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Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

To paraphrase the great Martin Luther King Jr., He was looking forward to the day when a man was judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. That is one of the best ideas of all time. Too bad the racists like Jesse Jackson and the "Reverend" Al Sharpton have twisted it to mean something totally different. A color blind society makes more sense than having affirmitive action and government sanctioned reverse racism." Jan 20, 11 10:31 AM

Phil: Since you're saying that minorities need special treatment in order to compete with whites , I call BS on you as a racist pig! You voice the opinion that they an't succeed without special help, God that's pitiful, even for you!" Jan 21, 11 5:46 PM

I stand on the same principle as the great Martin Luther King, Men should not be judged on the color of their skin, but the content of their character. That means a color blind society with no exceptions. Comprende Phil?" Jan 22, 11 6:40 AM

Excellent cut and paste there Phil. Any original thoughts to add to this discussion? I'm amazed that such an enlightened intelectual would blow off the core point of MLK"S entire civil rights movement. " Jan 22, 11 8:17 AM

In no way do I endorse discrimination, of any kind. To attribute that sort of ignorant belief to me is rather presumptious. Treating people on the content of their character is by no means discriminatory." Jan 22, 11 8:32 AM

So by treating all people equally, you discriminate against minorities??!! Time to pull yer head out of whatever orifice it's stuck in and listen to your logic! Completely circular and flat out wrong. " Jan 22, 11 10:11 AM

My capacity for deep thought has been abundantly illustrated by my continued debate with you. So, by your logic, minorities REQUIRE SPECIAL TREATMENT IN ORDER TO BE COMPEITIVE! Blatant racism." Jan 22, 11 10:51 AM

I guess having a black president isn't good enough. That seems like equality to me. As to where to put the mirror, I can think of a few places you can put it." Jan 22, 11 2:27 PM

Bullshirt Phil, unadulterated bullshirt! Keep on parrotting the leftist talking points,you have exposed yourself as a complete bigot." Jan 22, 11 3:14 PM

Condaleeza Rice, Colin Powell,Barrak Hussein Obama, every minority teacher, lawyer, doctor,businessman or woman, military officer, plumber, electrician or homeowner shows that the leftist version of minorities not having equal opportunity is flawed. Get an education,apply yourself, work your azz off, be responsible for your actions that's how we ALL get ahead and succeed. Don't believe the hype that the man is keeping you down. We all have to make our own way o matter what your race. We live in the land of opportunity and anything's possible, if one works for it." Jan 23, 11 11:17 AM

The Demokratz lost large-fact. Grow up you bunch of whiners, the glory daze of your past are over. Fscal responsibility and smwller govt. are on the horizon and it obviously scares the crap out of you. I'm done with the lot of you, carry on." Jan 23, 11 3:57 PM

ZBA To Decide on Tuckahoe 7-Eleven Next Month

We NEED another 7-11, there's not enough room for the illegals at the old one! Time to open up a sattelite employment spot." Jan 30, 11 7:42 PM

Rechlers Seeking Amendments To Gabreski Airport Project

Can't site an example relating to a PDD Nature. Seems like it would set a precedent though, especially since our current Board looks for excuses to give developers whatever they want." Feb 2, 11 9:29 PM

Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

Mas trobajadors out east, mui bien, gracias. " Feb 6, 11 1:50 PM

Trustees Say Poison Is Off The Table For Mill Pond

Thank you Trustees for not bowing to pressure of a few residents and doing the right thing for all of us.Gil net and siening and power seining should put a dent in the carp population." Feb 7, 11 10:29 AM

Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

Sorry, my Spanglish is rusty, plus I never have to write it, just speek a little." Feb 7, 11 10:31 AM

I find it hard to believe that a LEGAL RESIDENT has to stand on the streetcorner or in the 7-11 parking lot like a common prostitute in order to find work. Think about it. " Feb 9, 11 1:29 PM

"Our economy needs them", not too sure about that. If unemployment payouts didn't last for almost 2 years, there would be folks forced to go back to work. Since most on unemployment are here LEGALLY, they would do the work that the ILLEGALS do in order to pay their bills. The economy would continue at it's current pace, the unemployed would have to work and the illegals would be out of a job. Kills 2 birde with 1 stone dnotcha think?" Feb 12, 11 1:58 PM

Amagansett Festival Organizers Consider Moving Concert To Airport

Not too sure how a music festival in Easthampton helps the rest of us who live in the general area. All we will get is TRAFFIC and increased police cost. " Feb 13, 11 1:03 PM

Twenty-Eight Positions Could Be Cut At Eastport South Manor School District

How about this for a way to keep the budget in check: All future increases in health insurance premiums will be paid by THE TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS, not the taxpayers!! " Feb 19, 11 6:32 PM

Back on topic(IMHO)-The Wisconsin teacher;s union is being irresponsible and not putting the children first. In these difficult times we , the taxpayers , the EMPLOYERS of said teachers and public sector employees have had to tighten our belts and make financial sacrifices. Our EMPLOYEES must do the same. Time to contribute more to health care premiums and to retirement funds. We can no longer afford the great benefit packages anymore.Why is this such a problem for the supposedly highly educated , it's basic economics." Feb 21, 11 11:48 AM

What's the problem with teachers and all employees in the public sector paying more for their health insurance and retirement ?! I pay 14k per year for health insurance for my wife and myself as a small businesw owner. Why does the public sector get a pass on paying a similar bill?" Feb 22, 11 11:12 PM

Once again, here's a simple way to keep our school taxes at their current rate. All increases in costs, eg. health care, pension contributions, shall be borne by the EMPLOYEES, not the employers!" Feb 26, 11 12:42 PM

New Effort To Repeal Fishing Licenses

Way to go gentlemen! The federal law requires a REGISTRY, not a license !Our ellected weasels in Albany with their gestapo the DEC saw it as a way to make a few bucks. Fortunately for us on the east end, based on the Dongan Patent, the license proposal was beaten in court. How much money did that ost the State?" Feb 27, 11 8:31 PM

Fishing in the Town of Southampton isn't a 'privilege" for residents, it's a right! I will not give up my rights to the State, a right we have fought for and won, time and again.The Patent is as real as it gets, and the authority it grants our Trustees has been upheld in NY State Supreme Court on more than one occasion. Ths DEC is an unregulated, appointed agency with far reaching police powers and has been known to misuse these powers and employ gestapo like tactics." Feb 28, 11 9:37 PM

The Press News Group To Offer Premium Membership Subscriptions

the trees are FARMED, therefore , a renewable resource." Mar 5, 11 4:03 PM

Southampton Town Code Enforcement Uncovers Violations In Flanders Home

Were the tenants evicted from this unsafe ghetto dwelling?
If not, why not? Was the immigration status of the renters investigated? If not, why not? Was the rental permit revoked? If not, why not?
Thanks for doing your job Code Enforcement!" Mar 10, 11 8:46 AM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

Why should anyone receive benefits? How about paying your own way for medical and retirement. Before anyone starts griping that it's too expensive ponder this. ALL SELF EMPLOYED PEOPLE PAY FOR ALL OF IT THEMSELVES!! It can be done. Why should the taxpayer be saddled with the additional costs associated with "benefits"?
As to the illegal problem, Razz: Even though a landlord pays his property taxes that go to support the school district, it all goes out the window once there are 2, 3 or 4 families with a few kids each living in that house! The property taxes pay for the kids of ONE FAMILY! The whole system becomes topheavy when thee are a bunch of illegals stuffed into a 2 or 3 bedrom house. Open your eyes, lay off the Demokrat kool-aid, and take a look at what's going on in hte real world." Mar 12, 11 4:41 PM

Future Of High Goal Hamptons Polo In Flux

Polo in the dreary old Hamptons, tres ordinaire,nest ce pas? yawn." Mar 12, 11 4:44 PM

Plans For Restrooms Across From Southampton Village Helipad Up In The Air

There were portable toilets in the parking lot there last summer. Was there a problem with that? Why even consider a walkway over the dunes? Were there complaints from parking pwrmit holders about walking through the SAND to get to the BEACH?HMMMM?" Mar 13, 11 10:33 AM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

I have teachers in my family and among my friends and realize they work their azzes off. That being said, having a guaranteed raise EVERY YEAR just because they stay on the job is an insult to those who pay their salaries! That just doesn't happen in the real world, but academia is a worker's paradise. We can no longer afford the status quo. Time for ALL public sector employees to contribut more towards their health insurance and retirement funds. The seemingly endless reserve of tax monies has dried up, make due with what there is, freeze salaries and benefit packages at the current rates and have the workers pay out of pocket for any increases from this day forward." Mar 16, 11 8:52 AM

Southampton Town Zoning Board Again Delays Decision On 7-Eleven

Another developer ASSumes that by pleading finfncial hardship he can get the zoning changed for his project. Getting in and out of most businesses on the highway is life threatening as it is. Imagine the cluster when contractors and landscapers are using the new 7-11 to pick up their "undocumented workers". Just vote no on this and be done with it!" Mar 19, 11 8:15 AM

They gather there because the UTI (up the Island) contractors stop there for one stop shopping in the morning, coffee, lunch and a couple of illegals. Reverse it on the way back UTI, drop the illegals off, pick up a 6 an back to Mastic." Mar 19, 11 5:32 PM

Southampton Town Code Enforcement Uncovers Violations In Flanders Home

Is the Town of Southampton now a sanctuary City??!! If so, when did that vote take place and who voted for it? Code enforcement would surely report a meth lab of indoor marijuana grow operation to the police. Why would they not inform ICE of a bunch of illegals living in an overcrowded house? crime is a crime is a crime.

Immigrants and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are people first, of course, the first belong here and the second do not." Mar 21, 11 4:32 PM

Twelve Positions Could Be Cut In Westhampton Beach School District

How about cutting the ADMINISTRATION AND SUPERINTENDANT'S POSITIONS? Pay some of the teachers a per diam to do the BS work that the superintendants do?" Mar 22, 11 3:01 PM

Saltwater Fishing License Will Be Repealed

Giving up a right guaranteed to us by the power of the Dongan Patent to the DEC is a big deal. Especially when the federal law calls for a registry, not a license. We have the right to fish, it's not a privelege." Mar 24, 11 5:37 PM

The right to harvest fish and shellfish without let or hinderance" Mar 26, 11 5:21 PM

Long Island Farmers Express Concerns To Tim Bishop

Excellent post Brittanicus, welcome aboard! Get ready for the lunatic fringe and Demokrat lackeys to start pontificating, it's always good for a laugh." Mar 29, 11 4:20 PM

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