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3 Comments by Doug Love

Sagaponack set to close on new village hall

Congrats to Don Louchheim on his election as mayor. And, I bet the mayor that he has more clout than he thinks he does!" Oct 20, 08 3:07 PM

Stony Brook Southampton windmill receives $250,000 facelift

The college's windmill was for many years an important gathering spot for students, and the setting for numerous special events and celebrations. During my tenure as a student at Southampton in the late 70s, I remember going there for receptions and parties with college adminstrators. I wonder if the large, and rather odd-looking picture window is still there. The window provided great views of the bay and ocean, but looked wildly out of place on the structure." Jun 19, 09 4:22 PM

Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

This is an outrageous move--and one that should be aggressively fought by local, state and federal officials. Southampton College, under its various names, has long provided a year-round economic engine for the East End. Closing the college now would be horrible for the East End, for economic reasons AND educational reasons. As some of the other commenters are asking, what would be next for the campus that sits at the entrance to the South Fork?" Apr 6, 10 8:00 PM