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Southampton School District Proposes Five-Year Tuition Deal To Tuckahoe

What on earth are you even talking about? Tuckahoe gave Southampton an exclusive then tried to implement a merger which was voted down twice. You act as though Tuckahoe is playing coy with Southampton - they have been all in since the get-go with no plan B.

No matter how you look at it, the school district with no high school is not holding the district with the high school ''hostage''. The irony of your statement beginning with ''Let's stop all the drama'', which you follow up with dramatic falsehoods is astounding." Jan 17, 15 9:44 AM

UPDATE: Travel Restrictions Lifted But Residents Asked To Stay Off Roadways As Recovery Continues

How is all severe weather blamed on global warming, but when it comes to severe cold/blizzards - it's climate vs. weather?" Jan 27, 15 1:54 PM

Tuckahoe-Southampton Tuition Decision Postponed

You cannot prove that Southampton property owners' taxes will increase because of this offer by Southampton. You're full of it with that Redistribution of wealth nonsense. Perhaps a little less Glenn Beck and a little more Valerian Root." Jan 27, 15 4:38 PM

You are much like one of Pavlov's traumatized dogs. You'd be right on the money with that comment, if there was a merger, and if SH had to take $10m out of the bank and if Tuckahoe wasn't paying it's own way. Other than that you wow us with your grasp of the issues at hand." Jan 28, 15 7:21 AM

Oh, I can explain that. They call each other, figure out a meeting place, go there, meet and discuss the term and price of the offer that SH made. They then announce their decision to you and Tuckahoe will vote on it. This is going to jar you a bit. but it is totally and utterly out of your control." Jan 28, 15 7:23 AM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

Columbus deserves the credit or blame only for what he actually did: which was to discover a route that permanently linked the shores of the Atlantic and to contribute -perhap more than any other individual – to the long process by which once sundered peoples of the world were brought together in a single network of communications, which exposed them to the perils and benefits of mutual contagion and exchange. Whether or not one regards this as meritorious achievement, there was a genuine touch of heroism in it – both in the scale of its effects and in the boldness which inspired it. There had been many attempts to cross the Atlantic in central latitudes, but all – as far as we know – failed because the explorers clung to the zone of westerly winds in an attempt to secure a passage home. Columbus was the first to succeed precisely because he had the courage to sail with the wind at his back

So which was Columbus: hero or villain? The answer is that he was neither but has become both. The real Columbus was a mixture of virtues and vices like the rest of us, not conspicuously good or just, but generally well-intentioned, who grappled creditably with intractable problems. Heroism and villainy are not, however, objective qualities. They exist only in the eye of the beholder

If you want to think critically about this, don't get suckered by any of the extremists from either side of the aisle. Think for yourselves kiddies, don't let the teachers or the media pollute you with their personal opinions and their need to impose them on you." Feb 6, 15 12:51 PM

Feel free to back up your statement with proof." Feb 6, 15 5:36 PM

LOL! And now Columbus was responsible for the actions of the nation of Spain? Get out of here with that nonsense. Stick with garbage." Feb 8, 15 9:01 AM

Every profession on the planet requires standardized testing. Better to teach your kids now that they will have to ''play the game'' to get ahead sometimes. Common Core isn't as bad as they say it is and it isn't as good as they say it is. If you want your kids to know how to tell time, buy them a clock." Feb 11, 15 1:05 PM