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Local Leaders Add Pressure To Keep Riverside State Police Barracks Open

SH Town Police's average response time is 30 minutes after the day shift.

Typically, no detective on staff unless called.

The problem here is not the staffing of a desk by the NYS Troopers, the issue is the lack of capability by the SH Town Police in their sectors.

Perhaps some of these areas need to be looked at as possible sectors for SCPD." Dec 14, 15 6:48 PM

Developer Behind Speonk Subdivision Hopes To Break Ground In Spring

SH Town needs needs needs to encourage development in the Eastport area to help offset the heavy tax burden that happens there. " Dec 17, 15 9:04 PM

Developers Targeting Land Above Speonk Plume Say They All Intend To Install Vapor Barriers

What do you suggest to help the burden of the tax payers that fall in the ESM school district even though they are in Southampton Town? " Dec 17, 15 9:06 PM

Southampton Village Voters Might Have A Say In Fate Of Proposed Sewer District

Agreed that the parking situation would need to be addressed, perhaps by adding a parking deck in the municipal lot behind rite aid. But, the Village infrastructure is in desperate need of updating. Otherwise, you will end up with buildings like those on Windmill Lane (yes the Epley family owns the old Thyme & Again building) rotting away as they are not permitted by the County to upgrade due to sewer limitations. Additionally, allowing the building owners on Windmill, Jobs, Main and Hampton Rds to expand to have rental apartments on upper floors would be a huge benefit to young locals to rent and work in the Village." Dec 18, 15 8:33 AM

Firefighters Respond to Smoke At East Hampton Gym Friday Morning

Is this an HGC location? If so, let it burn. Those places are gross!" Dec 18, 15 10:11 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Plan To Revitalize Hamlet Of Riverside

Let's see how much of this plan comes to fruition...Good ideas...But as always...execution is this town's biggest downfall." Dec 22, 15 4:15 PM

East Enders Embrace The Force At Star Wars Premiere

It's too bad the theaters in Southampton, East Hampton and Hampton Bays are so deplorable. Worst theaters around." Dec 22, 15 10:09 PM

Calone Clarifies County Position On Tuckahoe Center

How about a comment on the ALREADY EXISTING traffic issues. What happened to the testing of having the red lights remain green during rush hours?

Stop using the development of a shopping center as a scapegoat for traffic issues. The problem is an underdeveloped highway system that bogs down everyday now from eastbound contractors and the merge by Flying Point Road. How do the candidates suggest traffic is relieved with or without a shopping center?" Dec 23, 15 12:02 PM

Anna Throne-Holst Closes Out Six-Year Stint As Supervisor

Hopefully the new Supervisor will work on forgotten areas of the Town such as Flanders, Eastport, Speonk etc." Dec 23, 15 12:15 PM

Developers Targeting Land Above Speonk Plume Say They All Intend To Install Vapor Barriers

If you have a large base of secondary homes, (as in the SH Public School District), those homes will be adding to the tax base without adding to the school population. " Dec 29, 15 9:50 AM

Southampton Town May Switch To Single-Stream System For Recycling At Transfer Stations

A system that is more efficient and easier for residents???... Not in this town!" Jan 16, 16 7:58 PM

Some Fear Another Sandy Hollow Is In The Works In Speonk

I live in the Eastport/Speonk/Remsenburg area and commute to the East End for work. The need for Middle Income affordable housing in the area is necessity as anything east of the Canal is out of the question. I agree that a high density PDD is not necessarily the strongest answer but there is a need to lower the taxes in the area with a more significant base!

Editor: What ever happened to the proposed 27 Access to Eastport to boost commercial development along that corridor??" Jan 19, 16 11:12 AM

Southampton Town To Revisit Flashing Yellow Light Program On County Road 39

Good. Let's take an idea that was first supposed to be tested 8 months ago, test it in 3 months from now, likely have it delayed due to "staffing issues", "budgetary constraints", "PBA grievances" and "cone shortages", and then scrap it again until 2017.

I'm sure the membership at Shinnecock won't take issue with not being able to make left turns to make their 7 am tee time right?? It's not like any of them have money to throw around for their needs." Jan 27, 16 9:18 AM

Driver OK After Car Ends Up In Water Wednesday Morning In North Sea

Should've opted for the snorkel kit" Feb 4, 16 9:23 AM

New Group Forms In Opposition To Bridgehampton Gateway

"Ban Everything!" That vacant lot with the dilapidated Carvel is just so "charming." How about one of these "advisory committees" propose where they would actually "approve of" some sort of workforce housing, rather than just saying no to any and every proposed development? The days of country living are over here, but the businesses and estates still need workers...and those workers need affordable places to live. There are no companies out here like Google who are forward thinking and actually creating on-site apartments for their workers. Instead, these CAC's will force workers to live up west, commute and then they will cry foul about the traffic. Embrace development with progressive thinking rather than across the board bashings of PDDs." Feb 4, 16 3:27 PM

And shame on the local Town Boards for making it so impossible to create accessory apartments (either attached like in a finished basement with proper egress, or a detached cottage). The process is so unbelievably tedious and expensive that one has no choice but to hire costly attorneys and expeditors. But those estates or Farrell-esque developers who want pool houses and "carriage houses" for their staff are no problem at all!" Feb 5, 16 10:06 AM

More Hearings On Gateway Proposal Are Planned As Opponents Raise Concerns On Tuesday

Wow. It's so much better to have tire shops, or pop up nurseries, or used car dealerships, or discount appliance stores. Year round housing is absolutely needed in this town. Agreed that the environmental aspect should be addressed, but remember that sewer treatment plants are a good thing! It is time to show those semi-retirees with their Starbucks cards and work out attire who are simply protesting any kind of advancement or development that this town realizes the population boom and the need for housing and shopping for the local workers and youth so that they actually can live in the area!" Feb 10, 16 12:06 PM

Farrell Building Adds Shovel-Ready Packages

Speonk and Eastport could use some nice residential development." Feb 22, 16 7:44 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Ready To Hand Over Beach Permit Duties To Villages

Spoken like a true former out voted trustee" Feb 22, 16 7:58 PM

Southampton Town To Test Blinking Light System To Reduce Traffic

A 3 day test that will go nowhere I'm sure. With the heavy load of construction that is on-going in Southampton, Bridgehampton and East Hampton, let us all prepare for spring and summer commutes that will be worse than ever. The only real fix is to devise an alternative route East such as a bypass, or a way to increase the number of lanes instead of the merge at Flying Point Rd." Feb 29, 16 10:11 PM

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