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First Phase Of Westhampton Beach Sewer District Project Has $16.75M Price Tag

Excellent! Sewer districts, while quite expensive of course, are a great first step towards modernizing and enhancing the East End Villages. This type of improvement will allow for more wet uses including apartments for young people and conversion of empty retail spaces to cafes and restaurants. " Sep 13, 17 12:05 PM

County Legislator Bridget Fleming Hears Riders On Car Free Day On Friday

The bus stops and public transportation is a joke on the East End." Sep 22, 17 6:35 PM

Salmon Importer Turned Video Game Aficionado Sets Up Shop In Eastport

A revitalization of this Main Street would be incredible!" Oct 3, 17 8:37 AM

Southampton Town Considering Buying Part Of Tuckahoe Center Property With CPF

I wonder what it is like to live in a town with real vision and infrastructure." Oct 12, 17 10:54 PM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Police Misidentify Uninjured Driver In Thursday's Deadly Eastport Crash

Very tough stretch of road to pull out of parking lots...especially in the afternoon with sun glare. New 70' utility poles will be effective car-stopping mechanisms." Oct 13, 17 10:29 AM

Southampton Village Board May Require Top Of The Line Septic Systems For New Homes

People always look so happy in the Hamptons!" Oct 14, 17 9:44 AM

Westhampton Beach Board Of Education Unanimously Votes To Get Rid Of Class Rank

It's a gluten-free, trophies-for-everyone society now." Oct 17, 17 1:11 PM

Former Employee Challenging Gregor In Southampton Town Highway Department Race

The lack of proper curbs and sidewalks in such a affluent town is actually deplorable. At a meeting with Gregor his reply actually was “if there are no curbs now then I won’t be putting any new ones. The residents can pay for them though.”" Oct 17, 17 8:33 PM

Domestic Violence Survivor To Open Consignment Shop In Eastport

A revitalization of Eastport's Main Street is sorely needed! Southampton and Brookhaven should really get together and come up with a master plan for the area as it's shared by the two towns, but the taxes from ESM are so tax-heavy. SH TOWN BOARD, PLEASE DON'T FORGET ABOUT EASTPORT!" Oct 20, 17 11:55 AM

Plans For Hampton Bays Diner Building Are Moving Forward

Eli Manning Steakhouse." Oct 26, 17 9:20 AM

Domestic Violence Survivor To Open Consignment Shop In Eastport

SH Press Editor: Word is that a Microbrewery wanted to buy the Lloyd's Antiques store and re-vitalize Main Street. But the Towns of Southampton and Brookhaven would not approve the use, despite the Revitalization Committee's recommendation to allow the use, as the shopping district is slowly dying. Would this topic be able to be looked into? Thank you!" Oct 26, 17 10:24 AM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

A real concern is lowering the cap of contributions to 401(k) accounts to $2,400 from $18,000 annually. That is a huge reduction in available pre-tax savings that will impact MANY Americans' retirement planning!" Oct 31, 17 10:27 AM

LIRR Delays Expected This Weekend Due To Signal Work

The crossings are so raised now that it’s violent when you drive over them. Are they going to smooth them out? I’m sure Gregor has a reason why those sections of road are someone else’s responsibility to grade." Nov 10, 17 6:20 PM

Developer Files Pre-Application For 137-Unit Subdivision In East Quogue, Backup Plan To 'Hills'

Continued development of the East End is inevitable. Plan accordingly and develop the infrastructure for it!" Nov 13, 17 10:33 AM

Westhampton Beach Main Street Construction Delayed A Year To Bury Utility Lines

Smart move...Actually showing foresight and getting the infrastructure alterations done is a good plan." Nov 15, 17 11:12 AM

South Fork Community Sounds Off On Opioid Overdose Prevention At Southampton Task Force Forum Wednesday Night

Do programs like D.A.R.E. still exist in the schools? " Nov 17, 17 9:26 AM

Uber And Mothers Against Drunk Driving To Offer Free Rides On Wednesday Night On Long Island

Now this is a great move considering the lack of public transportation on LI! " Nov 20, 17 9:15 PM

Town's Lobster Inn Purchase Stalled As Officials Change Finance Plan, Bring In Private Partner

Word is it is Eli Manning. Going to be a high-end steakhouse." Nov 29, 17 8:36 AM

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