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Concerns Raised Of Inside Baseball Being Played Within Southampton Village Boards

Why is that? Because the working, local familys who once lived in the Village sold there homes to Spec builders. They took the money and ran. I can't blame gem for that, However it all comes down to greed to some degree." Sep 21, 17 8:33 PM

Thy get paid a stipend Granted it is probably not much but please to say that they volunteer is a false statement." Sep 21, 17 10:42 PM

Southampton Village Latch Application Seeks 24 Units On 5.5 Acres Of Land

You have a point except Mr. Elpley is no longer in office! Where have you been the last three mouths?" Sep 30, 17 10:52 AM

Southampton Town Considering Buying Part Of Tuckahoe Center Property With CPF

Really the tax roll argument? First the property in question has been abandoned for close to two decades so i can't imagine the person/LLC that owned it payed much in tax. second, most of the ocean front in Hampton Bays was preserved by the State county. The clubs that were shut down thanks you ATH buying peoples votes. Lastly, CPF bought the building rights to the Topping farm the family still owns the land and STILL PAYS TAX ON IT!" Oct 13, 17 2:37 PM

The property was abandoned, probably didn't pay much taxes anyway. Ever think of that? i agree maybe this is not the best way to move forward but what was proposed in terms of Tuckhoe Center was to big. Oh commercial property pays a much lower rate then a private residents don't fool yourself. " Oct 13, 17 2:43 PM

UPDATE: With All Districts Reporting, Schneiderman, Lofstad, Schiavoni Claim Victory In Southampton

The former administration killed HB by closing all the bars. When the bars closed the money / people went else whee." Nov 8, 17 8:57 AM

Public Hearing Set For Discovery Land Subdivision In East Quogue

So we should let developers do whatever they want? HMM i guess you think it would be ok with you if the east end becomes another Jersey Shore. How about some 30 story condos on Dune Rd. Clearly, you don't understand what a special the east end is if you are willing to sell whats left of it to the highest bitter." Jan 12, 18 1:07 AM

i'm not suggesting we should have no development just smart development. 5 ace zoning and up zoning areas is Smart! Furthermore, ,I for one would be for promoting water front resort dinning in HB is a great idea but the town stupidly voted for 37 condos. " Jan 12, 18 11:49 AM

Southampton Village Wants To Invest $2.5 Million On Park Improvements

I 100% agree but the lake is the town trustees problem. The town trustees are in charge of all water body's in the township. " Jan 19, 18 1:08 AM

Trustees' Battle Over Lettered Roads Continues In Southampton Village

Bigfish, why isn't SABA fighting for more access in other parts of the town? I firmly believe in the publics right to access the beach It should not be all on the village to provide access to all 50,000 residents of the town.

Also, since the town trustees dropped the ball in regards to Rose Hill RD witch they did big time! how can you expect them to maintain the letter roads in the village?" Jul 8, 18 9:19 PM

Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

A Sewer is not the magic bullet here. Costs will just keep going up and drive what few year round stores remain. " Jan 18, 19 11:05 AM

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