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Stony Brook Southampton committee discusses expanding arts, marine sciences programs

So what if the Shinnecock Nation leased the land from SUNY and built its casino there? Getting a portion of the take would make SUNY one of the wealthiest educational institutions in the world, no more grubbing to Paterson, Thele or Lavalle or any other clowns in Albany for money. " Jul 29, 10 9:32 PM

Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

Tim Bishop works very hard for his district. There are stimulus jobs aplenty here. He has made sure the health care legislation did not hurt CD1 residents before voting for it.
He is not a rubber stamp, and he does bring home the bacon. He worked for this job-he did not buy it with millions gleaned from throwing Americans out of work.
Thank you CD1 voters for seeing through the craziness.
" Dec 8, 10 12:12 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

This should be instructive for those of us that consume alcohol away from home and then wonder how to get back safely.
The answer is: Take a cab.
Need a memory aid?
Take a KAB!" Feb 2, 11 12:37 PM

Police: Molotov Cocktail Placed In Front Of Southampton Highway Superintendent's House

This is much more serious than a Halloween prank. To me, it's a premeditated attempt to 'do away' with Mr. Gregor: attempted murder.
The Southampton Highway Department has had a history of effigy hangings and death threats in the past. This little deal escalates the madness.
The people involved MUST be caught and brought to justice! There can be no excuse for not finding these guys. " Jun 27, 11 9:10 PM

Kabot To Wage Write-In Campaign Against Throne-Holst For Southampton Supervisor

Whoever was in that YouTube video driving a Camry was in my opinion good and drunk and should have been convicted of same. "I was framed" is what all the inmates say. Honey, if that was you in the Camry, you got your big break. Don't push it." Sep 22, 11 7:48 AM

Hampton Bays Civic Renews Talks Of Incorporation

Mastic Beach has fewer resources than Hampton Bays, and bigger problems. They incorporated about 2 years ago. The village has had no increase in taxes in that time. Why? The village board sticks to their knitting. Their code enforcement has pressured the crack houses etc. out of town.

Go to this meeting. Keep an open mind. Inform yourselves.

For example, the Hampton Bays Water District must have all its spending, bonding, etc. done by the Southampton Town Board. What does someone from Sag Harbor really care about us? Or someone from Southampton, Noyack, Westhampton, Speonk, yadda yadda? No. We need to take our political affairs into our own hands. Go to the meeting! " Jan 23, 13 8:51 PM

Town Board Rejects First Draft Of Canoe Place Inn Report

Can't wait for Tide Runners to close.
Too much noise, laws never enforced.
Give me a village. " Jan 23, 13 8:56 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves CPI And Canal Development Project

Very positive result from a long process. Hampton Bays lives!" Jan 13, 15 4:46 PM

Hampton Bays Village Exploration Pushes Ahead With Incorporation Plans

Yes! Join us at one of our Monday meetings and join us at our Hall of Fame fundraiser at Oakland's on Thursday Sept 10 6-9 pm. " Aug 18, 15 10:46 AM

I understand what you are saying but I think a village gives us local control over local issues as mentioned by westhamptonboy above. " Aug 18, 15 10:50 AM

Jennifer Garvey To Lead New Water Quality Research Center At Stony Brook

Congratulations Jennifer! You have performed admirably in Anna's office and I am sure you will do well in the Stony Brook job. All the very best. " Oct 6, 15 8:06 AM

Around Town Hall: Southampton Relaunches Airport Noise Committee

Helicopters fly over Hampton Bays to and from everywhere else in the Town. Yeah yeah Hampton Bays whining again? Yup. We get the noise, someone else gets to "represent" our issues. Thanks for forgetting us once again Southampton Town!" Oct 15, 15 7:51 AM

Guardsman Reunites With Children At Hampton Bays Elementary School

Fantastic! Nice work on setting this up!" Feb 14, 16 9:31 AM

Councilman Stan Glinka, Councilwoman Julie Lofstad Discuss Future Of Hampton Bays

Loved the moment when someone began complaining about the construction of Good Ground Park and the Civic Assoc lady ripped the mike right out of her hand. " Mar 29, 16 4:19 PM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

"stabbing" reportedly means they were holding vic #1 down whilst opening up his guts so he could watch himself die. Nice ISIS type touch. Vic #2 came to vic#1 aid and got cut up for it. " May 23, 16 5:54 PM

State Suspends Liquor License For Charlie Brown's In Hampton Bays In Wake Of Double Stabbing

Why wouldn't they charge the guys with attempted murder? They allegedly slit the victim's abdomen open, not a recoverable wound if ignored for even a short time. " Jun 22, 16 2:36 PM

Hampton Bays Bar Will Reopen With New Name, Owner

Best of luck! PS: Dont let the trolls wear you down lol. " Nov 9, 16 8:18 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

Thank you Julie and John.
My first question on this project was How does a private golf course produce a public benefit?
My second question has to do with the developers themselves. I went to one of their information sessions. I was never greeted, glad-handed, introduced to the principals and I never even got a name tag. Nobody ever reached out to me to discuss anything. The hors d'oeuvres were tasteless cardboard. The question is If these guys can't run a professional schmooze, how on earth can keep the water clean? They do not seem to have the finer points of their work under control. " Dec 5, 17 5:20 PM

East End May Lay Claim To The First American Flag

Are replicas of this fine flag available? They were during the Bicentennial. It would be great to see more of them around.
Someone is trying to submit a 13-star flag as the original. 5-pointed stars arranged horizontally in a 3-2-3-2-3 pattern looking a lot like the Star Spangled Banner of 15 stars and stripes.
It is used in the US Olympic Committee logo.
Didn’t Betsy Ross introduce the 5-pointed star as a manufacturing shortcut?
Anyway, I have no problem believing that the Hurlbut flag is the real original." Jun 18, 19 5:05 PM