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Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

So, HH, you're OK with the Demokratz and Dear Leader jacking up our debt limit with no strings attached? I never took you for a kool aid drinker, hopefully I am mistaken. We all owe the Tea Party Representatives a heartful "thank you" for bringing this issue to the forefront and forcing a debate on a fiscally irresponsible political party.They are following through on their campaign promise of fighting for a smaller Federal government. Like it or not, things will never be the same in DC. It will be fun to watch the cockroaches scramble as the light is shined on them." Aug 1, 11 2:41 PM

I used to like summertime.He's too cerebral for the masses?! You have been blinded by His BS. The truth is that He has made His vision known and as you know, socialism has never worked! Are you truly against having a smaller , more efficient Federal bureacracy? " Aug 1, 11 4:41 PM

Balanced budget ammendment with a no tax increase clause would stop the debt from getting worse. Slash ALL non essential programs. What ever happened to self reliance, personal responsibility and taking care of your own? Pitiful." Aug 2, 11 4:41 PM

Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

We can do without a lot of the "services " provided by the Federal Government. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme that Bernie Madoff would be proud of. Imagine what you could have done with all the $$$ taken from you (confiscated), if it was invested at even 2%. That would be a much bigger payout than you will getfrom the almighty government.
Why is there a Federal Education department when each state has it's own, scratch that "service" too.
How about HUD? Another waste of money.
Medicare and Medicaid, if we had the $$ confiscated from us to pay for those bloated institutions , we could pay our own way when it comes to healthcare.
We can do a better job as individuals taing care of ourselves. What has happenned to self reliance and personal responsibility? " Aug 2, 11 5:59 PM

Phil: The Bush "tax cuts: weren't cuts at all. It just allows the tax rates to remain the same! Time for you to stop watching MSNBC and get your facts straight." Aug 3, 11 5:51 AM

4 5 6 8 9 and 12 for starters Komrade! Anti-American, anti Business and unconstitutional. Is your discharge from a branch of the US military?!" Aug 3, 11 4:30 PM

Having the VP call Americans terrorists because they are in favor of smaller govt., a balanced budget and personal responsibility is pitiful. For Barry Obama not to chastise him publicly is disgusting! His silence proves He agrees. What an arrogant pizz poor excuse for a human being. He still hasn't called the Jihadsts terrorists but He calls us terrorists, He just lost more credibility, not that he had any to spare.
Too bad HSA's post was removed, it was factual and accurate." Aug 5, 11 3:20 PM

God bless the TEA Party for bringing the issue of our ballooning defecit to the forefront. If not for these brave souls it would be business as usual in DC. Thank our Dear Leader for the downgrade in our credit rating. Due to His lack of leadership and anti-business attitude, our great nation has become economically unstable. " Aug 6, 11 6:39 AM

It is oficially Obama's economy. Thanks Barry, you are easily the worst president in modern history! You can't blame the TEA party freshman for the mess we're in, they didn't get to DC until this past January, the blame lies squarely in the lap of our glorious POTUS." Aug 8, 11 7:31 PM

East End Verizon Workers Join In Regional Strike

Hey, pay the 6k and quit bitching! The self employed and small business owners pay ALL of there health insurance costs, plus 100% of Social Security and contribute 100% of their retirement. Verizon pays well and lately, has offered a lot of OT.In these challenging economic times it's not wise to strike, they can easily be replaced by non-union workers." Aug 9, 11 2:54 PM

UMMMM Phyllis--The contract has expired, hence the strikeVerizon is being held hostage by it's employees and has the right to fire the lot of them. If the employees are unhappy with their working conditions and compensation, they are free to find another job. If it wasn't for the EVIL CORPORATION (verizon) these folks wouldn't have the job they're griping about. " Aug 11, 11 6:46 AM

UMM- did you ever consider having a second job ZZZZ? A job for the season and one for the winter, that's been going on in our area for decades.
Phyllis: I pay my taxes and contribute by providing some jobs to LOCAL people.
How might you contribute to society? Do you even have a job or pay taxes? You sound like a parasite to me." Aug 12, 11 9:21 AM

Southampton Town Board May Ask Judge To Shut Down 'Hamptons House'

Perfect name for you!" Aug 13, 11 10:24 AM

East End Verizon Workers Join In Regional Strike

My people make enough during our 9 month season to manage quite nicely during the winter Phyllis. Some of them choose to work a second job, others do not, why is this any concern of yours? The pittance you contribute in taxes in comparison to someone who creates jobs, and more taxpayers makes you inconsequential. Back to the point-If the Verizon EMPLOYEES don't like their terms of employment, they are free to seek another job. The owners call the shots like it or not." Aug 13, 11 10:31 AM

To the anti-capitalist left wing pseudo socialists- If you aren't happy with your financial situation , grow a pair and do something about it and quit bitching.
Thanks to the billionaire client for the awesome ELTON JOHN concert on Meadow Lane last night! May the rich get richer and may the trickle down economic success continue!" Aug 14, 11 10:31 AM

And an INCREASE in the standard of living fot those willing to actually WORK!" Aug 15, 11 7:27 AM

Glenn Beck Discusses Change During Visit To Hampton Synagogue

I am Beck fan, but take issue with him when it comes to his unwavering support for Israel, even as Israel persecutes it's Arab citizens and spits in the eye of it's neighbors by expanding the "settlements" in occupied territory." Aug 15, 11 5:04 PM

East End Verizon Workers Join In Regional Strike

Not for nothing Phyllis but the scenario you painted all starts with a comission of a CRIME! Live a clean , productive life and your story has a happy ending. You should source your C&Ps, " Aug 16, 11 9:19 AM

How's the Demokrat WAR ON POVERTY working ? How many billions of wealth has been transferred? What has it accomplished? As long as the government pays folks not to work and guarantees them a raise every time they have another illigitimate child, we will continue to have a permenant underclass. The fact that SOME folks break the cycly of poverty proves that it can be done." Aug 16, 11 5:48 PM

How abut YOU buck up 70% Phyllis. The way to cut the defecit is by cutting spending! How hard is that to comprehend? There are so many wastefull, useless federal programs that should be eliminated. Also redundant programs that the states also have.Cut the corporate tax rate and some of the onerous business regulations that are choking the life out of any potential recovery." Aug 17, 11 5:32 PM

The Clintons Are Visiting East Hampton Village

Another sleazy , liberal Deomkrat in Easthampton, in August, staying at a "friend's" house is news?" Aug 19, 11 6:14 PM

Southampton Town Councilman Chris Nuzzi Unveils Business Development Initiative

Right on Razzzzzzzz, we can't let businesses thrive, capitalism and profit are bad things!" Aug 22, 11 2:53 PM

Garbage Carters Will Soon Need Permits In Southampton Town

The DEC is an out of control, virtually omnipotent State agency that has no elected officials! You can't vote the bazztards out when they screw up or overstep their authority!" Aug 23, 11 6:51 AM

Group Wants A Say Regarding Proposed Religious Boundary

We can't have a nativity scene on public property, kids can't pray in school, a minister or other religious person can't lead a benediction before graduation, why is this eruv even being considered? Seperation of church and state should be for all of us! As abhorant as the supreme court's decisions have been, the law applies to ALL ! No special of preferential treatment for a specific group." Aug 23, 11 5:35 PM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

Yesterday afternoon Southampton Village Police went door to door on Meadow Lane telling residents that there will be a mandatory evacuation at noon on Saturday. There is the potential for extensive damage to property due to storm surge, 15-20 foot surf and a new moon tide. Heads up boys and girls, this could get ugly." Aug 26, 11 6:48 AM

Lesters Plead Not Guilty In East Hampton Town Justice Court

Not for nothing RAZZZZZZ, if Irene lives up to the hype, there will be no help from any agencies for a day or two. Time to be self reliant and take care of business yourself. I realize that's a foreign concept to you, but it's time to stand on your own two feet and not rely on someone elses assistance. Don't end up like the losers in New Orleans who had 3 days notice but still didn't leave and ended up on their roofs yelling "We need hep, we need hep!" That's what relying on the government will get you. Be safe and God bless." Aug 27, 11 7:20 AM

Storm Brews Over Georgica Beach Fence

Why was my comment deleted? There were geotubes in front of a house in Watermill in the early 90's that suffered the same fate as the ones in Quogue, how is that innapropriate?

Mr. Rite: We have the right to access ANY BEACH IN THE TOWNSHIP! We have an easement that allows us to 'pass and re-pass" without interfrence. Pumping sand is a waste of money, the folks who live on the beach are there on borrowed time and should thank God for the days they have enjoyed." Sep 5, 11 7:57 AM

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At 230 Elm; One Arrested

Thank God the summer "season" is over and the knuckleheads from elsewhere will be gone for the next 9 months." Sep 5, 11 3:02 PM

You're correct pstevens, I attended a friend's birthday party there last Wednesday evening, a friend had his daughter's wedding there this summer too. You can't blame a catering hall for the conduct of those who rent it, but there's no excuse for a riot!" Sep 6, 11 4:40 PM

Storm Brews Over Georgica Beach Fence

Once the tide covers it, it's no longer "their land". Irregardless, they have no right to erect a fence that in any way impedes the public's right to access the beach and any land below the mean high water mline." Sep 7, 11 8:00 AM

An illegal, chain link fence is protecting their home how?! It's an illegal encroachment on our right to pass and re pass the beach. What a pair of steel ones." Sep 8, 11 2:43 PM

Court Summons For Georgica Beach Property Owner, Fence Builder

Perhaps a concerned citizen will hitch his truch up to a handfull of poles and do the right thing. This BS can not be allowed to stand!" Sep 9, 11 4:13 PM

Storm Brews Over Georgica Beach Fence

Read the Dongan Patent, Summer Resident from Manhattan. It will explain why this is an illegal act. The protections afforder us under the apatent make this a unique and beautiful place to live. Do some research before you spew more nonsense here." Sep 12, 11 6:57 AM

2012 Southampton Town Budget Will Include Staff Cuts

How about ALL town employees pay for their own nealth insurance and retirement? Refuse to negotiate with any union and hire employees based on performance, you know, the way it's done in the real world." Sep 22, 11 7:14 AM

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