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Southampton Town Will Explore Small-Scale Power Grid

How about the fact that PSEG limits how much a homeowner with solar can introduce into the grid?? PSEG sells you power at approximately $.22/kw and buys it back at approximately $.08kw if you have a Net meter for a residential solar array. But then, once you hit a mark based on your average usage. They then cut you off from introducing more power to the grid, and then cry shortage? Where's Town Hall, Suffolk County and NYS on that?" Sep 15, 15 6:32 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

Hip Hop just isn't the same anymore..." Sep 16, 15 11:41 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Unveils $91.1 Million Spending Proposal During Quogue Meeting

What's the Town doing to lower taxes in Eastport?" Sep 16, 15 11:42 AM

UPDATE: Hill Street In Southampton Reopened After Gas Leak

Typical, one utility damages another utility and the residents pay. Looks like from the photos no mark out was done. 811?" Sep 18, 15 2:49 PM

Supervisor Presents Preliminary Southampton Town Budget

Any plans to help out the tax base in Eastport??" Sep 26, 15 8:08 AM

Overall Southampton Town Assessments Up From Last Year

What is the Town's plan to assist areas like Eastport with their tax rates? The hamlet is comprised mostly of full time blue collar workers with the highest school taxes in the town!" Sep 29, 15 10:47 PM

Services Set For Southampton Elementary School Teacher Elisabeth Hague

there is no joy in Mudville..." Oct 6, 15 11:53 AM

Southampton Town Steps Up Efforts On Workforce Housing

How about the Park Ave. Trailer Park that is in foreclosure in Eastport? The land needs to be developed badly. Eastport/Speonk could benefit greatly from development to help with the extremely high school taxes!" Oct 7, 15 12:35 PM

Shinnecock Nation Shines Light On Energy Independence

Solar slot machines???" Oct 7, 15 3:47 PM

Driver In Connection With Anna Pump's Death Says He Did Not See Her In Crosswalk

The crosswalks in Bridgehampton are very dark and tough to see due to the lack of bright street lighting and slight upward angle of eastbound Montauk Highway. The town should really consider some better lighting in the area from the post office to the intersection with the turnpike." Oct 15, 15 10:39 AM

Best Yet Market Will Gut, Expand Former Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's

While they were once a beneficial means to protecting workers, unions have now become the squeaky wheel that grinds the means of progress and economic growth to a halt. Nothing would preclude these workers from filling out an application and getting hired on merit or experience." Oct 20, 15 5:29 PM

Services Set For Southampton Elementary School Teacher Elisabeth Hague

I had your mother as a teacher in the Intermediate School and will never forget her as a great teacher and person...I'm very sorry for your loss, but remember her always praising her children and their Irish step-dancing!...in between diagramming sentences and memorizing Casey at the Bat of course!" Oct 20, 15 5:32 PM

UPDATE: New Details Emerge In Case Of Missing Sagaponack Woman

Perhaps some more signs around the Town would help! Or are political ad signs the only ones allowed? Certainly enough of those!" Oct 21, 15 11:41 PM

Governor Cuomo Signs Bill That Gives Tax Break To East Quogue Residents

What about the SH Town residents who are in the Eastport-South Manor School District???? Highest taxes in the Town of Southampton!" Oct 29, 15 8:37 AM

Mis-management and no accountability for Union workers' hours. After a recent storm and related transformer failure, the PSEG tech on-site informed me that he was on mandatory storm duty; at $1800 per day. After unplugging the old transformer, waiting for another tech to drop the transformer into place, he then plugged in the new transformer. After which he went into his truck and read the newspaper and napped. Thanks PSEG and associated Unions!" Oct 29, 15 3:42 PM

Fire Damages Part Of Oceanfront Montauk Motel Friday Morning

Insurance lightning??" Oct 30, 15 12:46 PM

Democratics Looking To Create Affordable Housing In Southampton

One suggestion would be to make the process for homeowners to create accessory and/or basement apartments easier! I recently went to the SH Town Building department to request a permit to create a basement apartment with proper egress. After waiting in line for nearly an hour, I was helped by a person at the front desk providing me with a list of needed documents. I returned the following day with the needed documents, waited in line for another 30 minutes before reaching the front and being told I needed additional plans to submit. I returned the 3rd day, waited in line and finally was able to submit. 4 weeks later I received a letter requesting additional documentation including engineered plans, HERS rating approval, and commercial sprinkler system plan. It's no wonder people do not take the appropriate steps to create legally approved affordable housing! I fully support enforcing safety regulations, but the system is clearly adverse to progress." Oct 30, 15 12:55 PM

Details Of Riverside Revitalization Plan Shared At Public Hearing

Get Bloomberg or Giuliani on it in their retirement! Have to clean up the trash with a strong police presence and encourage commercial and residential growth with underlying utilities, tax benefits and economic benefits!" Nov 4, 15 6:22 PM

Protesters March In East Hampton Demanding End To Deer Sterilization Program

The deer population is way too dense for the available natural land they need to survive. If anything, allowing them to continue to grow the population is out of balance, hence the nearly starving deer in the dead of winter. There are no natural predators to manage the population without this type of interjection." Nov 15, 15 11:43 AM

Homeowners Continue To Struggle With Unimproved, Private Roads

"She added that she would like to see the road eventually taken over by Southampton Town—especially so it gets plowed in the winter—but, at the same time, does not want to see her taxes go up to help finance the work."

Well I'd like the Town to pick up my garbage without my taxes going up. I'd also like more cable channels without my bill going up. Oh and if I could get maid service without paying for it that would be sweet too.

People need to do their homework before buying a home. If your potential purchase is not on a Town-maintained road...you must assume it will never be maintained by them!" Nov 23, 15 10:15 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

No surprise there. Just hang out at Hampton Gym Corp. and look around. " Nov 24, 15 11:38 AM

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