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Campaign Diary: Gregor pushes plan for solar panels at town landfill

I find it difficult to accept Mr. Gregor as a serious candidate for Highway Supervisor for numererous reasons: How many different elected positions has Mr. Gregor ran for in the last 8 years? Is he qualified for all these, how? Ask Mr. Gregor how he was terminated from the highway department> Mr Gregor was employed as a mechanic, had differences of opinion on how work was performed in the shop, reported the highway dept mechanic shop to OSHA, OSHA found no severe violations in existence, then complained that he was unable to work in the shop because of health reasons and went out on sick time, this all in the course of a few months. Mr Gregor stayed out of and refused to return to work until the town gave him the option of returning to work or be terminated, he was terminated. Is this the type of manager you want in charge of the highway dept? Will it be ok for the rest of the dept to follow Mr Gregor's work ethic? Mr. Gregor now states there's no formal training in the highway dept., another lie! If Mr. Gregor did his homework on this he would find the CSEA with highway dept assistance has provided a CDL A training course for its members. Numererous members have taken advantage of this program and received their CDL license I'm sure the highway dept employee's would love to be involved with local 138 Mr. Gregor, does that mean since you want them to be trained by local 138 that they would be eligible to ask for local 138 prevailing wages? I'm sure the town board would love to open up that can of worms. I find Mr. Gregor to be a nice person, but he's better suited to be a salesman then a manager of 70 employees. Please stop embellishing yourself and your achievements. This shouldn't be about party politics,chose a candidate who's best suited to run a dept. with a multi-million dollar budget.
" Oct 10, 09 10:09 AM

Robert Paul Jeffries, first black Quogue firefighter, dies at 63

Bob, You always had a kind word and smile for my family and I. You will be missed by all your brother firefighters. RIP Chief!" Oct 28, 09 8:43 AM