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Community Largely Split on East Hampton Town's Proposed Airport Regulations

No one on the North Fork lives "near" South Fork airports and yet the North Fork gets significant noise from unregulated low flying helicopters and seaplanes.

The vast majority of East End residents and taxpayers want the right to peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

BLADE customers are opportunists. They take the flights because they can. They will still come to the Hamptons if they have to take a train/car. The scene is in the Hamptons and that ain't gonna change.

If helicopters are banned at every East End Airport, the Hamptons businesses will do just fine. No different than the howling from the tobacco lobby when they banned smoking in restaurants/bars in NYC. " Mar 13, 15 9:47 AM

Supreme Court Orders Additional Briefings In East Hampton Bid To Overturn Appeals Court Ruling

The industry is doing better but nowhere near enough. The ERHC flight paths are same as last year and that was not a good year. The 11PM curfew is unacceptable given 70% of flights are Twin Engine Models. The Twin Engines are just too loud even at 3000-3500 feet. They will shake your walls and wake you up at 3000 feet, I saw/felt it all summer last year.

Industry data shows that in a low ambient noise environment twin engine helicopters need to be much higher to even achieve the government's "acceptable" noise rating. We hear the twins for 2-3 minutes per overhead. They are too heavy and too loud and yet they are the go to helicopter model.

Why won't the industry find quieter models? Sikorsky S-76s are like Harley Davidsons. There is nothing to break up the noise on the East End so the over water argument is silly. The noise footprint on twin engine helicopters is massive.

The ERHC needs to have significantly more inbound and outbound routes so no homeowner is hit with more than a handful of overheads per day. People are starting to use helicopter noise as a primary reason for getting their properties assessed lower.

ERHC should ask that flights operate 7M to 8PM; no exceptions. They should have more routes over both forks to spread the pain - it is way too concentrated. Twin Engines either need to fly significantly higher and slower 4500+ feet or be replaced with quieter models. Until then you will have a lotta angry homeowners on both forks and the EH Town Board will be under continued pressure to shut down the airport.

" Apr 21, 17 1:35 PM

Tim - First off I'd be willing to bet most buyers within 5 miles have no concept of the quantity of helicopters in/out of EH. Secondly the noise hits neighborhoods the whole way from NYC to EH. Why should someone in Whitestone Queens, Riverhead Stony Brook, or Southold be subject to EH bound noise from which they receive ZERO benefit???

As for the earlier comments on complaints - please. The fact that the industry is in charge of complaints (fox watching hen house) is crazy. Here's the bottom line - most people are extremely busy and do not have time to navigate the overly complicated and annoying complaint forms online or prompts over the phone. This is all by design. The industry wants to make it hard to complain so people don't bother. AirNoise apps make it a lot more user friendly.

If you had "helicopter air taxi yes or no" as a ballot item do you really think a majority of tax paying residents would vote yes?!
" Apr 22, 17 7:49 AM

localEH - are you seriously trying to argue that being under a Twin Engine Heavy Chopper flight path won't lower property value?

Even DJT knows aviation noise is a problem and fought the FAA for years with lawsuits trying to re-route planes away from Mar-A-Lago. Why do you think NYC shut down the E 60th St helipad in the 90s? Why do you think EH does everything in its power to keep flights away from Georgica Pond which happens to be quite close.

The aviation industry has no credibility until it switches to quiet lighter equipment, flies much higher/slower and abides by 8PM curfews at a minimum. The twin heavies need to be scrapped, there is simply no way to abate the noise from these flying subwoofers...

" Apr 22, 17 6:26 PM

Complaints About East Hampton Airport Traffic Spiked Last Summer, To More Than 24,000

localEH - 2/3 of choppers in and out of HTO are Twin Engine. Their noise footprint is massive, even at 3500 feet. You will feel the low end bass before you hear them. They shake your walls at 3500 feet. The total noise event is 2-3 minutes per flyover at 3500. This is all fact as I lived it last summer in Orient. It is also totally unacceptable and a confiscation of property value and major hit to QOL.

The ERHC changed the routes last year and decided to burden Orient/East Marion with Twin Engines only. That is not smart noise abatement policy. Complaints will be up even more this year as residents who were caught flat footed last year now are upset and have the know how to complain. If the ERHC moves the routes somewhere else you'll get a whole new crop of livid homeowners.

I would like to hear your thoughts on how noise can be truly abated when 2/3 of the flights are Twin Engines which are so ridiculously loud. Why won't the industry switch to quieter and lighter equipment? Why won't the industry put in more routes so no homeowner gets more than say 5-6 overheads on a busy day? Why won't the industry voluntarily stay with the 9am-8pm furfews for the Twin Engine heavies?

It's mind boggling to think the ERHC can clip 10-20% off a home's value by simply recommending a voluntary flight path and screwing anyone close to it..." Apr 24, 17 7:47 PM

Supreme Court Declines To Hear East Hampton Airport Appeal

The NYU study is a half step more respectable than Philip Morris tobacco research circa 1955.

It's very simple - no one wants to be anywhere near helicopter noise PERIOD. The industry overwhelmingly uses the loudest models - namely the twin engine flying subwoofers. Use quieter equimpment for starters.

Quit flying over homes. The North Fork receives zero economic benefit from the air taxis yet gets the majority of the overhead flights. How does the homeowner in Queens, Port Jefferson, or Laurel benefit from the air taxis?

The industry needs to take the anti-noise crowd seriously. Abide by the curfews EH had in place last year. Add more routes so no area gets unfairly slammed. Use the Ocean route much more. Fly further out over water so no one hears the noise. No flights from Southampton should be using the North Shore Route, it's a 3 wood from the Atlantic Ocean. Fly higher. Quit picking on the less wealthy areas. Why should Georgica and Shelter Island be no fly zones, but Riverhead is open for assault? Try to be a part of the solution instead of constantly belittling the people who take a stand against the multitude of negatives that come with being remotely close to a chopper flight path. " Jun 27, 17 2:30 PM

East Hampton Village Seeks To Muffle Landscaping Noise

So the estate owners push politicians to send the incessant chopper noise to the North Fork, Southampton and pretty much any area with less money and now they're hearing the leaf blowers a bit more clearly.

Noise is for the little people..." Mar 21, 19 12:41 PM

I'd say for anyone living within a couple miles of the ERHC routes the noise is absolutely incessant during the high season. How long do you think choppers would be permitted at HTO if the flight path was logical and routed them over Georgica Pond and the estate section? " Mar 21, 19 3:57 PM