurred shortly after 8 am, yet at 9:30 the road is still blocked? At least the pickup that the red car had rear ended had enough sense to pull off of the highway. Maybe the officer wanted a couple OT hours after a 12-8 tour?" May 23, 17 12:36 PM

Uber, Lyft Will Start Operating Statewide On June 29

Excellent move! Just used an Uber this weekend after an event in Western Suffolk. The car arrived in 6 minutes, was clean with water bottles and mints and candy. The driver was a respectable young man working to pay for college who addressed us as Sir and Ma'am and drove safely. The cost was most likely half of what Lindy's or some other trash bin would've charged. And no empty bags of drugs sticking to our shoes." Jun 6, 17 12:49 PM

Southampton Town Taps Weir To Lead New Affordable Housing Office

The burden is bigger than one position. There must be incentives to have developers create quality, affordable rental communities. Look at The Reserve on William Floyd Parkway that was just developed and is booming. Condos will not keep young people in town!" Jun 7, 17 10:13 AM

Tickets For 2018 U.S. Open At Shinnecock Hills Now On Sale

Hopefully Southampton Village will come up with ways to better leverage the tourism this time. The Village should locate an area that could hold a large parking area and shuttle to the course. The Village would really benefit from some evening foot traffic that week." Jun 10, 17 1:41 PM

Friday's Race Is Set For Two Southampton Village Board Seats

When the candidates were asked if they are elected, would their leadership be as ambiguous as their campaign positions; all three responded with a definite "maybe."" Jun 13, 17 3:30 PM

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