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Southampton Town Board Still Awaiting Traffic Study For Tuckahoe Supermarket Plan

The population has gone down in Southampton,and ion the east end overall. Over 60% of the homes are seasonal. There's NO need to make traffic worse. " Oct 12, 15 8:47 PM

3,100 people are casing that traffic, don't think so. People in other areas of the country have to go a lot further then the distance's of Bridgehampton or Hampton Bay's to get to any Market. The only people who want this are people who were promised by the developer contracts," Oct 12, 15 9:10 PM

Southampton Town Board Split On Future Of Planned Development Districts

i am willing to give Schnederman the benefit of the doubt. PDDs are unsustainable and i think he knows that." Nov 21, 15 11:56 AM

I believe the CPF found is closer to $1 Billion last I herd." Nov 21, 15 4:27 PM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Votes Against Tuckahoe Shopping Center Zone Change

Tell me why is this needed? With all do respect if you want to live in a area where every chain/ box store is less then five minutes away why do you live here? Also you live in the Hampton"s thing are just more expensive, and another chain store WILL NOT CHANGE THAT! I am a proud life long resident of Southampton and I don't mind places like Citerella's they have good quality food and the prices are reasonable, and everyday local people are in there all the time. Look at Hampto rd now compared to five, ten years ago, I would say it looks a lot better. Oh and that 1% is the reason why property taxes are low for the locals. " Dec 4, 15 3:49 PM

He does NOT own the property Also zoning is in place for a reason." Dec 4, 15 4:02 PM

The Price's are not that different, from Schmidt's I can get lunch at Citerella's for about the same price. You should go and see for your self. " Dec 7, 15 9:39 PM

Calone Clarifies County Position On Tuckahoe Center

Never had i herd such a ignorant statement.The population has gone down in Southampton and on the East End overall.
1) The traffic is caused by tradesman who come out here to work on current and new homes, the wealthy always want something changed or renovated Hence traffic is not caused by people who live here full time .
2) Those Condos and townhouses that you so often reference most likely will be owned by weekend / summer people most of whom DONT'T DO THERE OWN SHOPPING!" Dec 28, 15 7:54 PM

@rickenbacker" Dec 28, 15 8:00 PM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Approves Southampton Town's Proposed PDD Moratorium

The law has been abused plain and simple.There is close to $100 million in the CPF found use it, and buy some more land." May 10, 16 10:12 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Public Hearing Draws In Over 150 People

Well i Would argue, Why were those homes even built in the first place? Everyone talks about how you can't stop it. I don't by that Once those homes were built this was bound to happen sooner or later. If people who use the Picnic Area with there friends and family for decades said Stop The Building! There would have been No Issues.
" May 15, 16 5:19 PM

Property Owner Carol Konner Withdraws Support For Bridgehampton Gateway PDD Proposal

Funny, How those people who are for this PDD complain that we need affordable housing but if the project was built I bet those same people will be the first to complain about the traffic it would cause.The property should be brought and kept open space. Most of the trade parade, come from up island and most have no interest in living out here." May 24, 16 7:51 PM

Southampton Town Makes Offer To Purchase The Hills Property In East Quogue

Those clubs/ Bars should never have been purchased. CPF is for open space, not to buy commercial property. One of ATH's back room deals, closing places like those bars took tax and tourism dollars away from HB." Jul 12, 16 7:48 PM

You are conflating to different things. The Hills should not be developed a all it would not bring Jobs its a seasonal resort only! As for the old Drift and other Bars they should never have been bought with CPF founds as they are not open space, but commercial property. Unfortunately, they were poorly run and mismanaged over the years with caused their demise. " Jul 13, 16 2:38 PM

Southampton Village Board Won't Consider Picnic Area Beach Parking Limits Until After Summer

I grew up here my whole life, from what I can see when those homes were built that was the beginning of the end of 4x4 access. Why didn't anyone fight to keep some of these properties open space? The beach is for everyone! city-it and local alike " Jul 16, 16 12:12 PM

Don't get me wrong, without the seasonal residents the east end economy would be non- existent we all benefit from tourism one way or the other. As someone who grew up and still lives in the village I see it first hand.
" Jul 17, 16 11:13 AM

Revised Tuckahoe Center Proposal Submitted To Southampton Town

No need for a supermarket, if people can't plan there week or day to go to HB or BH they have a problem.The year round population of the area has gone down overall. in recent years.The weekend and seasonal property owners shop at Citarella or Schmid"s. To those people who want a supermarket, I say GO TO COSTCO it imost likely would be less expensive then any supermarket built in Southampton." Aug 10, 16 4:51 PM

Population, really? Google the last senses why don't you, the population has gone down in the area that you speak of, 80% of the homes in Southampton village are second homes. I would say that goes for Water Mill and BH and other areas.No one is saying this property is precious open space just build as of right. Oh yeah and all the building you point to are second homes as well nothing more." Aug 16, 16 5:34 PM

Beach Plum Meadows In Southampton To Be Preserved

The fact is the village, contributes more to CPF then it takes out. its high time that the village gets something in return." Sep 14, 16 3:09 PM

Do you want to pay $20,000 in property tax? Thats what would happen if they would put a sewer system in the town. Furthermore,if we did have a sewer system the East End would look like points west and parts of the Jersey shore. Its because of the CPF and land trust that we still have farms and open space on the east end." Sep 14, 16 3:29 PM

I agree, water is a problem and development is one of may reasons why the water ways are in their current state. Again the CPF has saved the East End i.e.: 40% of EH has been preserved. East Hampton has used their CPF found to buy a few homes along the bay tore them down and let the the land go back to its natural state to help with water quality." Sep 14, 16 8:31 PM

Southampton Town Board Presses County On Tuckahoe Center

If you want to live near the ocean and have no open space, may I suggest Seaside N.J. No CPF found their." Nov 5, 16 9:11 AM

Southampton Town Board Adopts 2017 Budget, But Not Without Debate Over Key Parts Of Supervisor's Plan

I have to say Draggman, your evaluation of the town board may have a level of truth. However,I would say that Yaz has voted with mayor Epely 90% of the time. You are not looking at the hole picture." Nov 20, 16 7:39 PM

And do people realize, Scalera & Glinka voted with ATH and supported all the pro over development in this town." Nov 20, 16 10:18 PM

Tuckahoe Center Developer Appeals Dismissal Of Lawsuit Against Suffolk County Planning Commission

And 90% of the people buying those homes don't live here full time, and most likely never will. " Nov 25, 16 4:00 PM

Southampton Town Considering Purchasing Woodfield Gables Property In Speonk

I herd the village gave it away! if the village were to to buy the county park it would solve the drive on beach problem." Nov 28, 16 12:09 PM

Schneiderman Skeptical On Approval Of Tuckahoe Center Proposal

So thats what all those people from up island were doing there, submitting letters for there "friends" who live in EQ & WH. Get your facts straight, please I urge you to get a membership to Costco." Jan 26, 17 5:41 PM

Residents Want Hampton Bays Business District To Have 'Small-Town Charm,' Survey Finds

couldn't agree more, you can thank ATH for that one." Jan 30, 17 11:31 AM

Southampton Town Board Members Agree: Tuckahoe Center Not Likely To Be Approved

Oh Mr Riclenbacker, there you go again. Anyone can see that CR 39 is built out as is, theres no more room for future projects. However would like to debunk one false fact you keep putting out there and that the east end is growing. FACT most of the homes that have been built in recent decades that you sight as growth are second homes not full time residences. The east end is getting to the braking point in terms of building. I implore you to google the population figures for southampton you will see a decline. I know you want to believe otherwise, but its just not true.A WANT IS NOT A NEED!" Feb 1, 17 3:57 PM

If you pay someone enough money they will say what you want them to say." Feb 1, 17 4:09 PM

Please, second home owners if they shop at all they shop at Citarellas or Schmist's and lets not forget Catena's. the last place they would go is a shopping center.As far as the year round local they go to Riverhead i hear the town is looking for redevelopment of the Flanders River Side area I'm the residents will welcome Mr Morrow with open arms. " Feb 1, 17 10:42 PM

Mr Morrow and his developer friends should go to Flanders/ Riverside area, where they would be welcomed. I'm the town would give him a green light to build what they would like and make a large profit as well. " Feb 1, 17 10:52 PM

I was referring to the developers consultants, from up the island. Not the town and the study you are referring to, and if that study was done during ATH's tenure I don't trust the data. As we all know she never met a development she didn't like." Feb 1, 17 11:07 PM

I would agree with you I think that area is a lost cause in more ways then one. I don't think redevelopment can work in the way residents invitation. I find it funny though, that the area of the town that has contributed the least amount of money to the CPF found has a lot of preserved land. " Feb 2, 17 1:22 AM

Rally Held By Supporters Of Tuckahoe Center On Monday; Supervisor Skeptical Of Who Turned Out

So that's why Mr Neil was at The Public House Friday night, handing out those shirts and buying people drinks. " Feb 8, 17 5:31 PM

PDD Law Could Be Fully Repealed, Southampton Town Officials Say

This is great News! Any zone change, should be granted with a super majority vote by the town board. People should keep in mind the PDD law came about before the CPF law, hanse since CPF adoption, developers have used PDDs to sweat the land to make a bigger profit due to build-able land becoming less and less. " Feb 14, 17 2:58 PM

If it were not for CPF the only open spaces we would have would've been golf courses and a handful of farm stands. PDDs, however, have been ABUSED by developers. If we have more high density that mimics UTI people won't come here. I think the town should have stepped in and limited the amount of homes & condos that have been built in recent years." Feb 14, 17 5:46 PM

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