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Westhampton Beach Zoning Board denies plans for North Mall renovation

The reason the center is basically "Dark" is because the developer would like you to perceive that without change the place will rot. Huge rents without negotiated reductions sent tenants packing.
Next, to what is proposed, the architect has delevered a design much in keeping with the character of the village, simple yet classy (Much unlike Hampton Motor Cars which probably will be a cold dark shell post conviction).
Might i suggest that the Village work with the developer and offer a mix of retail and second floor work force housing open to employees within a certain mile radius. How many readers here wish there childern could stay and develop in this community? Let us stop the BS regarding the chief the synagogue and what board member likes to shoot vermine. This Village has such potential we are about to blow another opportunity.

" Oct 18, 09 2:32 PM

Westhampton Beach Police remain mum on ongoing internal investigation of incident

In reflection it may have been mean spirited, for that i appologize. But sometimes the truth hurts. The regime needs change. " Oct 18, 09 2:37 PM

Angry neighbor wins small victory, forces developer back to review

You are hired Ms Konrad! My wife and i have been suffering with our neighbor who constructed a +/- 6,000sf home WITHOUT a building permit, and currently occupies. Permit first granted was for a three car garage addition no plumbing. What we got was a overbuilt and illigal residence that discharges storm water on our property. We have been working with the town for YEARS. Take a ride and see the house on the corner of Montauk and Brushy Neck Westhampton. It is amazing how Mr. Benincasa and his team of Building Inspectors let this happen. shame on the too Mike's!" Oct 18, 09 2:46 PM

Robert Paul Jeffries, first black Quogue firefighter, dies at 63

He shall be missed. God Bless." Oct 27, 09 9:28 PM

Angry neighbor wins small victory, forces developer back to review

i have no idea of your plight. but i will say that your comments sound like you are angry about your 90 days over due over inflated upside down mortgage you took. let the sweet lady have her time to fight what all LOCALS feel about the over development and under oversight from town officials. Rent or no Rent princilple matters. have a nice day : )
" Oct 27, 09 9:36 PM

Tierra Mar closes its doors for good

may be IHOP will move in..................... better grade food. More reliable crowd. it's the breakfast baby." Oct 28, 09 9:35 PM

Judge orders DA's office to investigate alleged call made following Linda Kabot's DWI arrest

RealLoco.... sorry Local... please the 20million comes from prior admin.................. Just like your friend Comrad Obama who would love to blame all for his short term missgivings." Oct 28, 09 9:43 PM

Again...... please understand the there is nothing more political than a over privilaged police department. To think that ANYTHING they do is not motivated by the DEAN MACHINE would be complete and utter ignorance." Oct 28, 09 9:49 PM

She was INDEED at an establishment on Main Street USA . Well EQme why not call the Village PD and get a copy of the video tape they take of main street and see if Linda Kabot walked in or out...... I am sure they will provide at your venomus request." Oct 28, 09 10:00 PM

She was INDEED at an establishment on Main Street USA . Well EQme why not call the Village PD and get a copy of the video tape they take of main street and see if Linda Kabot walked in or out...... I am sure they will provide at your venomus request." Oct 28, 09 10:00 PM

Please, reality TV getting to you?" Oct 28, 09 10:06 PM

HEY ALL................... NEWS FLASH............ Maybe she is actually innocent?
if not the whbpd will waterboard her till she confesses!" Oct 28, 09 10:12 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

Goldenrod! You speak reason. Like i said yesterday....... maybe she is innocent.
" Oct 29, 09 2:31 PM

Tierra Mar closes its doors for good

Sorry Sag Harbor! it seems that you are a recievable. meaning his balance sheet is based on future bookings. While he was negotiating (speculation) with his new long beach locale, when you can show booking from your other location you have 1. better negotiating power 2. you can borrow off your future bookings.

i wish you well and you might want to talk to a lawyer" Oct 29, 09 2:50 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

Poor littleplains, Please stop drinking the cool aid. Refusal doesnt mean guilt. If you were in the position(and i certainly hope you never are) , after having a glass of Merlot and waxing poeticly about your Bush Bashing Days with your friends, i would recomend the same stratigy to you." Oct 29, 09 2:55 PM

The signs make great "yard sale" signs post Thorn-Holst defeat. " Oct 29, 09 4:27 PM

Just weighing in on Newsday.......... Owned by Cablevision.......... Very suspect on ANY indorsements that they put out. When is the contract up with the Town to provide service?
And Again Maybe She Is Actually Innocent?" Nov 1, 09 4:30 PM

Cool Aid Flying in your huse. like to see how many campagin signs you have in you garage.......... " Nov 1, 09 4:33 PM

Tierra Mar closes its doors for good

FOX Rocks! OMG the Legs!
But Honestly this guy should come clean...... I hope he does but i fret that these poor brides and families will have a battle on there hands. Purveyors forget sorry forgive bad debt. These poor people have saved. Shame on him." Nov 1, 09 4:40 PM

Southampton Village asks attorney for opinion on releasing cops' secondary employment information

I would like to know what constitutes conflicted second jobs? Could it be Real Estate Sales? House Watching? Pool Cleaning?
I feel all should be considered conflicts especially when the Officer could actually be conducting both while on duty. For example can a police officer study real estate while driving around the Village in a patrol car? Maybe the Press should look into the Village of WHB also. " Feb 26, 10 3:11 PM

Officer makes charges of favoritism in Westhampton Beach PBA

Yes Mr. Teller should be applauded for his servive in the USMC.
Jean it is about now.... a totally disfunctional force led by sommeone completely devoid of any ability to lead. With a Mayor enjoying THREE pensions and an ego that has grown bigger than the boarders of the village. Let us just take a step back and look at this Village from the outside....... The joke of Suffolk.
So Sad" Jun 12, 10 4:47 PM

You are all sad people...... Very sad. Bring in the Town Police and bring in Spota. Enough of the Dean Family rule. " Jun 12, 10 4:51 PM

Local radio group secures funding for 88.3 FM purchase

HOWARD STERN!" Sep 21, 10 9:08 PM

Debate over Jewish religious boundary begins to heat up

Please.... Can I nail the Easter Bunny to every pole and walk freely? " Sep 30, 10 8:56 PM

This is not about out anti-Semitism...... anyone that thinks negative is automatically labeled as one, and that is wrong!.This is a community, one that has deep roots and really would not like change from its Garden City Irish Catholic Roots. If you look at where the Immaculate Conception Church is situated you would NEVER get that approved in todays zoning climate. So some very close evaluation for the ERUV is well deserved. ANd the slight of hand on how the original House of Shineier was built should be addressed.
In closing shame on you Carol for your angry tone!
" Sep 30, 10 9:10 PM

Yard Sale Signs........ Let the horders and old people out!" Oct 1, 10 8:34 PM

please! as you all sleep the indians are coming! " Oct 3, 10 7:43 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

Well I don't know about the rest of you but i am totally F***** this Christmas!" Oct 5, 10 8:49 PM

Oh by the way from a well enducated RE prof (not from out here by the way) two words...... Great Opportunity!" Oct 5, 10 8:51 PM

I never comment, but I feel very Honored to see Ms. Nancy Pelosi on this blog! Please all give a standing O!!!!!

PLEASE FCM before you comment on politics PLEASE understand history basics.
it is illegal for the USCofC to accept and use money for political adds or gain. it is audited and controled (much unlike your liberal friends who are on thier last scotch and soda)
btw tell Mr Soros i said hello......... Oh who is that at my door...... the Soros police...... so sorry mien furreur.... BANG" Oct 8, 10 9:30 PM

Al FRANKIN!!!!!!!! funnier as a politician!!!!!! wake up everyone!" Oct 9, 10 8:38 PM

Students evacuated from Hampton Bays Elementary School on Tuesday

I am all for safety for the kids but, HELLO, are we that beholden to lawyers? This is what rules all. No Body wants a lawsuit. Smell, geez! half the hall monitors and staff had odors that we could have litigated on! LOL" Oct 12, 10 8:13 PM

Closings spur concerns for winter season

Shovel ready projects abound! or do they? Mr. Obama" Oct 14, 10 8:51 PM

Four Rescued Off Moriches Inlet

stupid reporting. by the way Obama saved them..... Go Stimulus Money! on a serious note glad all with there families! " Oct 23, 10 6:34 PM

New Southampton Town Leaf Cleanup Program Will Launch On Monday

I love that i pay Town Taxes but i have to beg for service because i live on Montauk Highway....... Leaves stay and Town and County bicker......
But the house on the corner of Brushey Neck and Montauk Highway can be built with NO permit and people are living in with no CO......... How about the SHPRESS start looking at the BUILDING DEPARTMENT..... sorry Bennicassa." Nov 18, 10 8:01 PM

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